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A story in photos

Published in: Art & Photos
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  1. 1. Thisis thestory … abouta Snowdrop
  2. 2. Overtheyears,my Facebookprofilepicture hasalwaysbeena Snowdrop…
  3. 3. A little girl is forced intothe woodsin a January's stormto findsnowdrops which appear only fromMarch Everythingbeganfroma fairytalethirteenyearsago…..
  4. 4. Feelingempatheticforher,thespiritsofTwelveMonthsbringa miracle …. onthicklayersofsnowspringuprealsnowdrops!
  5. 5. In mychildishimagination,snowdropswerefairiesof hope.….. ….Ithoughtif I waskindandbelievedin goodness likethegirlin thetale,theywould blessme,too…… …...Then,I couldalsospreadout snowdrop'sspiritbybringing hopetoothers. I MADE A SELF-PROMISE I SET MY FACEBOOKPROFIILEPICTUREAS THESNOWDROP ANDWON’TCHANGEIT UNTILI SEESNOWDROPSIN REALITY!
  6. 6. The little kid of yesterday grew into a girl caring more about others and less about herself. However, time just rolled and dreams faded…….
  7. 7. Dreamy girls like me are tagged AMBITIOUS …AGGRESSIVE And I HATE it! Thus, I conceal myself gradually….
  8. 8. Flyme to the moon!
  9. 9. I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E
  10. 10. Self-reflection
  11. 11. …So tired!!!
  12. 12. Thank you for listening