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Aloevera processing line - Equipment for Aloe Vera Plant


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The Brief of Aloe Vera Processing Line from the raw material receiving until the aseptic bulk bag filling process.
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Aloevera processing line - Equipment for Aloe Vera Plant

  2. 2. 2 Today, a lot of Aloe Vera products are available in market because of its multi-function. Aloe Vera can be processed into various product such as Health/Medical product, Cosmetic pro- duct and Food. Our company designs and manufac- tures our own equipment and com- ponents, which are integrated into turn –key plants through the intervention of the various skilled workers which can manage the project with the best solution. We develop new technologies which give it access to new industries, such as Food and Beverage Industry or Chemical Industry. We committed to producing and marketing innovative products to meet the inter-national quality standards whilst. The company also offer project consul- tancy service to its valued clients and supplies its equipment on turn-key basic including commissioning and training. We also manufacture pro- cessed plants as per customer specific requirement.
  4. 4. 4 the aloe vera upstream PROCESS According to the favored end product different steps can be chosen or added. Waster Spray Washing Conveyor, included Chlorine Washing – the low- cost system is designed to wash and sanitized aloe vera. The purpose of this step is to soften and partially release foreign particles and dirt from the surface of the leaves as product move along the conveyor with the chlorine water mixing, then move under overhead spray bars. Also this can work as an inspection / rejection point. Brush Washer have plastic brushers that pick the leave up from the conveyor and press them against two or more brushes giving a cleaning action on every side of the leaves. The inner gel, is the mucilaginous jelly from inner parenchymal cells of the plant and after processing it, it referred to as Aloe Vera gel. The inner Aloe Vera gel is composed generally by 98.5% water, where more than 60% weight of solids contained in this Aloe Vera gel. (*) (*) Source: SMEDA
  5. 5. 5 In order to get a good quality aloe vera gel, the tips and the ends of the leaf are removed then the spiny sides are removed. Material will move forward to Automatic Peeling Machine with removable infeed and output conveyor belt will help the manu- facturer reduce manual work, working hours and prevent from loss of yield (feeding aloe vera leaves with thickness at least 6mm and after cutting top, down, both sides of rind by manual). The yield can be get up to more than 50%. Inspection Table, at this point, the leaves get inspected one by one as they enter the process. It is important at this step to reject any leaves with evident injuries, cuts or lesions in order to avoid contamination of the product downstream. Slicing Machine, the sharpness and high grade stainless steel can be ensure the precise slicing. • Easy maintenance • Easy and efficient cleaning • Low operating expense Dicing Machine, The Muninmax high per- formance dicer cubes from 4mm up to 20mm in precise, perfect cutting quality. The capacity will be depended on size of feeding product. High quality accessories enable neat dicing without damaging in produce. The contact of the cut surfaces after cutting increase the shelf life of the produce considerably. In addition, you will benefit from it such as: • Simple change of cutting tools. • High flexibility for optimal integration in processing lines • Easy Maintenance. Our excellent hygiene qualities are a major advantage. All machine parts as knives, guides, belt etc are quickly removable for cleaning . Automatic Peeling Machine Slicing Machine Dicing Machine
  6. 6. 6 thealoevera upstream –downstream PROCESSING LINE CRUSHER Urchel Crusher: dices, strips, slices capacities. With a maximum infeed machine offers cost-savings by elim new dicer promotes more precise lockdown features. The machine a collars on both cutting spindles for u PREHEATING Jacket Heating Steam: is a tank heating. Product is heated while bei Screw Conveyor: The product is t heater via a rotating screw. A wate system ensure that the entire load h quality. • Product residence time through s • Accurate temperature control • No traceable product damage (*) Source: Urchel Urchel Crusher Jacket Heating Steam
  7. 7. DRAINSCROLL Screw conveyor with perforated screens underneath consists of electric motor driven spiral which is the only. moving part, rotates within a food grade & sealed trough The preheated crush material moves along the spiral within the trough for conveying the solid crush material to the filler while draining the excess juice. The speed of the drain screw is controlled to obtain the target specs of solid crush. Thus, the slower the speed of the drain screw and the smaller the volume of incoming crush material, the higher the crush percentage. s, granulates, and shreds at high production d of 10" (254 mm) in any dimension, the minating the need to pre-cut product. This cut tolerances with slice adjustment and lso features fine-tuning through adjustable ltimate precision. (*) with an outer jacket designed to contain ng mixed blended or agitated. ransported with thin warm water filled pre- r circulation system with a unique heating heats up evenly, ensuring a uniform product screw conveyor Drainscroll
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  9. 9. 9 We manufacture and deliver high quality stainless steel tanks, storage and processing solutions to a wide range of customers in Thailand and internationally. Meet health & safety criteria. Our process and storage tanks meet the hygiene standard demanded by the food and beverage industry such as FDA, GMP, HCCP standard. Meet you customers’ need. Our quality assurance program ensures that we built tanks that meet the exact requirements of our clients– in terms of capacity, functionality TANKS&MIXINGSYSTEM , hygiene, weld quality, traceability and ease of cleaning. Under pressure to perform. We are renowned for the supply of cer- tificated pressure vessels to ASME code. Mixing System Process mixing systems for the efficient mixing of all of ingredient, liquid and solid. Our design will be depended on product. All of our mixing system is also in accordance with GMP, HACCP and ASME code standard. Mixing Tanks Syrup Tanks Deaerator Tanks Aseptic Tanks Juice Storage Tanks
  10. 10. 10 Downstream Section UHT (Ultra High Temperature) process can extend the shelf life of the product from a few days up to several months with minimum quality loss. The UHT plants also allow for the thermal and aseptic treatment of products with portions or fibers and particulate. Product is heated up to high temperature for a short period of time to kill micro-organisms that are present in all product. The energy recovery achieved by the heat regeneration leading to reduce energy consumption. Feature - Energy and water consumption saving. - Corrugated tubes to promote efficient heat transfer and reduce thermal stresses. - PLC control automatic system. - Sanitary construction. - Low operation cost. sterilization
  11. 11. 11 Aseptic Filler Machine is designed to provide the highest possible level of sterility and productivity for filling bulk aseptic bag in box or bag in drum containers. Most aseptic packing of this kind have been applied to bulk packing for high and low acid food products, including tomato paste, fruit juice purees, fruit juice concentrates, dairy products and other such products. Before the filler is used, it is automatically sterilized. The system is fully automatic, consisting of hydraulic actuation, a sterilization phase, filling head with clamping device, filling vale, aseptic chamber and control panel. The automatic cycle of opening, filling and closing; begins once the bag has been manually inserted into the filling head. During the filling cycle, the temperature can be controlled at critical point. Features • Machine frame is made of Galvanized • Filling head is made of AISI 316/AISI 304 Stainless steel • The parts in contact with product are made of AISI 316 stainless steel. • Heads for bag with 1” fitment (2” spout feasible under request) with Plug Style and Cap Style • Steam sterilization system • Circular head chamber which is fully-viewable (twin head) • Integrated processing cycle safety system at critical point such as control temperature, steam pressure and self - diagnosis with on screen alarms. • Mass Flow-Meter for measuring the volumetric capacity. • PLC control automatic system. • Applicable bag size 20L, 200l, 1000L
  12. 12. 12 Cooker – Cooler Water Bath Type use two chambers that are shaped like horizontal cylinder. The first chamber is the sterilizer and the second is the cooler. A feed device delivers the cans/ cups through the infeed conveyor to the revolving reel of the cooler. The reel, working in conjunction with the stationary spiral, carries the cans/ cups through the cooking steam. The continuous spiraling motion and the steam inject system give an even and faster cooker every can/cup. At the end of the cooking process, the cans/ cups * Use for Hot Filling Process are fed into the cooling chamber with the counter-flow water where a similar process cools them. End of process, the cans/cups will run out of the conveyor. The sterilized temperature will be depended on product. Batch Retort is defined as one where a small amount of process water is drawn from the bottom of the retort by high capacity pump and distributed through spray nozzle located along the top and side of the retort. Typically the sterilized temperature varies from 110 to 135°C Re-Sterilization COOKER–COOLER/ BATCHRETORT
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  15. 15. 15 Mixing Sterilization Packing Re-sterilization Preheating UHT Treatment Aseptic Filling Final Product Final Product Grading, Trimming, Washing Aloe Vera Meat Flesh Cutting, Grading Peeling Mixing Hot Filling Process Aseptic Process Aloe Vera Leaf PRODUCTION FLOW DIAGRAM
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