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Eddie murphy


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Eddie murphy

  1. 1. Presentation by Anton Anikeev
  2. 2. Edward Regan Murphy was bornon 03/04/1961 in New York in awealthy family. His father - a policeofficer - died when Eddie was 8 yearsold. The stepfather early saidabout Eddie Murphy’s actingtalent. Eddie was 15 years old whenhe played in youth clubs as anactor with the authors miniatures.
  3. 3. Eddie Murphy quickly becameleading position in a famous TVshow. He was twice nominated forthe award ”Emmy”. Although ithasn’t been awardedto him, Eddie’s fame grew. Hemade the audience laugh totears, and parodies in hisperformance were very popular.
  4. 4. Eddie Murphy debuted in the film in 1982 ina police movie "48 Hrs.“. He breaks into thefilm and stunning the audience by acomedic skill. His herois constantly chattering, gesticulating androlling his eyes, so causes laught of theviewer
  5. 5. The peak of Eddie Murphy’spopularity was in the second half of1980-s, when he acted in verysuccessful films “Beverly Hills Cop”and “Beverly Hills Cop II”. In thesame years Eddy played the rolehimself in a comedy film “EddieMurphy Raw”. Murphy used a lot ofstrong language in this film andbecause of it the audiencedifferently accepted the film.
  6. 6. Personally I like to watch films with Eddy Murphy’s acting for his plastic, mimicry, charmand of course for his perfect sense of humor. The film in which Eddie uses all ofthese properties "Meet Dave." This is one of my favorite films and I found him very funnybecause of his acting.“His dazzling and wide, like a Studebaker’s radiator, smile and a luxury-like donkey shout, laugh like a announcement of how he is full of life” – Washington Postabout Eddie Murphy