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What are the best protein powder for weight loss


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What are the best protein powder for weight loss

  1. 1.   INTRODUCTION Proteins are important nutrient for building the human body tissues. More so, they are the final source of energy after the body has exhausted all the other sources of energy. Amino acids are linked together by peptide bond to form a polymer called protein. They are three categories of amino acid:-conditional, non-essential and essential amino acid. Essential amino acid must be provided by food. Nonessential amino acids are made in the body through the breakdown of the essential amino acid. Conditional amino acid is only essential during the time of sickness, psychological stress and chronic medical condition. Amino acid can be processed and packed in powder form of varying amino acids content concentration.
  2. 2.  Therefore, protein are a must eat nutrient so that the body can be able to continuously replace worn out cells and tissues. Excessive consumption of the protein will result to increased body weight. Controlled protein consumption into the body can help to lose weight or maintain the body weight you like. Protein help to build muscle thus when one has more muscles, there is a quicker response to weight loss because more calories are utilized.
  3. 3.  They are several protein powders such as Concentrate and isolate whey protein powder, Casein protein powder and white egg protein powder. The three protein powder has different digestion rate and absorption rate into the body. Thus this makes it important choice of the best protein powder for weight loss.
  4. 4.  The white egg protein powder is the best protein powder for weight loss. This seems to be strange but the main reason for weight loss is that it is made from the white part of the egg that has low fat and carbohydrate concentration. It has the necessary protein for muscle building that help body to burn more calories in a day thus resulting to weight loss. Its slow digestion helps one to take longer before having another meal.
  5. 5.  One reason that protein powders are so beneficial after a workout is that the body needs to recover after intense exertion, protein powders usually contain restorative glycogen that the body expended during a routine. Protein powders also aid in repairing any damage that muscles may have sustained during a tough workout. So a dieter doesn’t have to be in a strenuous body building program or be performing like a marathon runner to benefit from these supplements. When it comes to weight loss specific protein powders most seem to fall into one of three categories; soy protein, whey protein and casein protein.
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