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Adobe Site Catalyst Overview

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A very short overview on Adobe Site Catalyst and its web analytics features

Adobe Site Catalyst Overview

  1. 1. Adobe SiteCatalyst
  2. 2. Content Concepts & Terminology SiteCatalyst Tagging Useful Links
  3. 3. Concepts & Terminology What is SiteCatalyst ? Adobe SiteCatalyst is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that collects web site visitor's online analytics data like page views and visits. It provides both a data processing and reporting platform. What is Genesis How is SiteCatalyst data collected ? Client-side using SiteCatalyst JavaScript Tagging : With SiteCatalyst JavaScript Tagging, you embed SiteCatalyst-specific JavaScript code into your HTML page that sends the visitor data to the Adobe Data Collection Layer.
  4. 4. Concepts & Terminology What is SiteCatalyst ? SiteCatalyst provides two types of variables: ● Traffic variables ● Conversion variables Traffic variables : Traffic variables are non-persistent variables which count the number of times each value is sent to SiteCatalyst. SiteCatalyst provides some built-in, pre-defined traffic variables like pageName, channel, and server. These variables are counters. For instance, pageName counts the number of times a user has visited the page with this name. Conversion variables Sometimes you want persistent variables that are tied to events. These variables are called conversion variables. For a custom event, like login, you might want to use a custom conversion variable, also called an eVar, that keeps persistent information about whether the visitor is logged in or out of the site. Events Events are completed visitor actions on your web site and SiteCatalyst provides some built-in, pre-defined events and the ability to create your own custom events. By default, events are counters that you increment, but you can also use currency and numeric values as an event type.
  5. 5. SiteCatalyst Tagging Tagging SiteCatalyst JavaScript Tagging is the process of adding JavaScript code to your web site pages to collect visitor data. As each web page is requested in a browser, your web server returns the HTML page with the embedded JavaScript page code. The JavaScript page code sets the values for analytic data that you are collecting and calls SiteCatalyst-specific functions and global variables in the JavaScript library file.
  6. 6. Useful links Introduction : Dev Application example : Tutorial with solutions(SiteCatalyst Tagging Starter + Solutions ) SiteCatalyst Implementation Manual : Implementation Guide. Login Page : Login Informations about s_code.js
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    Mar. 8, 2018
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A very short overview on Adobe Site Catalyst and its web analytics features


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