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Hire Top JavaScript Talent


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13.8% of our audience has been employed at a leading technology company.

Our Audience
- They can be described as Technical Professionals
- They are interested in open source
- 66% are employed in experienced technical positions
- More than half earn six-figures annually
- Nearly ten percent have over a million dollar net worth
- Most of our audience members would leave their current job for a better culture.

United States
United Kingdom

Top US Cities
New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles
San Jose

42,000,000 Social Media Impressions
1,200,000 Emails Sent
283,000 Website Impressions
- Quarterly - July 2016

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Hire Top JavaScript Talent

  1. 1. Hire Top Talent "We let them know you're hiring!" Job Delivery Specialists Digital Media Kit - July 2016 JavaScript Edition
  2. 2. are employed by a leading technology company. 13.8%
  3. 3. 42,000,000 Social Media Impressions Quarterly - July 2016
  4. 4. 1,200,000 Emails Sent Quarterly - July 2016
  5. 5. 283,000 Website Impressions Quarterly - July 2016
  6. 6. Most of our audience members would leave their current job for a better culture.
  7. 7. International Presence 1. New York 2. San Francisco 3. Los Angeles 4. Chicago 5. Dallas 6. San Jose 7. Washington 8. Austin 9. Atlanta Top US Cities 1. United States 2. India 3. France 4. United Kingdom 5. Germany 6. Spain 7. Brazil 8. Canada 9. Italy
  8. 8. ● 13.8% work for a top employer like Google, Amazon & IBM. ● Most would leave their current employer for a better culture ● 66% are employed in senior technical positions ● More than half earn six-figures annually Our Audience Technical Professionals: AngularJS & ReactJS Enthusiasts
  9. 9. Delivery Service Get thousands of views from our audience that turn into leads, resumes, interviews and placements. Jobs are displayed alongside website and newsletter content for the entire month, tweeted, posted on LinkedIn and advertised (paid campaign) on Facebook. Boost Qualified Views We reach passive candidates via industry news resources and social networks.
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