Coal Mining in India: 2013


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Two Volumes

Volume I: Indian Coal Mines
Volume II: Indian Coal Projects

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Coal Mining in India: 2013

  1. 1. Coal Mining in India - 2013 Business Report October-2013 II Volumes Volume I: dia Coal Mines in In Volume II: Coal Projects in a division of Precision Research & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. d India
  2. 2. iData Insights is a marketing research consulting firm. Its efforts help companies to create and improve products and services based on what the market desires. We conduct both primary and secondary research. Our work does not end with research. We provide actionable recommendations and provide our expertise for business success today and tomorrow. It is our goal to be a partner to our clients in the exploration and discovery, and then be their guide in the implementation of changes that will make a difference to their bottom line. The team of highly trained syndicated research analysts create research reports, newsletters, magazines, directories and online databases which provide customers with broad technical and market trends in the energy sector. Their research and competitive and market intelligence studies provides specific in-depth intelligence to ensure that customers succeed in their undertaking. Table of Content (Draft) Coal Mining in India - 2013 Volume I: Coal Mines - 2013 1. Andhra Pradesh 1.1 Kondapuram Underground Coal Mine 2. Assam 2.1 Tikak Extension Opencast Project 3. Chhattisgarh 3.1 Amgaon Opencast Coal Mine 3.2 Bijari Opencast Mine 3.3 Chhal Opencast Coal Mine 3.4 Kalyani Underground Mine 4. Jharkhand 4.1 Ara-Sarubera Group of Mines 4.2 Dhori Group of Mines 6.4 Dhuptala Opencast Mine 6.5 Dinesh Opencast Mine (Makaradhorka-III OC) 6.6 Ghonsa Opencast Expansion Coal Mine 6.7 Gouri I & II (A) Opencast Mine 6.8 Hindustan Lalpeth Opencast Coal Mine 6.9 New Majri III Underground Expansion Coal Mine 6.10 Mugoli Opencast Coal Mine 6.11 Niljai Opencast Coal Mine 6.12 Padmapur Opencast Coal Mine 6.13 Pauni Opencast Mine 6.14 Penganga Opencast Coal Mine 6.15 Sasti Underground Mine 6.16 Wardha Valley Coal Mine 5. Madhya Pradesh 5.1 Behraband Underground Coal Mine 5.2 Bhakra Underground Mine 5.3 Chhatarpur - I & II (A) Underground Mine 5.4 Chinda Opencast Project 5.5 Jharna Underground Expansion Mine 5.6 Mohan (Maori) Underground Mine 5.7 Sarni Underground Mine 5.8 Sheetaldhara Kurja and Kapildhara Group of Coal Mines 6. Maharashtra 6.1 Marki-Zari-Jamani-Adkoli Opencast Mine 6.2 Ballarpur Underground Mine 6.3 New Dhuptala Opencast Mine 7. Orissa 7.1 Ananta Opencast Mine 7.2 Belpahar OC Expansion (Phase-II) Project 7.3 Lajkura Opencast Mine 7.4 Samaleswari Opencast Expansion Phase-IV Coal Mine 7.5 Samaleswari Opencast (Expansion) CoalMine 8. Rajasthan 8.1 Barsingsar Coal Mine 9. West Bengal 9.1 Chitra East Opencast Coal Mine 9.2 Kumardihi ‘’B’’ Coal Mine Appendix Precision Research and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. Table of Content (Draft) Coal Mining in India - 2013 Volume II: Coal Projects – 2013 1. Bharat Coking Coal Limited 1.1 Goluckdih (Non-Coking) Opencast Project 2. Central Coalfields Limited 4.6 HDI Underground Project 4.7 Hingula Opencast Project Expansion 4.8 Jagannath Underground Project 2.1 Amlo Expansion Opencast Project 4.9 Kaniha Opencast Project 2.2 Amrapali Opencast Project 4.10 Kulda Opencast Project 2.3 GovindpurPh-II Opencast Project 4.11 Lajkura Opencast ProjectExpansion 2.4 Hurilong Underground Project (Non-starter) 4.12 Lingaraj Underground Project 2.5 Karma Opencast Project (Kuju Area) 4.13 Natraj Underground Project 2.6 Kedla Expansion Opencast Project 4.14 Talabira Opencast Project 2.7 Khasmahal Opencast Project 4.15 Talcher(West) Underground Project 2.8 Konar Opencast Project 5. Northern Coalfields Limited 2.9 Magadh Opencast Project 5.1 Amlohri Expansion Project 2.10 North Urimari Opencast Project 5.2 Bina Opencast Project 2.11 ParejUnderground Project 5.3 Block B Opencast Project 2.12 Purnadih Opencast Project 5.4 Krishnashila Project 2.13 Rohini Expansion Opencast Project 5.5 Nigahi Expansion Project 2.14 Tapin Opencast Project 6. North Eastern Coalfields 2.15 Tarmi Opencast Project 6.1 Ledo Opencast Project 2.16 Tetariakhar Expansion Opencast Project 6.2 Lekhapani Opencast Project 2.17 Urimari Expansion Opencast Project 3. Eastern Coalfields Limited 7. Singareni Collieries Company Limited 7.1 Adriyala Shaft Project 3.1 Jhanjra PSLW R- VI Seam Project 7.2 Jalagam VengalaRao Opencast Project 3.2 Nabakajora-Madhabpur Block Underground Project 7.3 Ramakrishnapur Opencast Project Phase-I 3.3 Parasea Underground Project (Kunustoria Area) 8. South Eastern Coalfields Limited 3.4 Rajmahal Opencast Expansion Project 8.1 BALGI Underground Expansion Project 3.5 Sarpi Augmentation Underground Project 8.2 Batura Opencast Project 3.6 Siduli Block Project 8.3 Chall Opencast Project 4. Mahanadi Coalfields Limited 8.4 Dipika Opencast Expansion Project 4.1 Ananta Opencast Project Expansion 8.5 Pelma Opencast Project 4.2 Balram Opencast Project 8.6 Shivangi Underground Project 4.3 Bharatpur Expansion Opencast Project 4.4 Bhubaneshwari Opencast Project Expansion 4.5 Gopal Prasad Opencast Project 9. Western Coalfields Limited 9.1 Kolgaon Opencast Project 10. Appendix Precision Research and Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  4. 4. Order Form I would like to purchase the “Coal Mining in India - 2013 with II Volumes” report: Format Price PDF (350+ pages) - Volume I & II Rs 50,000 / USD 1,200 Hard Copy - Volume I & II Rs 53,000 / USD 1,280 Rs 30,000 / USD 670 Individual Volume I or II Name (Block Letters)______________________________________________ Designation_______________________ Company________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address_______________________________________________________________________________ Telephone____________________________________ Mobile__________________________________________ Fax_________________________________________ E-mail__________________________________________ Wire Transfer details: For cheque/demand draft: Beneficiary: Precision Research and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. I am enclosing a cheque/demand draft of Bank Name: ICICI Bank Ltd. INR/US$: Bank Account No.: 664305500082 vide cheque/DD no.: IFSC Code: ICIC0006643 Swift Code: ICICINBBCTS drawn on: Bank Address: J-8, Vikas Puri, New Delhi - 110018 (INDIA) dated: In favour of: Contact Details: Anil Rastogi Tel: +91-11-41630406 Mobile: +91-8527803963 Corporate Office: Precision Research and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 216, Vishwadeep Tower, District Centre, Janak Puri, New Delhi - 110058 Phone - 011 - 41630406 Regd. Office: B-12, Vikas Tower, Near PVR Vikaspuri, Main Market, Vikaspuri, New Delhi - 110018