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  1. 1. Presentation on Dettol By- Anita Sharma
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Decision to launch, 1932, by the name of PCMX• Was launched in 1933 in US as Dettol, the germicide• Launched in India in 1936• Turnover: 1991- 30 Cr, 2007- 400 Cr
  3. 3. Vertical andHorizontalextension
  4. 4. PRODUCT MIX SHAVING BODY LIQUIDHANDWASH PLASTER SOAP CREAM WASH ANTISEPTIC Dettol  Dettol  Dettol Soap  Dettol shaving  Dettol Body  Dettol antiseptic Hand Wash plaster cream Wash liquid Original Original Original Original Dettol 70gm antiseptic 200ml    100gm  125ml liquid  250ml  120gm  1000ml  50ml  200ml Skincare Skincare Skincare  500ml  200ml  70gm  125ml  250ml  120gm  1000ml Sensitive Cool  200ml  70gm  250ml  120gm  1000ml
  5. 5. Market sHare Det t ol - Mar k et Shar e 100% 80%% Market share 60% 40% 20% 0% Antiseptic Soap Liquid soap Product Segments
  6. 6. COMPETITIVE PRICING STRATEGY Soap Dettol Savlon MedimixPrice Quantity Price Quantity Price Quantity 16 75g 16 75g 12 75g 26 125g 24.5 125g 17 125g Liquid Soap Dettol FemPrice Quantity Price Quantity 55 250ml 55 250ml Shaving Cream Dettol Old Spice PalmolivePrice Quantity Price Quantity Price Quantity 22 30g 24.5 30g 19.5 30g 37 70g 37.5 70g 36 70g
  7. 7. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES OF DETTOLDettol Surakshit Parivar initiative on, Reckitt Benckiser will target newmothers, schools and hospitals in six metros - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata,Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.The programme will mean getting in touch with 1.2 millionnew mothers, 300,000 students and 250 hospitals acrossthe countryReckitt Benckiser aims to target those who are mostvulnerable to infections. Thus, new mothers will be presentedwith a vaccination chart with tips on how to keep the new-born and itssurroundings germ-free, along with a free bottle of Dettol antiseptic.
  8. 8. Contd.School students will be educated in theimportance of washing their hands before eating.The hospital programme will mean reaching out to hospitals and nursing homes where programmes will be conducted with nurses and staff to keep the environment germ-free. Health messages on first-aid and immunisation will also bedisplayed.
  9. 9. Way of adVertising Print Media-Newspaper-Hoardings electronic Media-TV Commercial
  10. 10. THE SEGMENT Demographic –Literate PeopleConsumption depend upon family• GeographicUrban- High ConsumptionRural- Low Consumption
  11. 11. The Targeting They targeted first aid use in households in urban areas They are targeting literate people  Many hospitals and clinics use it for secondary purpose in semi-urban areas and small towns. Mothers use it for washing households clothes.
  12. 12. The Positioning Tag line- “Always Stay Protected” Dettol covers whole segments in terms of age, gender, and geographical area  Packaging “green and white” associated with Hospitals and clinics Has 83% share in market
  13. 13. Competitors In liquids In soaps In hand wash liquid
  14. 14. HaVe a HealtHy tiMeand tHank you