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Introduction to ACM Chapter Services


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Introduction to ACM Chapter Services

  1. 1. ACM CHAPTER SERVICESInternational Institute of Information TechnologyACM student chapterFirst student meet Spring 2013By:-Anirudha BoseGourab Chowdhury
  2. 2. Mailing List We have two mailing list of IIIT-Bh ACM Student Chapterin Google Groups:General discussions mailing listDevelopment mailing list. iiitbh-acm-discuss - All members must join this list todiscuss on a wide range of topics. iiitbh-acm-devel - Interested developers may join this listto discuss about technical projects.
  3. 3. CLI-website CLI portal is an open source JavaScript website as a service,which emerged as a project for our student chapter of ACM. It behaves like UNIX shell but it is not a real terminal. It uses commands similar to the Unix/Linux like ls, cd, cat, pwd,whoami, etc. The code is completely client-side, thus all the commands willrun in this website even after the internet is disconnected(except cat <filename.txt>). It is still under active development and you can be a part of thisproject to make it even better.
  4. 4. Gui-website It is the official website if IIIT-Bh ACM Student Chapter. It is same the CLI portal except that the visual content iseasy to use. It runs on Wordpress v3.5.1.
  5. 5. Presentation Portal Presentation-portal will help you deliver yourpresentations during the chapter conferences/meetingsso that your presentations can be distributed to everyoneeasily. The website archives all your presentation for futurereference. We have introduced a QnA page where any member canask questions to the presenter without hesitating.
  6. 6. Contacts You can contact any officer directly on their Email IDsprovided in the Members page. Other contact