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Rose of Leary


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Rose of Leary

  1. 1. Rose of Leary  Presented By Aniket Veer Swapnil Kokane Prasad Nale
  2. 2. That’s the Man……… Timothy Francis Leary (1920-1996)  He Is An Americian Psychologist  He is Also a Writer  And He Is Known For Psychedelic therapy
  3. 3. How Rose of Leary Is Relevant to Human Resource ?  It is communication Model For Effective human Behaviour According to Rose Of Leary There Is • Behaviour Calls… • Action And Reaction • Cause And Effect • Send And Receive
  4. 4. Behaviour As per Rose of Leary
  5. 5. 50 years Later Leary’s rose Is Still A Simple And Effective Model To Study Human Interaction ( Action And Reaction )