Dine In With Anilas


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For top tips to create authentic Indian cuisine and enjoy a special dine-in experience in the comfort of your own home why not try some of these ideas. Whether it is for everyday meals or for you and your friends to enjoy this is a great alternative to take-aways or going out to restaurants.

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Dine In With Anilas

  1. 1. DINE IN WITH ANILA’S Make Indian 1 Restaurant style food in your own home
  2. 2. APPETISERS Indian restaurants serve popadums with pickle and chutney as a pre-dinner snack To make this at home you can deep fry some popadums or for a healthier option microwave for 2 mins or put under a hot grill (until they start to bubble) These are traditionally served with Hot Mango or Hot Lime pickle Sweet Mango Chutney Yoghurt Raita This can be made with yoghurt, cucumber, 2 mint sauce, a sprinkle of salt and cumin
  3. 3. ANILA’S PICKLES You can choose pickles to suit your taste from sweet & tangy to hot & crunchy to enjoy with popadums Lemon Carrot & Date Tindori (Mini Gherkin) Aubergine Sweet Lime Sweet Mango Hot Lime Hot Mango Chilli 3
  4. 4. STARTERS Samosas and Pakoras are perfect starters to begin an Indian meal Some ideal condiments to serve with them are: Sweet Mango Chutney Tamarind & Date Chutney Chilli Chutney Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce 4
  5. 5. ANILA’S CHUTNEYS Sweet Mango Tamarind & Date Chilli 5
  6. 6. COOK YOUR MAIN COURSE WITH... Anila’s award winning range of premium curry sauces Fruity Mild Goan Green Mild Korma Spicy Mild Spicy Korma Spicy Medium Hot Methi Spicy Hot 6
  7. 7. TO MAKE A DELICIOUS CURRY IN MINUTES WITHOUT THE HASSLE... To make a meal for 2 Simply heat half a jar of Anilas Curry Sauce into a pan Add your main ingredient raw into the sauce (Chicken, Meat, Fish or Vegetables) Stir fry in the sauce for 2-3 minutes Add a cup of water, stir, cover and cook for 20-40 mins Garnish with Coriander and serve with Rice or Naan bread It’s as that simple!! You can then freeze the remainder in the jar or make a 7 double portion and freeze half.
  8. 8. HOW TO ADAPT YOUR CURRY... To make it milder Add some chopped tomatoes or an onion to your curry OR add some coconut milk to your curry For a creamer taste stir in some plain yoghurt, crème fresch or single cream towards the end of cooking Top tip - dairy separates if over cooked so add a few minutes before serving To make it hotter Finely chop some green chillies and/or minced ginger into 8 your curry for that extra kick
  9. 9. WHAT DO THE RESTAURANT NAMES MEAN & HOW DO WE RE-CREATE THESE AT HOME? Korma Curries Are made with coconut giving a creamy taste and texture Anilas Mild Korma Curry sauce or Spicy Korma Sauces both deliver this rich flavour Alternatively just add some creamed coconut or coconut milk to your curry Rogan Josh Curries Are made with additional tomatoes added to this dish Anilas Spicy Mild curry sauce is a favourite amongst many, delicious with vegetables, paneer and any meat Add some fresh tomatoes to your curry to recreate this dish 9 at home
  10. 10. WHAT DO THE RESTAURANT NAMES MEAN & HOW DO WE RE-CREATE THESE AT HOME? Dopiaza Curries Are made with extra onions which can be pan fried before adding the sauce or stir into the curry halfway to give a half cooked flavour and crunchiness to the dish Jalfrezi Curries Are made with capsicum peppers sliced into this dish to create a colourful appetizing curry It is generally mild to medium in heat and Anilas Spicy Mild or Spicy Medium curry sauces would be ideal for this 10
  11. 11. WHAT DO THE RESTAURANT NAMES MEAN & HOW DO WE RE-CREATE THESE AT HOME? Dhansak This curry has lentils with your main ingredient (chicken or vegetables) Add your boiled lentils to your curry to create this dish at home Anila’s Mild Korma Curry sauce is mildly spiced and made with chickpeas and creamy coconut and hint of tamarind to give a nutty creamy flavour Madras This is a region in India and is generally a Medium to hot Curry 11 Anilas Spicy medium curry sauce made with creamy ground cashews and richly spiced would be ideal
  12. 12. WHAT DO THE RESTAURANT NAMES MEAN & HOW DO WE RE-CREATE THESE AT HOME? Balti and Karahi Curries Are made in balti dishes or woks and take the names of the cooking vessels These curries are usually mild to medium Vinderloo Curries This is a hot curry and should be full of flavour and not just chilli If you like it really hot add some finely chopped green chillies to the curry Try Anilas Hot Methi curry sauce with fenugreek leaves giving a distinct smooth flavour with a bite or 12 the Spicy Hot sauce with ground almonds and a kick
  13. 13. IT’S THAT SIMPLE !!! This should enable you to re-create some great dishes in the comfort of your own home without the expense of eating out or the hassle of cooking from scratch With Anila’s you won’t be disappointed Try it for yourself www.anilassauces.com 13