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Vegetarians are usually fitter than meat-eaters, and vegans are fittest of all! The Extreme Vegan Sporting Association (www.ExtremeVeganSports.org) was created to cater for their extreme sporting needs. This extremely popular presentation graphically illustrates extreme vegan sports such as mountaineering, rogaining, spelunking, naked jogging, skydiving, cliff-diving and yodelling. Special highlights include the recently successful Vegan 3 Peaks Challenge, a vegan descent of a suicidally dangerous Mallorcan cliff, and vegans throwing themselves out of aircraft to dance music. Be vegan and be inspired!

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  • Sure, veganism helps the animals and the environment, and enables more efficient use of global food and water resources, thereby saving human lives too. But doubtless we dream of little more than our own untimely deaths, as we feebly stagger through our days, made pale and weak by lack of essential animal proteins...?
  • Frenchman Stefan Hennion cycled from France to Denmark, for the 10th International Vegan Festival, in 2006: a distance of well over 1000 km in about 1.5 weeks. It wasn't hard enough, so he cycled back again - via Switzerland!
  • Running of the Nudes anti bull-fighting protest, Pamplona, Spain, in 2007.
  • Mac Danzig (US) is a professional mixed martial arts fighter and instructor, and is a former lightweight champion for the King of the Cage and Gladiator Challenge mixed martial arts organizations. As an amateur mixed martial artist, Danzig was the lightweight Extreme Challenge Trials 2001 U.S. MMA National Champion. Mac Danzig was the winner of the The Ultimate Fighter 6, and is under contract with the UFC. However Mac is also has a seriously sensitive side - he's a top photographer!
  • Marathon des Sables A 6 day, 151 mile (243km) endurance race across the Sahara Desert in Morocco, with mid-day temperatures of up to 120°F. The "toughest footrace on Earth." http://www.saharamarathon.co.uk
  • Fiona Oakes, 2012 Tower Hill Animal Sanctuary – houses 400+ animals. 2 fractures toes caused by ‘Charity’, a 43 yo thoroughbred, who trod on her foot whilst helping her to stand. Told to ‘rest for 6 weeks.’
  • 3 highest peaks in Yorkshire: 11 hrs.
  • The official 15 peaks route covers 21.5 miles (35 km) and requires 9,800 feet (3,000 m) of ascent, and was completed in 17 hrs 30 mins. Yet not even this was enough punishment for Team Vegan, so they also ascended Crib Goch and Mt Snowdon (most teams start there) and ascended an additional summit twice (interpretation: they can’t navigate). In total they covered around 27 miles (43 km), and ascended around 4,000 m, in 20 hrs 15 mins.
  • The oath: “ I solemnly swear that I am up to no good! ” Mischief managed.
  • 16 runners
  • "Recognized globally as 'the world's toughest foot race ,' this legendary event pits up to 90 of the world ’s toughest athletes—runners, triathletes, adventure racers, and mountaineers—against one another and the elements. Covering 135 miles (217km) non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA in temperatures up to 130F (55c), it is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet ." http://www.badwater.com/
  • North Pole Marathon  The world's coolest marathon, held annually at the North Pole, on an ice sheet some 6 - 12 feet thick above 12,000 feet of Arctic Ocean, in temperatures down to -30 C and below. The whole course drifts during the race. Polar Running Adventures was the "first business to completely neutralise the CO2 effects of all its flights to the North Pole." http://www.npmarathon.com
  • Polar Challenge A 350 mile competitive race to the magnetic North Pole (as located in 2006), and beyond. http://www.theextraordinary.co.uk/ultra/polar_challenge/index.html
  • Shark Diving "Check out our choice of shark diving holidays & vacations from Honduras to South Africa. Discover shark diving holidays designed to conserve & protect sharks. All of our sharks diving holidays are with leading specialist & responsible operators." http://www.responsibletravel.com/TripSearch/Scuba%20diving%20holidays/Activity100288.htm
  • El Caminito del Rey Pathway between Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Álora in Málaga, Spain. Built in 1901, the walkway is in a highly deteriorated and dangerous state. It is one meter (3 ft) in width, and is over 700 feet (200 m) above the river. Nearly all of the path has no handrail. Some parts of the walkway have completely collapsed and have been replaced by a beam and a metallic wire on the wall. Many people have lost their lives on the walkway in recent years. After four people died in two accidents in 1999 and 2000, the local government closed the entrances. However, adventurous tourists still find their way into the walkway.
  • Extreme vegan sports

    1. 1. Extreme Vegan Sports: extremely good fun! Andrew Knight   www.ExtremeVeganSports.org
    2. 2. Vegans dont eat, wear or use animal products, or products tested on animals!   No meat pies No leather jackets No animal-tested lipstick!!! Etc… Surely vegans must endure grim and joyless lives of self- denial? … What kind of folk would subject themselves to such extremes???
    3. 3. Vegan bodybuilding!
    4. 4. Vegan cycling!
    5. 5. Vegan running!
    6. 6. Naked vegan running!
    7. 7. Vegan martial arts!
    8. 8. www.MacDanzigPhotograhy.com
    9. 9. www.VeganBlackMetalChef.com
    10. 10. Vegan rogaining!Not to be confused with…
    11. 11. Marathon des Sables
    12. 12. The Evidence The evidence published in peer-reviewed scientific journals isconsistent:athletes using sensible vegan diets, including supplementswhen appropriate (e.g. creatine for strength sports, iron forendurance sports), are at no disadvantage, and may, infact, experience certain advantages (such as higherantioxidant status, which can speed exercise recovery). 
    13. 13.  Venderley AM & Campbell WW. Vegetarian diets : nutritional considerations for athletes. Sports Med 2006; 36(4): 293-305. Barr SI & Rideout CA. Nutritional considerations for vegetarian athletes. Nutrition 2004; 20(7-8): 696-703. American College of Sports Medicine, American Dietetic Association & Dietitians of Canada. Joint Position Statement: nutrition and athletic performance. American College of Sports Medicine, American Dietetic Association, and Dietitians of Canada. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2000; 32(12): 2130-2145. Nieman DC. Physical fitness and vegetarian diets: is there a relation? Am J Clin Nutr 1999; 70(3 Suppl): 570S-575S.
    14. 14. Vegan dune tumbling!***** 1st World Championships ***** 10th International Vegan Festival Rabjerg Mile, Denmark 2006
    15. 15. Italy: Steffano Mazzarano!
    16. 16. France: Stephane Hennion!
    17. 17. Australia: Andrew Knight!
    18. 18. 1. Find a reeeally big dune!
    19. 19. 2. Take a running leap...
    20. 20. 3. Tumble!!!
    21. 21. Don’t lose your head...
    22. 22. Unpowered aids may be used
    23. 23. Formation tumbling
    24. 24. Mens doubles event
    25. 25. Team vegan!
    26. 26. Vegan 3 Peaks Challenge May 2009
    27. 27. 1. Mt Snowdon, Wales: 1,085 m 
    28. 28. 2. Scafell Pike, England: 978 m 
    29. 29. 3. Ben Nevis, Scotland: 1,344 m 
    30. 30. The aftermath...
    31. 31. Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge 2010
    32. 32. Vegan 15 Peaks Challenge 2010 1. The Snowdon Massif
    33. 33. 2. The Glyderrau
    34. 34. 3. The Carnedau
    35. 35. The most important part…
    36. 36. Mt Blanc, France: 4,808 m
    37. 37. Day 1: Mer de Glace
    38. 38. Day 2: Aiguille du Midi
    39. 39. Day 3: La Petite Verte
    40. 40. Day 4: 3 Monts Route
    41. 41. The adventures ofAndrew the Super-Banana !!!
    42. 42. More vegan skydiving!
    43. 43. Extreme ironing
    44. 44. Snowdonia 2011
    45. 45. Are you extreme enough??? All who subscribe to our fun and life-affirming sporting ideals may consider themselves members of the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association! All sports considered, but youve gotta be vegan! www.ExtremeVeganSports.org
    46. 46. Future events… •Hot •Cold •Wet •High
    47. 47. www.vegan-welsh-3000s.co.uk
    48. 48. Badwater Marathon
    49. 49. North Pole Marathon
    50. 50. Polar Challenge
    51. 51. Shark Diving
    52. 52. El Caminito del Rey
    53. 53. World’s most dangerous hike
    54. 54. Vegan yodelling! More vegan adventures:www.ExtremeVeganSports.org!