How-to-Implement-Google-Authorship | Step-to-Step Guide


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Google has recently launched a new feature called Authorship for all Google+ users which will provide an authority to the original content we post on the Internet. But many of us still don't know how to get it done. It is actually very simple. Just go through this step by step guide which will help newbie bloggers as well as amateur beginners to implement authorship and build their own author rank.

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How-to-Implement-Google-Authorship | Step-to-Step Guide

  1. 1. How to Implement Image Source
  2. 2. Google Authorship • What is Google Authorship ? • Why You Need it ? • How to Implement it to your blog/site ?
  3. 3. Google Authorship What is Authorship ?
  4. 4. Google Authorship Google Authorship is an integrated feature of Google+ Social Network used for all other Google Services. It helps define your overall author reputation and relevance in your respective niche. It verifies you as the content author of your published posts over the web.
  5. 5. Google Authorship Why You Need it ?
  6. 6. Google Authorship It makes your posts stand out in Google’s search Engine results. It gives a trust factor (snippet view) for someone searching for useful information.
  7. 7. G+ Profile Link Headshot Pic # of People that have you in their G+ Circles..
  8. 8. Google Authorship Increases the Click Through Rate for your results as they are more visual, appealing and entertaining to attract the Click.
  9. 9. Google Authorship Maintains your authorship to your content in case it is stolen and does not give real author attribution.
  10. 10. Google Authorship How to Enable it ?
  11. 11. Google Authorship In the About page of your Google+ profile, add the home page of the website/blog you have contributed to in the “Contributor to” section. Click Edit to open the panel.
  12. 12. Include your Full Name in the end of the post, blog, or the webpage you have contributed to. Link your full name to your Google+ Profile like this: <a href=“ g+ id no.” “rel=author”>+Anikait Chavan</a> Make sure your Full Name is exactly the same as it is on your G+ profile.
  13. 13. Use a high resolution, nice recognizable headshot picture of yourself on your Google+ profile. This will appear on the search results.
  14. 14. 4. Test how it shows. Go to Google’s Structure data Testing Tool and Paste your published post’s URL : hit the red button! (Means “Preview”)
  15. 15. It has been tested that Google Authorship increases your Click Through Rate by 30 -150%. Apart from that, it is building your credibility, authority and relevance that will result in you getting higher rankings on Google…
  16. 16. It will show up on your blog / site
  17. 17. Congrats! You have a verified authorship now !! Click on the icon above to connect with me !!
  18. 18. I’m easy to find… - Anikait Chavan SEO Executive