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Lifetrenz hospital brochure


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Only One HIS-EHR-ERP Hospital Application which comply Indian & International Standards

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Lifetrenz hospital brochure

  1. 1. The Next Generation Hospital Management System Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) o Comprehensively addresses the Administrative, Operational, Financial & Clinical Workflows o Is a Fully Integrated Patient Centric End-to-End Solution o Complies to Government approved Standards & Requirements o Is future proofed by staying abreast of Domain, Technology & Regulatory Requirements o Adapts to growing needs of the Organisation o Has inbuilt Intuitive Intelligence o Will provide Clinical Expertise and Guidance o Will assist in Quality Certifications o Is backed by Timely, Efficient and Assured Support A World Class Hospital Management System that: What Hospitals always wished to have.. Lifetrenz has it all & more >>>
  2. 2. Remote Healthcare Polyclinic/ Daycare Medical/ Nursing Colleges Technology Highway Lifetrenz Hospital Management System HIS Modules ERP Modules EHR Modules BI & Analytics Interfacing Patient Interfaces o Patient Portal o Patient Mobile App o Patient Registration o Appointment Management o Billing o Charge Masters o Healthcare Packages o Professional Fees (Doctors Pay-out) Management o IP ADT o Bed Administration o Corporate/ Organisations Management o Insurance Management o Indents Management o Medical Equipment Services Management o Lab Information System o Radiology Information System o Nursing Information System o Blood Bank Management o Ward Information System o Pharma Information System o IP Formulary Management o Diet & Nutrition Services o Medical Records Module o CSSD Management o Laundry & Linen Management o Housekeeping Management o Help Desk o Standards Compliant Electronic Health Records (EHR) o Clinical Workflow Management o Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) o Clinical Care Pathways o Order Set Management o Drug Database & Information Frame Work o Computerised Provider Order Entry (CPOE) o e-Prescription Platform o Electronic Medication Administration (eMAR) o ER & Daycare Module o OT Management o Anesthesia Management o Top Management Dashboards o Financial Dashboards o Operations Dashboards o Clinical Dashboards o Predictive Analytics & Consulting o Chat & Video Consulting o Remote Monitoring of Vitals & ECG o Home care o Laboratory & Medical Equipment o Bar Codes & RFID o Biometrics o PACS o SMS Gateway o Credit / Debit Card Swipe Machines o Payment Gateways o Third Party Solutions o Financial Management System o Accounts Receivable o Accounts Payable o Purchase Management o Stores & Inventory Management o Fixed Asset Management System o Human Resources Management o Pay Roll Management o Performance Management System
  3. 3. Lifetrenz Hospital, the complete patient centric end-to-end solution for Hospital Management that surpasses the expectations of all the important Stakeholders of a Healthcare Organization. Lifetrenz Hospital balances the roles and responsibilities and perspectives of all the stakeholders in running an efficient Healthcare Organization by providing the right kind of support for all functions. Finance Management Staff : The solution captures all the financial processes and ensures financial integrity and provides analytical support and business intelligence with an eye on the Key Financial Performance Indicators, for improving top and bottom lines of the Hospital. Operations Staff :The system is designed to integrate the mission critical functions of Operations’staff with all other functions in the Hospital, through efficient monitoring and timely interventions, for optimal functioning of Healthcare organizations. Ancillary Staff : Lifetrenz has complete modules for Ancillary Staff supporting care delivery, such as the Pharmacy, Lab, Radiology, Physiotherapy, CSSD Staff & Technicians, to enable them to go fully digital in their work, reducing the effort to carry out their functions and improving efficiency. • Business and Clinical Process Enablement for Hospitals • Dynamic & Intelligent Clinical Decision Support System • Complete Solution built on Government Approved EHR & HIT Standards • Provides Healthcare Analytics / BI /Predictive Intelligence • Real Time, Intelligent Clinical Expert System • Supports Clinical Care Pathways • Imposes Financial Integrity on the Operations • Easy to Learn and Adapt • Cloud Based or On Premise solutions - Easy to Acquire and Deploy for Hospitals • Low Upfront Investment - Available on a Subscription Model • Zero Hassles on Software Maintenance, Security and Backups Nursing Staff : The Nursing workflows and processes are designed to intuitively and intelligently aid the nursing staff in providing effective support in delivering efficient and quality care to the patients. Thought Leaders and Decision Makers : The solution is designed taking into account the perspectives of the top management for efficient functioning of healthcare organizations with emphasis on all-round growth. Doctors : The Doctor’s applications are built keeping the Patient at the Center with emphasis on timely and efficient clinical processes and workflows for delivering Quality Patient care – Anywhere, Anytime. The system intelligently learns and adapts to a Doctor’s practice, thus ensuring easy adoption with no loss of productivity.
  4. 4. Lifetrenz builds innovative IT Solutions to power global Healthcare providers. Our products are built on modern technology, complies with Indian & International EHR (Electronic Health Records) and Healthcare IT standards and are intuitive and easy to use. We combine the power of Cloud with the rich user experience of a desktop application through our“Smart Client Web Application”, delivered either as a service from a Cloud infrastructure or as an On-Premise solution. The people behind Lifetrenz include domain experts, doctors, technology experts and business managers, who have all been quite successful in their own chosen areas of work. This team, set against the knowledge gained over several years of product development, enables us to be a pioneer in Healthcare IT. We are an innovative company finding success and satisfaction in being able to work closely with our clients in areas that are critical to their success. Our solutions focus on customer delight. We are nimble footed when it comes to speed of implementation and take pride in being a thinking organization. We see each engagement as an opportunity to collaborate with our clients and ensure maximum return on their investment. MSR Plaza, Gokula, Bangalore - 560054 Tel: +91 8023452347, Mob: +91 93428 16828 Hospital Information System (HIS) Primary Care EHR Platform Drug Database & Drug Knowledge Framework Poly Clinic Solution Diagnostic Center Solution Patient Portal Remote Monitoring & Home Care System Electronic Health Records (EHR) Lab Information System (LIS) Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) Hospital ERP Pharmacy Information System (PIS) Patient Mobile App Predictive Analytics & Consulting