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Anise Smith Facebook Privacy ebook


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The goal of this Fb Privacy ebook is to demonstrate visually how to set up your Facebook Privacy settings.

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Anise Smith Facebook Privacy ebook

  1. 1. Anise Smith Marketing Free Ebook
  2. 2. Faceboo k Privacy
  3. 3. Privacy settings are very important!Anise Smith’s goal is to demonstrate visually howyou can create a more comfortable Facebookexperience.This eBook will allow you to have a Facebook pagewhich allows you to add personal and professionalcontacts without being concerned about yourinformation and privacy.
  4. 4. We will cover Lists Custom Settings Photo Privacy and More
  5. 5. This is the FB front page minusmy friends as I’ve edited themto protect their privacy. Your TopNews will display here as soon asyou log in.
  6. 6. The first step is creating lists Lists are important because they allow you to classify your Facebook Friends in different categories. I have many categories but the first two that I utilized were: Professional Personal This allows you to keep personal information and professional information and contacts separate.
  7. 7. At the top right you willsee ACCOUNT click thedrop down menu. Scrolldown to EDIT FRIENDSEdit friends will takeyou to your friends listwhich will allow you tocreate your first list.
  8. 8. For future reference,Notice to the right after you create listsThere’s LISTS and You can use theFriends. All of your ADD TO LIST droplists will be here after down menu to thethey are created. right. This allows you toSo click on friends add friends tothen your friends list your new lists thatwill populate. are already on your friends list. I edited my list to protect the Privacy of my friends. Your list will contain all of your friends.
  9. 9. Ok so lets startNow that you’ve clicked on the friendsbutton. Go to the top under theSearch option at the top of the pageYou will see a Create New Listbutton, click that. This will give youa list of all of your friends. Use theEnter name box to make a name foryour list. Use Professional Contacts.Then select the friend that youwant to add to the ProfessionalContacts List ( for this exercise Ichose Event Planning Services) nowclick Create List.
  10. 10. Now You’ve just created your first listNotice that we now have Event PlanningServices ( the company that we are usingto demonstrate) in a new list calledProfessional Contacts. If you click thedrop down menu you can see the listchecked off. Whoo hoooo! Ok lets movealong.
  11. 11. Now lets go over the same steps.This time the list will be for yourPersonal contactsSelect Create New List. This willgive you the friends list againUse the Enter name boxto make a name of your new listUse Personal Contacts.Then select the friend that youwant to add to the PersonalContacts List ( for this I chose Cityof Philadelphia) now click CreateList, just like before.
  12. 12. Now you have a two lists Personal Contacts Professional ContactsWhoo Hoooo!Lets keep going.....
  13. 13. Time to set your privacy settings now.Now you can start setting up your account sosome things can be seen by personal contactsand not seen by your professional contacts andvice versa.The lists that you set up allow you to grouppeople on your list then you can makeselections based on the groups.For instance if you have a crazy friend that tagsyou on crazy inappropriate pictures, you don’twant your professional contacts to see thateven though you may find if funny. The lists thatyou just set up allows you to show the funnystuff on your page to your friends withoutexposing your professional contacts to thefunny stuff because they may see it asinappropriate.Select Privacy Settings from the list
  14. 14. This is how your privacySettings screen will display.We are going to start at theTop with BASIC DIRECTORYINFORMATION.
  15. 15. So at the BASIC DIRECTORYINFORMATION area. Clickon the link that says VIEWSETTINGS.
  16. 16. This is a list of some of yourpersonal information.Youcan choose to let peoplesee this information in eachof these categories or not.Each of these categoriesmay automatically defaultto Everyone. This meansthat Everyone automaticallycan view this information.You may want to changethis depending on howmuch information youmay want displayed and towhom.We are going to start withediting SEE MY FRIENDSLIST, in the middle of thispage.
  17. 17. This SEE MY FRIENDS LIST is great to start with because this protects the privacy of your friends and because you should be able to choose who you want to see your friends list.So, this may be defaulted on FRIENDS ONLY. If you click thedrop down arrow you can select one of the prepackagedoptions or Customize. We are going to go with Customize.Select the customize option
  18. 18. Take a look at the HIDE THISFROM. This option allows youto hide this category fromentire lists or individuals. All ofthe Customize Options willfunction like this.So now this is where the listscome in handy. Everyone youplaced on a list can now beutilized as an entire group. Goahead and add your newProfessional Contacts List. Thiswill hide this category fromyour entire list. Select that andsave setting.
  19. 19. Now lets use the BACK TO PRIVACY button to go back.From this screen we aregoing to work on thecustomize settings now.So click on the link thatsays CUSTOMIZESETTINGS
  20. 20. You can change anything herelike we did in the previous steps.We are going to work on editingthe settings for our photo albums.So go to EDIT ALBUM PRIVACY
  21. 21. You can determinewho has access toyour photo albums from this area.
  22. 22. Just as we did before. You can usethe previous steps to customizeyour photo viewing preferences.When you are finisheduse your back arrow toreturn to the previous page.Then click the Back to Privacy.button. This will allow us to wrapup our final lesson whichis using the Block List.
  23. 23. You can also add people toyour BLOCK LISTS. Thesepeople will not be able tosee you or search for youat all. This is great for bossesor managers that may friendyou. Add them immediately.So go ahead and clickBLOCK LISTS
  24. 24. In this section you canjust add the names ofpeople you’d liketo block.After you are donethere you want to goback. So select Backto Privacy.
  25. 25. Now to check your work. You can actually view how people see your profile. Select Preview My ProfileYou can now type in the name ofa person and you can view howthey see your profile. Choose thename of someone on your new listto test it.
  26. 26. REVISION due to The recent addition of Facebook places
  27. 27. REVISION due to The recent addition of Facebook places
  28. 28. We DID IT! You don’t know this but I am (right now)Doing the We Did It Dance!
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  30. 30. Anise Smith MarketingFree Facebook Privacy Ebook