Charting Central STaRs


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STaR Chart PowerPoint Presentation EDLD 5352 week 2 assignment

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Charting Central STaRs

  1. 1. Central Elementary STaR ~ Campus STaR Chart ~Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020 S
  2. 2. OutlineSTaR – School Technology and Readiness S Texas Technology Goals of Long-Rang Plan S Four Areas of the Plan S Purpose of STaR Chart S 2010 Progress Report on the Long Range Plan for Technology S Central Elementary STaR Chart Progress Report & Summary S Recommendations of Improvements S Questions?
  3. 3. Technology Goals of Long-Range Plan•All Learners – 24/7 access torelevant technologies forindividualized instruction•All Educators – ensure integrationof appropriate technology throughoutcurriculum and instructions•All Leaders – offer expandedcurricular and instructionalopportunities•Infrastructure – access to all e-learning technologies 24/7 for allusers
  4. 4. 4 key areasof the Long-Range Plan•Teaching and Learning•Educator Preparation andDevelopment•Leadership, Administration andInstructional Support•Infrastructure for Technology
  5. 5. Purpose of the STaR ChartS Developed around the four key areasS Determines districts’ progress toward meeting the goalsS Assists in the measurement of the impact of federal, state, and local efforts to improve student learning through the use of technology.S Data from the chart is used to report progress toward the requirements in No Child Left Behind, Title II, Part D.S
  6. 6. Purpose of the STaR Chart Texas Teacher STaR Chart S Identifies professional development needs S Raises awareness of research-based instructional goals S Texas Campus STaR Chart S Measures student&teacher proficiencies concerning the integration of technology into all content areas. S
  7. 7. 2010 Texas Campus Progress Report on the Long Range Plan for Technology (Texas Education Agency, 2010)
  8. 8. Central Elementary 15STaR Chart Infrastructre for Technology 14Progress Report 15& Summary Leadership, Ad 17 ministration and 16Teaching and Learning Instructional Support 16negative growth trendEducator Preparation Educator 13&Development Prepartion and 12 Development 12positive growth trendLeadership, Administration, & 14Instructional Support Teaching and 15 Learningpositive growth trend 16Infrastructure for Technology 2010-2011 0 20fluctuating trend
  9. 9. S Provide hands-on professional development. RecommendationsS Training for utilizing tools and resources throughout the year.S Required demonstration by educators of knowledge and skills in technology.S Formative assessments of educators’ integration of technology into all core areas.S Teachers rated Early or Developing Tech to be mentored by teachers rated Advanced or Target Tech.
  10. 10. ReferencesLong Range Plan for TechnologyTexas Education Agency. (n.d.). Long range plan for technology.Retrieved from STaR ChartTexas Education Agency. (n.d.). Texas star chart. Retrieved from Texas Campus Progress Report on the Long Range Plan forTechnology SD=2147490399&libID=2147490397