The snail and the whale


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The snail and the whale

  1. 1. WHALE
  2. 2. SNAIL
  3. 3. Is the whale vertebrate or invertebrate?
  4. 4. The whale • • • • • • It is a sea mammal It nurses its babies with milk It is warm blooded Their babies are given birth. They are viviparous. It has body hair Depending on type, it can eat plankton or other mammals, including whales. • It breathes through lungs
  5. 5. Is the snail vertebrate or invertebrate?
  6. 6. The snail • • • • It is a mollusc. It breathes through one lung. It can live in salty water or in fresh water. Depending on the type, it can be herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. • It lays eggs. It is oviparous. • It normally has a shell that protects its body. • Slugs are very similar to snails but they haven’t got shells.