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Kzn NIIT skill development Project-Anil


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Kzn NIIT skill development Project-Anil

  1. 1. H u m a n C a p i t a l a n d Ta l e n t D e ve l o p m e n t C a p a c i t y B u i l d i n g
  2. 2. NIIT in South Africa Start of Operations 2008 Number of Centers 09 Learners 3,000 Key Partnership Govt. of KZN
  3. 3. Vision Stimulate International Competitiveness through improvement of Skills and Service Standards. Objective Develop Global Talent in KwaZuluNatal Presence 8 Locations Coverage 10,000 Student in 5 Years Deliverable ICT and BPO Training with Internship
  4. 4. 1. Supervise Implementation at Macro Level 2. Create and Foster Internship for Students undergone NIIT training 1. Nominate Students 2. Provide funding to train 10,000 students 3. Local Identification and Selection Process 4. Facilitates Engagement and co-operation between NIIT and Colleges | Univ. 1. Provide Curriculum Design and Plan for Training 2. Provide Certifications post successful completion of course 3. Courseware and Training Material 4. Support – Technical | Marketing Responsibility
  5. 5. Achievemen tsThe Project went LIVE in 98 days of signing the agreement. Established 8 Labs – 4 each for IT and BPO. Lab Capacity to train 250 students | year. 3,000 Students are currently being trained in these Colleges 3 Batches of Selected Students are doing their INTERNSHIP in INDIA
  6. 6. KZN in PICTURE
  7. 7. Signin g Test for 1st Intake Students in Labs
  8. 8. Formal Launch by Dr. Z L Mkhize
  9. 9. FET Colleges got officials for their association with NIIT
  10. 10. Interactive Session with Students & Guest during the Launch of ICT-BPO LAB at Esikhawini campus
  11. 11. NIIT Connect with student
  12. 12. 12 5Rewards & Recognition Events Connect with students
  13. 13. Connect with students
  14. 14. Connect with students
  15. 15. Internship @ India
  16. 16. First Batch of Students in India 26th August 2010
  17. 17. Welcome @ Airport & Guest House
  18. 18. Welcome @ NIIT
  19. 19. Visit to NIIT University
  20. 20. Premier of KwaZulu- Natal Dr Z L Mkhize “The training of 10,000 persons by NIIT is the 1st step towards attracting more investors to KZN province”
  21. 21. As we continue to move forward …
  23. 23. For a country at inflection point of Growth the 4 Key LEVERS OF GROWTH are Agriculture Energy Infrastructure KNOWLEDGE
  24. 24. H.E The President of South Africa Mr. Jacob Zuma “We encourage new investments and collaborative partnerships in key areas such as ICT, services etc.” “Several areas promise exceptional returns for those businesses that are willing to take the initiative, Like: ICT, Infrastructure, Energy etc”
  25. 25. Education System To be a KNOWLEDGE Economy A perfect blend of Formal, Professional & Non-Formal Education, coupled with Training programs through FET and HET.
  26. 26. Favorable ICT Scenario To be a KNOWLEDGE Economy South Africa is the 20th largest consumer of IT products and services in the world. Gartner, the international research group, rates South Africa as one of its top 30 software development outsourcing destinations … and next to Australia and India globally. South Africa is becoming a favored international location for business process outsourcing and off-shoring
  27. 27. To be a KNOWLEDGE Economy Strong Information Infra. Favorable Governments IT Policies and Investment in IT is making way for quality Infrastructure – coupled with Global IT giants making investment in SA.
  28. 28. Global IT Giants in SA. Indicative List
  29. 29. Catalyst For Growth Shortage of approx. 115,000 Trained Manpower in ICT domain Govt. is the largest customer of ICT | IT products and service Government is attempting to rationalize and standardize its investment regulations, promote open source and local development and use ICT/IT/ITeS in e-governance
  30. 30. Potential Personality Skills Knowledge NIIT’s Core Competence Global Talent Development Pedagogy Technology Reach DemographicsGlobalization Services Led Economy Content Creation Work Mobility Ageing Population Multi-Sector Growth Global ReachDistributed Delivery Process Individuals Schools Corporates Government
  31. 31. School Learning Solutions Individual Learning Solutions Corporate Learning Solutions Target Audience School children Young adults Working professionals Value Proposition Academics Employability Productivity Customer School Individual Corporate Coverage • Multimedia Teaching & Learning Content • IT Learning • Teacher Training • IT Training • BPO, KPO Training • BFSI Training • Management Education • English Language • Professional Life skills • Learning Products • Training Delivery & Administration • Custom Content Development Geographic Coverage India India/ China/South Africa & Emerging India, USA, Europe
  32. 32. School Learning Solutions Individual Learning Solutions Corporate Learning Solutions New Business ICT revolution at School level 8,747,713 Students 336,542 Teachers 18,125 Instructors 14,110 Schools Develop IT-literate talent pool to meet workforce requirements for knowledge- based industries 500,000: Learners each year 3.5 million Alumni base 700 : Centers & hubs 44 :Countries 10 :Languages Developing cutting edge knowledge through cost effective media 500,000 Hosted Users 297,000 Transaction/Month 285,000 Student Learning Hrs. Day ‘ONE’ job ready professiona ls for BFSI & BPO Industry In addition to Management Programs from IIM – A,B,C We have unique and customized solutions towards the needs of every segment …
  33. 33. We are ready to replicate the success of KZN across South Africa & make South Africa a Global IT Destination. Anil Nair