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Mc donald's and east asia market


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Mc donald's and east asia market

  1. 1. McDonalds and East Asia Market Writing for the Workplace s1170267 Nguyen Tat Thang
  2. 2. Contents• Opportunity and Motivation• Current business status• “Drive Through”• Think of Business
  3. 3. Opportunity and Motivation• China - The biggest country in the world. Both in area and population.• Capitalist revolution has brought prosperity to China.• China: 1.3 billion population – 800 restaurants vs. US: 300 million population – 13,000 restaurants.• Endless opportunity with 5,000 to 10,000 restaurants continues to develop.
  4. 4. Current business status• By this time, China has 1,300 McDonald’s outlets.• By 2013, they hope to add more 700.• Plan to hire 50,000 crew in China this year, include 1,000 university graduates as managers.• McDonald’s has increased product prices in China at least twice this year to help mitigate pressure from rising prices.
  5. 5. Current business status McDonald’s sales improving on second quarter of this year 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Global Europe US Asian/Pacific, Unit: percent Middle East and Africa
  6. 6. “Drive Through”• Brand new concept anywhere in China: Drive-Through.
  7. 7. “Drive Through”• McDonald’s opened the first drive-thru outlet in November, 2005.• It has been “very very successful” as Schwartz – Assistance of CEO of McDonalds for Asia, the Middle East, and Africa - said. So not only training the crew but also need teaching the customer how to use the services
  8. 8. Think of Business• The pass mistake: Open just one store.• Movement: get four or five deals done, build them consecutively, train the crew consecutively and save the money.• Taste, convenience and price are important in China — just like in the U.S.• But the most importance is safety – a nightmare in a developing country.⇒Find out some supplier with the same standards as in the U.S
  9. 9. References• Wikipedia:• Google• ness-cnbc_tv/t/mcdonalds-has-big-appetite- china/#.Ttdu-LLz20s• 29/mcdonald-s-franchises-to-account-for-up-to- 20-of-china-business.html• 7333.html