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Paralegally Yours Brings In-House Project Management via the Articullit Group

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Paralegally Yours PowerPoints

  1. 1. he rticullit roupParalegally Yours is duly registered business in the State of TennesseeThe Articullit Group furnishes PM services as a division of Paralegally Yours 2012
  2. 2. eDiscovery is an effect of litigation with important consequences for your business clients.Have you checked lately if your clients have grown andare ready to have “the talk” about eDiscovery matters?Do you communicate value for keeping an InformationGovernance policy current, effective, and in-practice?Are clients aware of Information Management policies soESI data is transparent and defensible in litigation?What does the firm know about its clients’ dataretention policies, if the businesses even have a policy?Has the firm conveyed sound advice to clients abouteDiscovery preparedness to protect their best interests?
  3. 3. Equally relevant questions are: Has the firm measured the value of takingaction against the spiraling cost of litigationt h a t ’s t a k e n r o o t i n t h e i r b u s i n e s s c l i e n t s ’electronically stored information(ESI)? Is there an interest to take on the practice ofeDiscovery in-house to help bring litigation costsdown to the scale of reality? Is the firm prepared with the strategic use ofdedicated project management to support the in-house eDiscovery undertaking?Yo u r c l i e n t s d o w a n t t o k n o w a n s w e r s t oquestions that could become of upmostimportance in their business futures.
  4. 4. If these questions cause concern and the firm isacutely aware of their many questions on thetopic, Paralegally Yours can help as attorneyscommit to discussions about taking on eDiscoveryas an in-house practice, as well as addressingrelated matters with their business clients.
  5. 5. eDiscovery Is Not Only a Practice Area for the FirmThe activities of controlling datavolume and managing it are allrelated to eDiscovery, and bestpractices in any business brings thatin-house. Beginning those activitiesthrough points of origin within abusiness organization, before everarriving at the law office, can have aremarkable effect by reducing theamount of time and costsinvolvements when any litigationpotential becomes recognized.
  6. 6.  Analytical Skills to explore customized mixtures of ITresources for a practical eDiscovery plan and solution. Communication Skills to explain the eDiscoverybusiness plan and to convey clear goals to the team. Decision-Making Skills to make smart sug gestionsprior to allocation of financial resources up for approval. Leadership Skills to steer and motivate the team toe f f e c t i v e n e s s i n t h e performance of important roles. Organizational Skills to coordinate the work of teamm e m b e r s t o m a k e the project progress capably on schedule.
  7. 7. Analyzing IT Solutions for eDiscovery fitting the firm is a separate project in itself.For many firms, solutions lay where all collected and potentially relevant data will be stored throughout in-house eDiscovery processes.
  8. 8. Communication is the sum result of talking andlistening. When reaching project goals, it is the sum ofeffective communication and the resulting team work .
  9. 9. What, How, When and Do We Know the Cost and Return of Investment for in-house eDiscovery? As the firm’s advocate to sort-out and provide explanations about custom IT and eDiscovery solutions, the deliverable is an important building block in making the business case for the firm’s project to bring eDiscovery in-house.
  10. 10. Building an in-house eDiscovery practice takes on a no-nonsense pace when the firm’s project has aleader dedicated to the task of managing all that is needed to keep team members and departments motivated until meeting the end production.
  11. 11. Organizing the division of team work according to the availabilityand skills of in-house staff, combined with outsourced teammembers drawn in to provide necessary specialized services, andkeeping all in a well thought-out state, is an achievement for theproject manager in a successfully orchestrated and integratedoperation used to achieve the firm’s eDiscovery practice goals.
  12. 12. Firms and eDiscovery Attorneys Can Consider the Project Manager/Paralegal as an Extra-Right Hand Your project manager/paralegal won’t be the decision-maker for new IT and eDiscovery solutions.Instead, the PM will be the one to ensure that thoseselecting have the benefit of choosing between possiblesolutions, pre-instigated to determine the most practicalsolutions, with budget, ease of use, and security in mind.
  13. 13. As Project ManagerI’ll be on top of current options regarding technology tokeep the firm current. What worked in an eDiscoverymatter just months earlier might not be the best approachtoday as new approaches emerge and costs escalate. Thefirm won’t necessarily need to know all the optionsbecause the Project Manager keeps abreast of what’savailable and how and when new tools may be appropriatefor cases.Your Project Manager won’t be the decision-maker fortechnology solutions but will be the one to ensure thatthose who choose will have the information needed tomake those strategic conclusions.
  14. 14. As an Experienced Paralegalstepping in now as eDiscovery Project Manager, Irecognize how current case law applies to tasksnecessary to reach goals. Today’s litigators and teamsneed to keep on top of appropriate eDiscovery caselaw and rules of procedure and as your eDiscoveryPM, I have an ongoing duty to stay aware of legal-minded developments for work that’s defensible.
  15. 15. Paralegally Yours brings an experienced litigation paralegalwho can help steer your firm’s eDiscovery practicetowards success through goal-driven project managementParalegal Project Manager:Anita R. TurnerBio: 731.845.9569Business Registered in andOffice Located in DecaturCounty, TNU.S.A.