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Assignment tết - phân tích insight


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Campaign Insights

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Assignment tết - phân tích insight

  2. 2. ANALYSING CRITERIA DIFFERENT NEW DEEPER TENSION SWEET SPOT ACTIONABLE Does it feel like something competitors haven’t used? Does it feel like something consumers haven’t heard, at least from us? Does it touch on a real need/ want that explains consumers’ thoughts and actions? Does it contain a problem or desire that the consumer needs help with? Does it feel like something our brand/ product can solve it? Does it excite us into new ideas and possibilities for our brand mix? There are aloso 2 other criteria to be considered: BRAND RELEVANCE (is it suitable for the brand to speak) and OCCASION RELEVANCE (is it suitable to speak in Tet)
  3. 3. TET PLATFORM/ CAMPAIGN IDEA: ĐI ĐỂ TRỞ VỀ IN SIG HT Young people want to explore the world to gain more experience, but the further they go, the more they realize the value of family & want to be back home. BRAND TRUTH CATEGORY TRUTH 'Move' inspiration (inspiring the young to go & explore the world) Shoes are the must-have items of every trips CONSUMER TRUTH The young want to explore the world to gain more experience, which makes them grow up.
  4. 4. SWEET SPOT NEW/DIFFERENT DEEPER TENSION ACTIONABLE Biti’s Hunter has promptly catch up with the trend of VN young people within the last 2,3 years: travelling in Tet. Therefore it touches on a totally different insight from other shoe brands, which makes its Tet campaign initiates in this category although this is the very first campaign of Hunter on Tet occasion. Instead of encouraging young people to only spend time with their family in Tet like other brands or to only make use of their day-off to travel, Biti's Hunter inspires them to move to be back home. Hunter does not justify the trips of young people, the brand encourages them to pursue the MOVE spirit with "substance" and meaning: every trips is for us to grow up, to cherish family love and live better every day. Bitis Hunter really touched on a real need of young people. They are always in need of taking new chances to explore new experiences. However, this insight has digged deeper on the need. It’s that however far they go, they always want to have a place to come back, to have people to share the precious exprience with and witness how they have grown up from their trips. This insight contains a problem that consumers need help with. The problem is that: On Tet occasion, most people come back home as soon as possible because Tet is the rare time they can spend with their family. However, with the 'move' spirit, young people also want to use this free time to travel & explore the world. Then, Hunter has brought a very bright solution: Move to be back home! Because they give a deep & proper perspective on “move” conception: The further you go, the more you realize the value of family & want to be back home. So, don’t worry, just move! The insight is absolutely fit with brand truth: MOVE inspiration. Moreover, it honors a core value of Vietnamese: family, which makes Biti’s Hunter deserves to be a top-of-mind Vietnam sport shoe brand for young people. Platform “Đi để trở về” is so relevant with Tết. Furthermore, it provides many possibilities for brand mix. Travelling to learn and family are 2 of the most important things of young people, so this combination would be impactful to them on a long run. A DEEPER LOOK INTO CAMPAIGN INSIGHT
  5. 5. TET PLATFORM: TET AN LANH IN SIG HT When “an lành” is shared, it will be more spread than ever. BRAND TRUTH CATEGORY TRUTH An lành (safe & healthy) Soy milk is a safe & natural beverage which enhances health CONSUMER TRUTH Vietnamese people habitually pray for "an lành", especially on Tet occasion. CAMPAIGN IDEA: NGƯỜI GIEO AN LÀNH
  6. 6. SWEET SPOT NEW/DIFFERENT DEEPER TENSION/OCCASION RELEVANCE ACTIONABLE A DEEPER LOOK INTO CAMPAIGN INSIGHT “Tết An Lành” is a dream of every Vietnamese, but over the past few year, Vinasoy is the only brand which has “shared” this dream successfully. In 2016, Vinasoy with “Mầm lộc an lành” awakened the desire for “an lành” on only ‘peace’ angle. This year, Vinasoy has levaraged this platform by tackling another angle of “an lành” - kindness. So far, only Vinasoy can own this platform because it is suitable for brand positioning (safe & healthy), close to brand promise (for all the goodness), and above all, it’s the beliefs & spritual values brand has given to Vietnamese people through the communications for Tet. Vinasoy digged deeper on the “an lành” desire of consumers on the kindness angle. Vinasoy understands that Tết is not only the time people wish for goodness but also an opportunity for them to spread it. Therefore, Vinasoy’s insight touch on people’s desire because it conveys the message: if people wish for kindness, share it first. End of the year is a sensitive time with consumers: they expect a better new year, but they also feel bewildered looking back on last year with full of negative news about floods, fires, environmental pollution, abused children,... After all, “an lành” seemed to be the most important thing that anyone can wish for themselves and their families. So New Year is the most suitable time for VinaSoy to emphasize the message of “an lành" deeply and fully to consumers. This year’s campaign insight of Vinasoy can solve the tension by giving consumers belief that kindness exists everywhere, even in the most difficult situations, so all we need to do is to spread it. The insight gives more possibilities for brand mix. Not only does VinaSoy send their message through short films, it also built a “Vườn an lành" in the form of microsite calling for everyone to do good things to sow “an lành". Participants can access to to make the good things flourish in the new year. With a “an lành” seed sown or simply a sharing of your interaction with people on social networks with the hashtag #gieoanlanh, you will contribute 10 Fami Kid milk cartons to the poor children.
  7. 7. IN SIG HT GÌN GIỮ NÉT XUÂN BRAND TRUTH CATEGORY TRUTH Balance hormone by providing Estrogen from soya, helps improving health and skin condition. Health and skin senescence that worsen women’s beauty resulted from hormone imbalance CONSUMER TRUTH Senescence is a natural process and is inevitable but women always desire for something to keep their beauty as juvenile as possible despite of their aging. B R A N D TET PLATFORM Xuân của phụ nữ Việt CAMPAIGN INSIGHT Tet is when Vietnamese married women celebrate and fullfil their responsibilities at their husband’s house, but what fullfils their desire/hope for Tet is to be celebrating it at their parents’ house. CAMPAIGN IDEA Xuân không màu - Để xuân nào cũng là xuân trọn vẹn CAMPAIGN TẾT 2017 (Preserving the juvenile beauty)
  8. 8. BRAND RELEVANCE OCCASION RELEVANCE One of the truths about Tết is that it provides the occasion for family reunion. The campaign insight tackled that angle by speaking of married women’s inner desire during Tết to show another viewpoint on family reunion of target audience. Such relevant insight earned Bảo Xuân a place in good campaigns for Tết. A DEEPER LOOK INTO CAMPAIGN INSIGHT The starting point from brand insight “Gìn giữ nét xuân” has created a good platform for this Tet campaign – Xuân của phụ nữ Việt which can grow old with the brand as it provides a wide range of viewpoints to be exploited. “Xuân” in brand insight, only owned by women, has the meaning of “juvenile beauty” but can easily be implied from many angles (either beauty or a season), therefore creates a tight bond between brand insight and such platform. As a brand for women, Bảo Xuân is in a suitable position to speak of such communication insight. Though the communication insight is not perfectly fit for brand (since some other brands with women target can do so), it’s relevant on the platform. NEW/DIFFERENT Bao Xuan has taken initiation in category to speak of women’s insight in Tet, while its competitors didn’t make any move. This helped Bao Xuan gain the leading position in this occasion within category. Regarding all campaigns for Tết, this campaign insight still told the old story of family reunion. The target isn’t new (as Maggie also featured this target), but Bao Xuan chose to speak of married women’s want for reunion from a different angle - celebrating Tết at their parents’ house. The refreshing insight made itself stood out among all reunion stories about Tết. DEEPER TENSION: Due to tradition and some conditions, married women are framed with the responsibilities to prepare Tết at their husband’s house. As much as they want to celebrate at their house, they never dare to. The tension provided Bao Xuan the sweet spot to connect emotionally with consumers as what the brand offers is preserving their “Xuân", however it didn’t spare a place for functional benefits. TENSION/SWEET SPOT The insight spoke of a fundamental truth of Tết when Vietnamese married women celebrate and fullfil their responsibilities at their husband’s house, from which triggered empathy of audience. However, it showed a deeper view for a desire of a fulfilled Tết from target, explaining why Tết away from her home is discolored. ACTIONABLE As the insight is spoken from a new touching angle and on a good platform which is broad to exploit and is relevant to brand, it excites the brand for new ideas (though the execution of Bao Xuan in this campaign did not meet up to the insight and the platform’s possibilities)
  9. 9. IN SIG HT BRAND TRUTH CATEGORY TRUTH Bold fun - Niềm vui bùng nổ CONSUMER TRUTH Young people WANT to show love to their parents by Tet wishes. Meanwhile, parents also love their children & WANT them to be better so often COMPLAIN them. This is the way how parents and children connect closely in Tet. TET PLATFORM: CHÚC TẾT CAMPAIGN IDEA: “CÀM RÀM QUEN THUỘC THÀNH CỚ YÊU THƯƠNG” Carbon soft drink excites people Young people don't like COMPLAINTS because that annoy them. But parents do that because its their way to express their care
  10. 10. BRAND RELEVANCE OCCASION RELEVANCE NEW/DIFFERENT DEEPER TENSION/SWEET SPOT ACTIONABLE People always wish every moments of Tết is full of laughters. This insight turns what seems to be uncomfortable in Tet (parents’ complaints) into a way connecting 2 generations, which makes family atmosphere on Tet occasion become more fun. So with the brand positioning “bold fun”, Mirinda has done the platform “Chúc Tết” very well and single- mindedly. Complaining behaviour of parents happens most regularly on Tet occasion because this is the time young people spend most of their free time at home. But this is also the good time to connect parents & children closely. This insight promotes the value of family so it is stronger than their competitors’ Tet campaigns such as Coca with “Khởi đầu mới” & Pepsi “Người hùng thầm lặng”. This insight touches on a deep need of consumers: how to express love when the generation gap is much further when we grow up. It also make young people realize the love hidden behind every complaints of their parents. To be honest this insight is not new because family love is a fundamental truth of human. However, when the insight is placed on brand situation of Mirinda, it has tackled a very different angle - FUN, which makes people feel refreshed and inspired. Tension 1: Young people want to give parents their wishes but they feel a little shy. Tension 2: Parents often complains on their children but deep inside they just want good things for their loved ones. The target consumers of Mirinda is only young people but Mirinda’s campaign insight has solved the tensions of both generations, which is awesome. Based on the fact that although however much we have grown up, to parents we are always the little children, this insight proves that the complaining behavior of the parents will never stop. In the other side, the more children grow up, the more they love their parents. 2 fundamental truth may make this insight become sustainable. At the same time, because most of the VN families face this situation, this insight is so understandable, touching and easy to spread. A DEEPER LOOK INTO CAMPAIGN INSIGHT
  11. 11. CONTEXT OPPO’S campaign for Tet 2016 has successfully paved itself a different way from other brands. “Keeping the traditional – Living the modern Tet” is the platform that perfectly connects the category (a symbol of modern life), the brand’s vision (technology to a better life) and the value of Tet (reunion moments with beloved ones). What they have done is to be brave enough to tell people the message of smartphone less and more real people, real things, in a smarter way – “Use smartphone smart”. The drawback is that the product appears as merely a smartphone not an OPPO smartphone. Their job to be done for Tet 2017’s campaign is to continue that platform/big idea, but deliver the brand more relevantly (OPPO Camera Phone). Smartphone is the modern way for people to connect with each other, but is seperating people apart. Camera Phone – Selfie Expert While being young, people tend to give all their best to pursue their passion. They forget that there are family who always silently support them in whatever they choose to do.
  12. 12. Campaign Insight Big Idea Tet is when young people in cities come back to their hometown for family reunion. But they tend to prioritize their own life over family, which pushed them away from each other. Capturing meaningful moments of everyone together in a selfie can be a way for the members to recognize the value of Tet, of family and be connected again. Momfie – When moms know selfie too Brand relevance The insight fulfills their job to be done – the relevance to brand, both speaking the strongest point of the brand and keeping the message consistant and developed through the years. Occasion relevance Deeper New/Different Tension/Sweetspot Actionable Tet is attached to family reunion. The story of people caring for their own life but ignoring the parents is not new recent years, but OPPO’s has well captured the issue of consumer, category and brand role into one authentic and relevant plot, needless of dramatic factor. While competitors are introducing innovative ways to create Tet moment through their innovations (Ex: Samsung – use Gear to take selfies, use VR to feel Tet atmosphere), which makes the concept of tech complicated and irrelevant to consumers, OPPO finds another way of integrating tech into people’ life by introducing a fresh way to use their curent tech, which solves a consumer issue, making tech relevant and close to people’ heart. The insight both awake the kids’ guilt and craving for family reunion moments, and conveys the deep need of parents, who always want to support and fit in their kids’ world. Without the Tet element, the insight can also be magnified by sticking to its core of “selfie helps connect people”. The solution provided by the brand touches on the desire to connect with kids of the moms. Momfie is something both enjoyed by the young and the progressive moms.
  13. 13. CONTEXT Viettravel is new to advertising battle, 2016 observes their first professional attempts with summer and spring promotion campaigns, which makes their Tet 2017 campaign worth-noticing. Like Biti’s case, the brand role may hold them back from the Tet campaign battle, as Tet is always linked to return and reunion. But the brand has well observed the move in consumer’s life and fit their product perfectly (unlike Heineken who failed to make a point). Category Truth Travelling tours offers effortless and care-free travelling experience. Consumer Truth After a year of working hard, young people want to spend the Tet holiday travelling to relax and refresh. But they are held back by the responsibility to come back home with parents for Tet. Brand Truth Viettravel offers family tours for Tet holiday Campaign Insight Coming back home for Tet is the responsibility of filial children. But after a hard-working year, they want a real break by spending Tet traveling. Big Idea Reunion Trip – Du Xuân Đoàn Viên Message Reunion mustn’t take place at home. Tet reunion is where family is.
  14. 14. Brand relevance The insight brilliantly connect the Tet’s core value of “reunion” and the brand offering “trip”. It is hard to find a way to encourage people to GO not to COME BACK in Tet, the brand has well placed their product to finally earned a spot among Tet campaigns. Occasion relevance Deeper New/Different ActionableThe best part of the campaign insight is delivered perfectly through the message. “Tet is where family is”, totally aligns with the Tet reunion story and relevant to consumer. While other “GO” brands either talk about “Go is to return” or “The fancy journey home”, Viettravel has looked at the issue with a different angle to tell people to travel with family. They are also the first tourism brand to deliver the message to consumer. The fact that they have well observed and capture the insight of the youth is worth the praise. The trend for youngsters to travel in Tet is actually not new, but that the brand has touched their tension of whether to go or to return home shows their understanding of the consumer. The insight and idea can be amplified through following years, as they emphasize more on the travelling experience family can have, and how travelling in Tet with the whole family can have the connecting/healing effect for family relationships, etc.
  15. 15. Neptune has been successfulwith their Tet campaigns for the past years with touching message “Come home for Tet, family is above everything”. The competitive Tet battle has made this message no more new and different, which urges the brand to renew their angle. INSIGHT CỦA NEPTUNE VÀO DỊP TẾT 2017 Tension: Many people want to come home for Tet, but they can’t because of their earning for a living. I treasure more the reunion with my family for Tet knowing that many don’t have that chance CONSUMER TRUTH BRAND TRUTH CATEGORY TRUTH The warm atmosphere of family gathering is the best More delicious meals, warmer family Neptune has chosen to tell the story of these people, so that the target audience realize and are awaken with the message: “Treasure the moments with your family when you still can” To tell people directly to treasure something they have already taken for granted is not powerful enough, but to tell the sad stories of people with contrast situation can touch their heart and make them realize their luck, to be able to come back home for Tet.. Everyone desires for family gathering at Tết but not everyone have that chance INSIGHT Social Tension: Many people take the fact that they can come home for Tet for granted, without knowing that it is a thing to treasure. To solve this issue, Neptune has indirectly implied:
  16. 16. BRAND RELEVANCE OCCASION RELEVANCE The reunion message of Neptune always is relevant to the brand, as the family meal stands for family reunion, and Neptune makes the family meals more delicious and cozy. This 2017 Tet campaign manage to follow their established platform of Tet reunion. TENSION / SWEET SPOT The insight is not actually deep or new, but what makes it authentic and relevant and able to touch people’ heart, is the angle of the insight, using another audience’s issue to solve the TA’s issue. DEEPER/NEW Social Tension: Many people do not treasure that they still can come home for Tet The brand solution somehow failed to deliver such a big tension, it touches people’ heart but that’s all. The complicated plot of the viral clip concentrated on too many different-but-same-same stories, which can leave the time for further deliverables. Neptune has somehow earned a special spot for Tet in consumer’s mind, as people now look forward to Neptune ads every Tet season.
  17. 17. Thank you YEN ANH | MINH TRANG | LAN CHI | CONG DUNG