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My favorite music


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My favorite music

  1. 1. I like different styles ofmusic - rock, rock n roll,dance music: dub step,trance, Drum ‘n’ Bass andsometimes hard style. So Ilike listening to groupssuch Korn, Salvia, RTPN,Pendulum, Blue Stahli,Muse
  2. 2. I love these styles,because it is breathtakingand full of energy. When Ilisten to this music, I feelgood and escape from theproblems, I can alsorelax after hard-workingday. It makes me moreenergetic. I think thatlistening to music is aperfect way to spendfree time and not to feel
  3. 3. My favorite group isGorillaz. It was created in1998 and it’s interesting thatit is not a simple group, it isa "virtual band" whichconsists of four cartooncharacters: 2D (vocal,keyboards), Murdoc (bass-guitar), Noodle (guitar,back-vocal) and Russel(drums, DJ). It is moreinteresting that each offour characters has his ownhistory and "life"
  4. 4. This four members ofGorillaz take part invideo-clips, web-site andinterviews. The style ofgroup is trip-hop, it isthe mix of hip-hop,alternative rock, dub-step, electro and popmusic. Gorillaz includedin the Guinness Book ofRecords as the
  5. 5. The part of the virtual story of thecreating group : Simple English guy Stu-Pot, who is absolutely keenon keyboards - junior clerk at theshopping center. At thesame time, a Murdoc with a band entersthe shop. His plan: to steal afew musical instruments and create agroup. So, he is driving ... BLOW, thesound of breaking glass ... -the car isflying in the window of theshop. Another blow - this time ahead Stu-Pot suffers. His eye is badlydamaged and become black. After fewdays the second eye of Stu alsobecomes black because of trick ofMurdoc on the car. After that Stu-Potchanges the name - 2D (two dents)