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Visual Resume

  1. 1. Growing up at age 13 Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  2. 2. Watching Disney animation movies href="h5p://">Castles,  Capes   &  Clones</a>  via  <a   href="h5p://">Castles,  Capes   &  Clones</a>  via  <a  
  3. 3. Looking and searching for a school     Designed  by  Karthick  Nagarajan   bangalore,  Karnataka,  IN  2012  
  4. 4. Computer animation Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola   Photo  from  Fullsail  University   I found fullsail University with a great degree in Computer Animation
  5. 5. If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney href="h5p://">Castles,  Capes   &  Clones</a>  via  <a   Quote  by  Walt  Disney  
  6. 6. I used this quote by Walt Disney to Inspire and motivate me to achieve my goals and make better animations Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  7. 7. Animations keeps on growing Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  8. 8. I started making bad animations, but as time went on I started making good animations. Bad animation Good animation Photos  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  9. 9. How a animation looks Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  10. 10. I look for the 12 principles in a animation it helps me make more efficient animations Designed  by  Luis  Prado   Olympia,  WA,  Washington,  US  2013  
  11. 11. Different techniques Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  12. 12. In-betweens Keys Breakdowns 3 Techniques we use to make a animation
  13. 13. 12 principles of animation 1.Squash and stretch 2.Anticipation 3. Staging 4. Straight Ahead Action Pose to pose 5. Follow through and Overlapping Action 6. Slow In and Slow Out Nataha  Ligh)oot  ().  12  principles  .  [ONLINE]  Available  at:  h9p:// www.anima?  [Last  Accessed  4/30/2014]  
  14. 14.     7. Arcs 8. Secondary Action 9. Timing 10. Exaggeration 11. Solid Drawing 12. Appeal Nataha  Ligh)oot  ().  12  principles  .  [ONLINE]  Available  at:  h9p:// www.anima?  [Last  Accessed  4/30/2014]  
  15. 15. Solving Problems Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  16. 16. As  a  animator  we  run  into  problems    like  characters  not  moving  properly,   so  we  go  back  and  we  will  use  the    12  principle  process  to  fix  it       Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  17. 17. Mind + Eyesight   Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  18. 18. =  How motion works href="h5p:// 96323831@N06/10590699264/">kohlmann.sascha</a>  via  
  19. 19. Short Deadlines  Crea+ve  Commons  –  A5ribu+on  (CC  BY  3.0)      Hour  Glass  designed  by  Simple  Icons  from  the  Noun  Project  
  20. 20. href="h5p:// 83633410@N07/7658225516/">CollegeDegrees360</   As  fullsail  students  we   know  that  we  will  have   short  deadlines  and  we   don’t  have  a  lot  of  +me  
  21. 21. Helping Disney’s animation company make better animations href="h5p://">HarshLight</ a>  via  <a  
  22. 22. Disney  wants  someone  who  can  run   Designed  by  Elves  Sousa   São  Paulo,  São  Paulo,  BR  2013  
  23. 23. Disney animation studio wants someone who Is at a level that is great at making animations Photo  by  Aus+n  Warhola  
  24. 24. Some of the best animators in the Industry    Crea+ve  Commons  –  A5ribu+on  (CC  BY  3.0)      Businesspeople  designed  by  Berkay  Sargın  from  the  Noun  Project  
  25. 25. Austin Warhola Animator Contact Me