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3.21.13 Webinar: Investigative Face Recognition For Law Enforcement


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Published in: Technology, Business
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3.21.13 Webinar: Investigative Face Recognition For Law Enforcement

  1. 1. Webinar: Investigative Face Recognition for Law Enforcement
  2. 2. Introduction Webinar: Investigative Face Recognition for Law Enforcement • Facial recognition database solutions for police departments, law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities • Mobile facial recognition app for police on patrol • Investigative facial biometrics comparison, analysis and image tools for detectives and forensics analysts Hosts Paul Schuepp, Animetrics President and CEO Sean Doucette, Animetrics Facial Forensic Analyst
  3. 3. • Since 2003 • Pioneers in Facial Biometrics • Patented 2D to 3D Facial Technology Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Patents 7,643,685 7,643,683 7,643,671 7,853,085
  4. 4. Investigative Face Identifying subjects, fugitives, missing persons and persons of interest by using FR systems – Law enforcement (LE) and Gov’t sources ..DMVs, DHS, Intelligence Community(IC) – Open sources such as Facebook, Google – Images from video / camera evidence -FBI
  5. 5. Rapid Growth of Video & Photo Facial Imagery Evidence Available Capturing face biometric data is not the problem – being able to use it for fast and accurate identity resolution is! Facial Images are UNCONTROLLED biometrics
  6. 6. Other Biometric Capture Sensors Are Very Controlling
  7. 7. The Problem for Facial Imagery: To Control the Uncontrolled • For Visualization • For Accuracy in Computerized Face Recognition Systems (“Lights out”) • Important for Enrollment , i.e. at Booking ISO/IEC 19794-5 Standard Guidelines
  8. 8. Face Recognition Performance Has Improved Significantly <= 99.7% ID RATE
  9. 9. Uncontrolled Facial Imagery Fails! Over 45% of faces seen by witnesses and victims are NOT FRONTAL FACIAL VIEWS… …”Lights Out” face reco solutions struggle to resolve identity
  10. 10. The Requirements Investigative face biometric technology enables LE/IC to interpret uncontrolled facial images 1. Make uncontrolled data “ID ready” and more admissible in FR system • Off pose and low resolution face images should be corrected 2. Requires high performance “Lights Out” backend FR system for high capacity enrolled facial databases 3. Able to gather facial imagery remote, mobile, and video 4. Feature robust analysis and visualization tools 5. Provide manual and visual Face Identification (FI) - matching and comparison
  11. 11. The Demand for Investigative Face Capabilities ForensicaGPS Resolve ID Facial Forensic Analysis FaceR Identity Management Solution (FIMS) Cloud Based Facial Collection, Search & Resolution Facial Imagery Collection & Video Analytics FaceR MobileID
  12. 12. LIVE DEMONSTRATION by Sean Doucette Products: ForensicaGPS FIMS MobileID
  13. 13. 2D-to-3D Technology Disruptive Technology…. • Uses existing and all digital cameras • Improves accuracy – Compensates for NON FRONTAL facial imagery – Adjusts facial lighting…bright light or low light – Utilizes the face geometry both 2D and 3D
  14. 14. Animetrics Investigative Face Solutions FaceR Identity Management Solution (FIMS) FaceR ViNyL – Video Analysis Video Collection & Analytics (available 4’12) • Facial Search • Large Databases • Cloud Service • High Performance • FaceR MobileID iPhone / Android
  15. 15. ForensicaGPS ..for ID Ready Facts Partners • • • Dataworks Plus UMC Switzerland UNIDAS Germany Deployments • • • PA JNET State wide California Sheriffs US, Europe and Middle East such as .. Zurich Forensic Police , Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE Police 3D Visual Tool Set Auto Pose Correction Morphological Analysis Face Biometric Evidence
  16. 16. Investigative Face at Work: PA JNET Case: Philly PD & FBI • Detective sent a photo to JNET FR database • Individual target of Squad 2/Violent Gang & Drug Task Force investigation • PD - B/M, approx 5'5", 150 lbs 23 y/o, Area – Germantown/Philadelphia vicinity • Image was searched in JNET FR system • Match found & sent to detective and agent for confirmation PA Office of Attorney General • • • • AG sent image to JNET of individual sitting on bench in urban area. With JNET FR, office was able to crop the photo Used ForensicaGPS 3D tools & pose correction create a face forward pose and make “FR ID ready” Image was searched w/JNET FR system confirmed hit was in the top five of one of the result scans
  17. 17. Case Study: PA JNET 3D Pose Corrected CROP MATCH FOUND Out of 3.5M
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Announcing ForensicaGPS Web Service
  20. 20. Thank you Thank you! Call Call us.. us… 603-447-5600 (603) 447 5600 Headquarters 53 Technology Lane Conway, New Hampshire 03818 Phone - (603) 447-5600 Email: