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Test innovation for everyone


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My slides from Eurostar 2012

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Test innovation for everyone

  1. 1. Test Innovation for Everyone Alan Page, Microsoft @esconfs #esconfs
  2. 2. Innovation
  3. 3. Ideas
  4. 4. TestInnovation
  5. 5. TestIdeas
  6. 6. I know quite certainly that I myself have no specialtalent. Curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance,combined with self-criticism, have brought me tomy ideas.
  7. 7. Ideas
  8. 8. We don’t know where we get our ideasfrom. What we do know is that we do not get them from our laptops.
  9. 9. Ideas Ideas Ideas Ideas IdeasIdeas Ideas Ideas Ideas Ideas Ideas Ideas
  10. 10. The Adjacent Possible “The premise that innovation prospers when ideas can serendipitously connect andrecombine with other ideas”
  11. 11. Optimizing Application Performance
  12. 12. program.exe
  13. 13. program.exe
  14. 14. program.exe
  15. 15. program.exe - coverage reportFunction Total Blocks Blocks CoveredFoo 12 10Bar 16 8Baz 7 6Fizz 19 12
  16. 16. Component CoverageFizz 70%Buzz 62%FizzBuzz 81%
  17. 17. Component CoverageFizz 70%Buzz 62%FizzBuzz 81%
  18. 18. Component TestsFizz a,b,d,e,f,g,yBuzz b,c,d,r,s,tFizzBuzz a,b,d,e,f,r,t,u,v,z
  19. 19. Test Pass RateTest This 90%Test That 95%Test the other thing 98%
  20. 20. Test Pass RateTest This 90%Test That 95%Test the other thing 98%
  21. 21. Test History (Last 5) BugsTest This P, P, P, F, F 134, 157,154Test That F, P, F, P, F 174Test the P, P, P, P, P 132other thing
  22. 22. “We now know athousand waysnot to build alight bulb”
  23. 23. Know The ProblemQuestion The Problem Fail at the Problem See the (bigger) Problem
  24. 24. The unit of progressfor Lean Startups isvalidated learning - arigorous method fordemonstratingprogress when one isembedded in the soilof extreme uncertainty
  25. 25. “The way to get good ideas is to get lotsof ideas and throw the bad ones away”- Linus Pauling
  26. 26. TestIdeas
  27. 27. If you have oneperson you’reinfluenced by,everyone will sayyou’re the nextwhoever. But if yourip off a hundredpeople, everyone willsay you’re so original.- Gary Panter
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Photo Credits• Passport / safe slide – Some rights reserved by IceSabre (safe) – Some rights reserved by The Wide Wide World (passports) – Some rights reserved by Samantha Decker (map)• Microwave – Some rights reserved by samsungtomorrow• Dead End – Some rights reserved by freefotouk• Others are book covers or from Microsoft Clipart collection