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Marketing plan of Android app for professional networking.

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  2. 2. Executive Summary 1. Vision of Accelerate 2. How it works 3. Proposed course of action
  3. 3. VISION To act as a bridge between employed people, companies and students. Facilitating the process to choose desired sector after college by interacting with the prospective employed people.
  4. 4. How it works Employed People and Company: 1. Giving the employer opportunity to earn per session. 2. Providing established companies , startups a platform to hire prospective clients. For students: 1. Portal of employed people of different sectors to consult for career decision. 2. Listing of opportunities of internship, projects, conference from startups, MNCs, Government opportunities
  5. 5. Accelerate’ is a proposed new generation App that helps to connect students with people already working in industry and would help them clear their doubts regarding career opportunities. It also connect students to prospective employer. It is set to cater the needs of largely the urban student population with access to internet. Youth and mostly people looking for a career role and need the guidance of people who have already aced it and the job opportunities
  6. 6. Proposed course of action � To propose a marketing plan at zero budget. � The marketing plan must be effective in reaching the target market and should be able to make them use the app
  7. 7. Situation Analysis 1. Company overview 2. Market Overview 3. Target Customers
  8. 8. SWOT Analysis WEAKNESS: Collecting database of the professionals in each field and of the opportunities provided by companies STRENGTHS: Student psychology: Mostly confused regarding future and jobs. Employer psychology: Want to earn extra bucks by sharing experience. Satisfies both OPPORTUNITI ES Lack of knowledge of various sector after graduation. Placement and Internship guide THREAT Very unorganized sector at the moment.
  9. 9. Competitor Market Overview Target Market � Youth and mostly college students looking for career guidance and opportunities � Working professionals loking to earn extra bucks. � Startups and companies looking to hire talented students from around the world.
  10. 10. Internet usage
  11. 11. Target customers. The customers are segmented and targeted upon the their internet usage purposes and means. Of the total 375 million users of internet, almost 120 million of all Indian Internet users are college students, which the company looks forward to target upon. The number of Internet users in India is expected to reach 402 million by December 2015.
  12. 12. Company`s goal /Objective 1.Company Goal 2.Marketing Goal
  13. 13. Company`s goal � The company’s goal is to create a new experience for career guidance, professional networking and thus establishing the networking platform where people could connect on basis of their interest in sector and companies. � The company’s primarily objective lies in positioning the Indian career guidance market and capturing its large market share. .
  14. 14. •Marketing Goal •Provide necessary branding to reach company’s goal •Increasing Brand engagement •Improving Brand loyalty from customers
  15. 15. Strategy 1. Customer Needs 2. Collaborations 3. Positioning strategy 4. Product – Freemium
  16. 16. Target market �Customers � Collaborator � Company � Competitor � Context
  17. 17. customer Clearly the company’s target/potential consumers will be the population of internet users who are studying in colleges and the people who are looking for career guidance. And the strategy would be to make the app in their reach and make them aware of the benefits of counselling and professional networking.
  18. 18. collaborator The key collaborator will be networking sites and the strategy here would be to provide hassle free networking and career guidance services with the differences in facilities and prices that each of them provides.
  19. 19. Competitor The strategy largely involves to look about or the potential competitors eventually as there is huge scope of new entry of products with the same features and exhibits. Although initially for the different Apps present in the play store and other sites that help to connect with the professionals and companies, company will surely aim to target the drawbacks in their offerings and study their reviews and ratings.
  20. 20. company Creating the high tech app with the right advertising and brand value. The target in this regard would be to create a high tech background with the right personnel in the same field, apart from this, company will target top form via right marketing end to help for sales campaign trade, consumer sales promotion and public relations efforts.
  21. 21. context Owing to the relevance of right economic, technological, socio-cultural, regulatory and physical context the company offers the right dimension to each of it in its pure context of company’s benefits and growth.
  22. 22. Company’s Value Proposition 1. Customer value 2. Collaborator value 3. Company value
  23. 23. Customer value The major demands to be fulfilled by the offering involves creating a new platform/brand for the online counselling , guidance, job application and bring about a whole new dimension to professional networking.
  24. 24. Collaborator value Right after the launching of App, the main collaborators would be the professional networking sites where the consumers would be directed and it would in doubt help in the growth of the revenues of the sector over time as this app will ultimately lead to them for paying for the counselling and networking services.
  25. 25. Company value The company’s value is to create a new experience for counselling and professional networking and thus establishing the networking platform where people could connect on basis of their interests to a field, requirement of guidance and thus generate profits.
  26. 26. Tactics 1. Product 2. Service 3. Brand 4. Price 5. Incentives 6. Communication 7. Distribution
  27. 27. product The key attribute and benefit is owing to the psychological needs of the consumers who actually face problems in finding the right internships , projects , mentor for their desired career path.
  28. 28. service This app can give marketers a great return on investment, in return of providing the service to the consumer. It can strengthen relationships with the core customers. Also, large customer bases have an inherent advantage in using the apps to drive retention and engagement, and the company could build more and more convenience into the app for offering better service value to consumers.
  29. 29. Brand This new App without any doubt would create a benchmark in the professional networking world and establish its name and value for connecting people in an unique way and help them choosing the right field they want to build their career.
  30. 30. Pricing-i. Free Version i. Premium Version
  32. 32. incentives The incentives that the product offers are manifold. Looking for the sight of consumers who meet their solution of finding the right person and job , as well as finding the right profile out of all the available options. For the professional it benefits too as the counselling will ultimately lead to increase in their income and add up to their revenue.
  33. 33. communication Of the myriad of ways of communicating with the consumers, which includes launching demo videos, featuring e-mails, featuring on mobile app featuring sites, going for the version of app store optimization, winning the app awards, all are part of the company’s sought after tactics.
  34. 34. distribution The manner in which the key aspect of the offering are delivered to the target customers is through the App downloaded from the Google play store or to other app stores.
  35. 35. implementation implementation
  36. 36. infrastructure The company largely involves employing candidates from high tech background and those who can bring about necessary changes and required updates in the working of the App as it requires constant link from both the social networking sites as well as professional networking sites.
  37. 37. schedule The following action plan should be implemented to help for marketing strategy, consumer sales promotion and public relations- � Launch of the app that serves the right purpose. �Initiate a small budget to start the sales promotion campaign to educate professionals and consumers and generate excitement for the App launch �Start of an integrated print/displays/television campaigns �As the advertisement program continues we can add consumer sales promotion by sending them constant e- mails and work upon the feedbacks.
  38. 38. Process Notifications: Sending push notifications to users about offers/new services. Referral programs in app Campaigns Increasing the number of visitors to website by various campaigns. Increasing the user/customer base Social Media Using blogs/posts to make the customers aware of new updates/services. Contests for users Word of mouth: Users who make successful referrals will be awarded. Guest Blogging.
  39. 39. sources �Textbook on Marketing Management by Philip Kotlers � Journal of Marketing � Google Play store (for analyzing the potential competitors) � Various HBR articles on Marketing Plan � for various stats � for different stats on internet users and online shoppers.
  40. 40. Made by Aniket Singh Undergraduate student at BITS Pilani Summer Intern under Prof. Sameer Mathur