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  1. 1. “Don’t play with your food” is an admonishmentwe have heard for many generations. But food-especially fruits and vegetables - is often playfulin its own right.Vipin kumar presents images suggested by fruitsand vegetables themselves with absolute minimumof alteration.
  2. 2. •Humming Bird - made of chilly and celery leaf
  3. 3. •Dog - made of cabbage and beans
  4. 4. •Octopus - made of banana and -eyed beans
  5. 5. •Walrus - made of onion and champagne grapes
  6. 6. •Turtle - made of pineapple,pineapple leaves and black paper com
  7. 7. •Red ants - made of cherries and joined cherry stem
  8. 8. •Cat - made of orange and beans
  9. 9. •Elephant Head - made of red capsicum and natural stem
  10. 10. •Grasshopper - made of lady’s finger and joined string-bean stem
  11. 11. •Face - made of pumpkin
  12. 12. •Mouse - made of pear and cloves,stemremoved and repositioned as tail
  13. 13. •Man - made of mushrooms