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How You Damage Your Body Through Exercise... Without Knowing


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How You Damage Your Body Through Exercise... Without Knowing

  1. 1. How You Damage Your Body Through Exercise... Without Knowing I became a Black Belt 4 years back, since then I’ve been runningmy own Karate class successfully for cheerfullittle kidsto passionate youngadults. All of whom say they are benefiting immensely in terms of confidence, self esteem and activeness (especially the youngadults)through Karate. No wonder they are excited every time I see them in the class, they motivate me actually. I was completely happy and fully confidentaboutthe training I gave, as well as which I got. I taught my studentseverything from how to hold a particular stance, how to keep their postureand I also explained my studentshow stances benefit them and how correct body posturesdo too. I start my class with a series of warm upsalong the way, helping every studentof minefollow up every bit properly. Iknew my trainingwas balance of explanation and correct exercise because my trainingprovided all that in the way any training and warm up should. Then almost an year and a half after, I alsojoineda free hand workout gym... I had joined as an instructor. I was learning on the way while teaching. This is the place where I was exposed to body weight exercises, cross fittraining, functional exercises and power yoga. I was introduced to equipments like swiss ball, resistanceropes and their usage- it was a completely newworldof healthand fitness the gates of whichwere thrownopen to me. This was different. Here I realised how most people hit the gym, work out and come out of it not building their body, but damaging it. I realised how mostpeople who exercise
  2. 2. religiously every day, actually create problems for themselves in the long run rather than maintaining fitness. And they don’t evenrealise it. Howdo they do it? During Karate days I wentthrough rigorous training which consisted of push ups, push up walking (on the barren road), stances, stances and movements, stances combined with intermittent attacks, weapon training, fights, rigorous sparring (which was After arigorous workout) and throw in a lot endurance test combined with body conditioning (wherewe used to endure punches and kicks fromSir) and end with meditation (only breathing). Imaginethis routine 3 times a week, and an extraclass for senior belts onSunday mornings! That all helped to lift my spirit, to my develop confidenceand self esteem. That is justmentally, physically it helped strengthen my muscles, condition my body, increasemy endurance, increase my stamina and fasten reflexes. Now we are keeping aside all the other benefits I gained fromKarate so that we don’t lose track and focus on- How I realisedmost people damage their body rather than buildit with workout... Going through a rigorous and disciplined training in Karate I developed a sense of determination and confidence that could get me through any kind of difficulty. It made me think I could do all these pity exercises which these people in this free hand gym were following. Could I do them? Yes I could... but not as easily as I thought I would. Itgaveme a realisation. What was it?
  3. 3. That I was trained without the knowledge of which exercise targets which muscle, so I never cared about the proper way in which any exercise should be done targeting exactly those muscles whichit should. This is the same case with many gym members going for an aesthetic built, martial arts practitioners and daily exercisers (thosewho do light exercises and jog in the morning). Most body builders train for a good physiquebut don’t pay attention to their posturewhen they are lifting weights or which combination of combination of exercises they arefollowing in a session. They don’tpay attention on the basic fact that if one side of the body is gained, the other sideshould also be built to balance the weight- and that’s a common scenario. In the rush to get fit fast, we don’t pay attention on the most important thing and that is basic knowledge of the human body, and the purpose behindevery exercise. Noticehow many body builders’ legs are thin and the upper body is pumped? (Jhonny Bravo, anyone?) Don’tyou think they will face leg problems due to their lower back carrying so much weight? Being a Black Belt I couldn’tdo proper lunges, squat, all the basic functional exercises (those exercises which requirebody movement and weight). And guess what, with my high performancecapacity and endurance, I couldn’t even performpush ups in a proper form which means- I could performevery exercise, butwithout the proper form. Which means- I was trainedin Karate, I wasn’t educated... And that makes all the difference. If you are following any exercise which has to do with lifting weight, your body needs to be correct and you should be lifting the weight in proper posture. Otherwiseyou can face joint pains and prolonged improper posture as your body develops its muscles when you are exercising as per your posture. If you are not stretching your muscles after every exercise, your posturecan be
  4. 4. asymmetricalbecause of that too. So stretching is important. If you practice stretching and are not doing it in the correctmanner, you can face muscle fatigue and muscle tear. Breathing is the most important when you stretch. Your core strength, that is stomach, needs to be engaged when lifting weights to supportyour back (there are no muscles there to supportit). I developed strength, spirit, stamina, determination in life but I never paid attention to the long termharm of exercising in a wrong form. Lucky me I got exposed to this type of fitness regimes at a budding stage of my career. So now my viewpointtowards my students in the Karate class shifted moretowards education rather than justtraining. I want them to know what they are doing. I want to make them and more importantly, keepthem, fit along with teaching them self defence. That way if ever required, they’ll know how to exercise alone. Don’t just train, educate yourself. It’s all about awareness. It’s allabouthow you are treating your body, your one and only home. So know what you do. (Shobraj Kumar Bachar is a Karate teacher, with 10 years of experience in the field and a health and fitness trainer. He believes that for a safe society you need to develop a defensive attitude and for an overall healthy living, you need to aim holistically while training.) For A Free Health and Fitness Or Defence Tip Call Shobraj Kumar Bachar Now On 9892424831!