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OMNI Construction ERP Software - Delivering Time and Cost Savings


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OMNI is a Construction ERP Software that delivers superior Time and Cost Savings at a fraction of the cost of most ERPs.

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OMNI Construction ERP Software - Delivering Time and Cost Savings

  1. 1. OMNI – CONSTRUCTION ERP Saving Cost / SavingTime
  2. 2. Track Profits •Monitor Profitability Item by Item •Load Direct Cost + Overhead •Set a Benchmark Profit Margin •Red = Item Profit Margin Below Benchmark •Green = Item Profit Margin Above Benchmark
  3. 3. Track Progress •Contractor Progress Item-by- Item •Actual & Estimate- To-Complete •Visual Confirmation ofWork Done and Work Remaining •In terms ofValue or Quantity of Subcontractor’s Work Item
  4. 4. Track Progress…. • Activity-wise Progress • %age completion by Quantity • Accurately Forecast Completion Dates
  5. 5. Progress KPI…. • Compare Invoiced Amount withTime Elapsed • %age completion • Present Customer Invoices On-Time. • Ensure that Working Capital Usage is Optimized.
  6. 6. Budget vs. Actual in P&L •Create Budget from Estimate •Track P&L Performance • Project-wise, Monthly
  7. 7. Track Price •Monitor PriceTrends in Material. •Purchase at the RightTime at the Right Price. •Extrapolate Future Prices.
  8. 8. TrackWorking Capital •Monitor Contractor Invoiced vs. Client Invoiced. •Quantity-wise and AmountWise •ReduceVariance = ReduceWorking Capital
  9. 9. OMNI Payback through Cost Savings •Project Size = 5B INR (500 Cr.) •Total Overhead Cost @ 9% = 450M INR (45Cr.) •30 Month Project – Monthly Overhead 15M (1.5 Cr.) • Monitor Progress - Improve Subcontractor Productivity by 10% • ProjectTime Reduced by 3 Months • Indirect Cost Savings = 3 X 15 M = 45M INR (4.5 Cr.) •Reduce Material Cost –TrackTrends and Purchase when Prices are on a downswing •Certify Contractor Bills Online – Have customer certify Invoices Online •Ensure that Customer Invoices are Presented onTime • Reduce Working Capital – Save Interest