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Mns Product Portfolio 050610b (2)

  2. 2. A Single, Reliable Source for Your Voice and Data Needs Mitel NetSolutions® offers a uniquely customer-focused model for providing businesses with enhanced local services, long distance services, complex data networks, and Internet connectivity along with complete managed services to meet their total communications needs. Through our industry-leading Mitel NetSolutions portfolio of regional, national and international telecommunications services, Mitel NetSolutions delivers powerful solutions that easily meet business requirements, surpassing any and all technical and geographic boundaries. What’s more, Mitel NetSolutions’ ability to provide a comprehensive, single source for all your communication needs means you’re left to focus on one thing...your business success. 2 MITEL PRODUCT BROCHURE
  3. 3. Best-in-breed, Customer-focused Network Solutions Audio Conferencing Mitel NetSolutions offers a variety of hosted audio conferencing options that enable fast, flexible communications– saving time and increasing productivity. In addition, a wide range of features is available to customize your conference experience with operator assistance or recording and archiving services. What’s more, Mitel NetSolutions hosted audio conferencing solutions provide maximum flexibility with no capital investment on your part. Dedicated Internet Access Mitel NetSolutions offers various Internet connectivity options including enterprise class digital subscriber line (DSL) services, T-1, fast ethernet and optical access from DS-3 to OC-192 that can help your company reduce costs, boost productivity and increase worker efficiency. In addition, Mitel NetSolutions provides monitoring and management options along with scalable customer premise infrastructure equipment for maximum flexibility and ease of use. Solutions Audio Conferencing Local Services – Mitel Mobile Wireless Voice and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN Data Services Dedicated Internet Access plus Bundled Long Distance (PRI+) MPLS-VPN Services Fast Ethernet Local Services – Network Design & Survivability Fiber Optic Networks SIP Business Lines with Internet Access Network Management & Monitoring Frame Relay Services Local Services – Private Line Services Hosted Services SIP Productivity Suite Remote Support Solutions International Services with Internet Access Toll Free Services – Internet Access Local Services – Switched & Dedicated IP-VPN Services VirtualUSA SIP Productivity Suite with Internet Access Travel Cards Local Services – Local Services – Virtual Private Line Services Analog Integrated Access SIP Essentials with Internet Access Virtual Private Networks Local Services – Digital Integrated Access Long Distance – Dedicated Web Conferencing & Collaboration Local Services – Long Distance – Web Services Dynamic Local Access Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN Local Services – Long Distance – Switched Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN Managed Services MITEL NETSOLUTIONS PRODUCT PORTFOLIO 3
  4. 4. Simple Solutions for Complex Needs Fast Ethernet Frame Relay Services In order to help meet the needs of multi-location Frame Relay combines the dedicated speed and security enterprise customers, or customers desiring to achieve of a private line with the reliability, flexibility and high speed Internet Access, Mitel NetSolutions offers scalability of a high-speed network. It allows your Ethernet First Mile Services, Metro Ethernet Services, geographically dispersed locations to exchange Internet, Fast Ethernet and Ethernet Internet Access services. data, image and voice communications, and enables Geographic availability of Ethernet Network Services is hosted computing applications to perform at a high limited. But, where available, these solutions can provide degree of efficiency and reliability. With optional network high capacity access at affordable pricing to connect management and monitoring services, you can be your enterprise LAN to WAN applications through a assured of both a reliable communications solution and common interface and protocol. Mitel NetSolutions a conveniently maintainable network topology. takes a consultative approach to assessing our customers’ needs, validating requirements and Hosted Services availability and effectively delivering Ethernet services Mitel NetSolutions offers a wide range of hosted services to enterprise customers. that include collaboration tools like audio conferencing, Web conferencing, remote support, Web training tools Fiber Optic Networks and Webfax services among others. Mitel NetSolutions For large enterprises and businesses requiring also provides proactive Network Monitoring and connectivity at the DS-3 level and above, Mitel Management tools in a variety of packages, from basic NetSolutions offers comprehensive design, to comprehensive offerings, which can include proactive implementation, coordination, monitoring and email and telephonic notifications of outage and alarms. maintenance of fiber optic networks. Fiber optic What’s more, Mitel NetSolutions provides Web-based networks enable real-time disaster recovery and hosting services and tools to help businesses manage business continuity, including options for alternate their electronic communications and on-line presence. route protection and backbone redundancy. The Tier Web hosting, email hosting, spam filtering, Website One, carrier-neutral nature of Mitel NetSolutions’ traffic management and other hosted tools are available. service offerings allows the highest level of network Finally, Mitel NetSolutions offers a Web-based invoice flexibility and reliability available. presentation and billing management portal to help provide reporting and valuable statistics on your various services. 4 MITEL PRODUCT BROCHURE
  5. 5. International Services IP-VPN Services Connect workers across borders and continents with VPN service is a suite of cost-effective WAN and security Mitel NetSolutions International Services. Various data solutions for businesses of all sizes offered by Mitel technologies can be used to connect remote offices NetSolutions. It lets you configure high-performance, worldwide to a WAN, including Internet access, site-to-site, remote access and intranet/extranet solutions MPLS-VPN, frame relay, private line and VPN service. in a secure, standards-based environment, while In addition, our optional network management and combining the cost efficiencies of broadband Internet, monitoring services can give you access to the INOC to the security of private line networks and the multipoint monitor your global network in a real-time environment capabilities of frame relay networks. Security options and improve network uptime and reliability. include both premise-based and network-based firewalls to help protect mission critical corporate resources. Internet Access Combining VPN with network monitoring and Mitel NetSolutions Internet access solutions can make management gives you the most manageable, connectivity headaches a thing of the past. By providing comprehensive and user-friendly WAN solution DSL, T-1, ethernet and optical broadband Internet available for today’s multi location enterprises. connectivity, Mitel NetSolutions has a wide range of options for your enterprise. Service level agreements back up our connectivity claims while industry-leading service and carrier-neutral, Tier One offerings ensure fast, reliable and affordable high-speed Internet access services. In addition, Mitel NetSolutions provides monitoring and management options along with scalable customer premise equipment for maximum flexibility and ease of use. MITEL NETSOLUTIONS PRODUCT PORTFOLIO 5
  6. 6. High Customer Satisfaction and Retention Local Services – Local Services – Local Services – Analog Integrated Access Digital Integrated Access Dynamic Local Access Local Analog Integrated Access Local Integrated Access provides a Mitel NetSolutions Dynamic Local provides a flexible bundle that flexible bundle that combines a fixed Access provides enterprise combines a fixed allocation of allocation of “always on” Internet customers with affordable “always on” Internet access, with access, with local dial tone services. converged connectivity delivering local dial tone services. With Analog With Digital Integrated Access local voice, long distance and Integrated Access service, Mitel service, Mitel NetSolutions brings dynamically allocated internet NetSolutions brings you a more you a more expansive, less expensive access services over a single T-1 expansive, less expensive business business communication solution facility. Dynamic Local Access uses communication solution that that delivers your broadband real-time dynamic bandwidth delivers your broadband Internet Internet and local voice services over allocation to efficiently control the and local voice services over an an integrated T-1 circuit which available network resources and integrated T-1 circuit which reserves reserves specific lines or trunks and increase the productive use of the specific lines or trunks and Internet Internet bandwidth without services delivered. Mitel bandwidth without requiring an requiring an IP-centric customer NetSolutions Dynamic Local Access IP-centric customer premise-based premise-based communications product features T-1 or greater level communications platform. Analog platform. Digital Local Integrated Internet Access, a bundled Local Integrated Access provides Access also supports Direct Inward Integrated Access Device that business lines for the voice Dial (DID) numbering so that provides routing and customer services provided. individuals or devices can be premise equipment integration and assigned their own specific Direct a robust list of standard features. Inward Dial number that routes directly to the destination of choice. 6 MITEL PRODUCT BROCHURE
  7. 7. Local Services – Local Services – SIP Business Lines with Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN Internet Access Mitel NetSolutions Local PRI Service is a comprehensive Specifically designed for the Mitel 3000 Communications digital network architecture allowing users around the Platform outfitted with the optional advanced broadband world to transmit voice, data or video – separately or module, SIP Business Lines with Internet Access use DSL simultaneously– over standard telephone lines or fiber access to deliver four to six lines of connectivity to a optic circuits via standard interface. PRI with the direct single location along with broadband Internet access. SIP inward dial feature provides a direct connection to your Business Lines with Internet Access are the affordable local serving office and the ability for outside callers to small business network services solution featuring direct dial internal employees while bypassing the unlimited local minutes, unlimited outbound long receptionist or central call handling function improving distance minutes to the US and affordable toll free and your operating efficiency. Local PRI also provides the international calling plans. SIP Business Lines with ability to handle data streams like inbound Caller ID and Internet Access also offer advanced optional features integrates with advanced call handling applications. such as Webfax, conferencing on demand, remote local presence numbers and follow me numbers with Local Services – Primary Rate Interface (PRI) integrated voice mail. ISDN with Bundled Long Distance (PRI+) Mitel NetSolutions Local PRI Service is a comprehensive Local Services – SIP Productivity Suite with digital network architecture allowing users around the Internet Access world to transmit voice, data or video over standard Mitel NetSolutions SIP Productivity Suite with Internet telephone lines or fiber optic circuits via standard Access is specifically designed for single-location interface. PRI+ bundles 2000 or 5000 minutes per month businesses wanting to take advantage of the power and of intrastate and interstate long distance included with flexibility of SIP trunking combined with Dynamic, the unlimited local calling at an attractive, fixed, monthly flexible, Broadband Internet Access. Mitel NetSolutions cost. These minutes are applied to the first minutes of 1+ SIP Productivity Suite with Internet Access extends or toll free intrastate and interstate long distance used business continuity capabilities with the planned ability each month. PRI+ minutes can be bundled over one or to route calls from one number to another in the case of more Mitel NetSolutions PRI facilities included in the a network outage or service interruption. It features same trunk group at the same physical location using the unlimited local minutes, bundled Domestic US Long same BTN. In addition, PRI+ provides added business Distance minutes per trunk, bundled OnDemand Audio productivity features and user-defined upgrades at Conferencing and WebDemo Web Conferencing affordable, fixed monthly pricing. application enabling basic hosted collaboration tools, and Broadband Internet Access with Dynamic Allocation for efficient use of network resources. MITEL NETSOLUTIONS PRODUCT PORTFOLIO 7
  8. 8. Bundled Voice and Data Solutions Local Services – VirtualUSA SIP Productivity Suite with Internet Access Mitel NetSolutions VirtualUSA SIP Productivity Suite with Internet Access is a hosted solution specifically designed for businesses with multiple locations to centralize business communications and applications. It combines Mitel unified communications solutions with a hosted SIP Trunking service to provide centralized hosted communications support and management for geographically distributed offices while maintaining each locations' local presence. Mitel NetSolutions VirtualUSA SIP Productivity Suite with Internet Access extends business continuity capabilities with the planned ability to route calls from one number to another in the case of a network outage or service interruption. It features bundled AnyDistance minutes providing free calling to any U.S. phone number, bundled OnDemand Audio Conferencing and WebDemo Web Conferencing application enabling basic hosted collaboration tools, and Broadband Internet Access with Dynamic Allocation for efficient use of network resources. Local Services – SIP Essentials with Internet Access Based on unique business needs for network connectivity and intelligence for the advanced applications residing on the Mitel family of customer premise communications platforms, Mitel NetSolutions SIP Essentials with Internet Access provides several attractive options, an approach unique among SIP offerings: choose from multiple type of access; choose one of two SIP trunk types – VirtualUSA or SIP Business Trunks; choose an access device or devices based on your site-specific requirements. Mitel NetSolutions SIP Essentials with Internet Access provides enhanced flexibility and scalability to enable the process improvements businesses have been seeking. Long Distance – Dedicated For corporate headquarters, contact centers and other enterprises with large volumes of long distance calls, Mitel NetSolutions offers dedicated long distance service. By utilizing dedicated T-1 level and above access facilities connecting directly to the long distance network, your company is able to bypass the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC), thus achieving significantly lower costs per call while expanding your communications ability. Long Distance – Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN Primary Rate service is a digital network connection that allows you to transmit voice, data, video and images – separately or simultaneously – over standard T-1s or fiber optic circuits via a standard interface. Mitel NetSolutions long distance PRI solutions allow you significant cost benefits by bypassing the LEC and directly connecting with the long distance backbone. 8 MITEL PRODUCT BROCHURE
  9. 9. Mitel Mobile Wireless Voice and Data Services Mitel Mobile offers coverage and benefits associated with a dependable 3G wireless network, the latest device options, and enterprise-wide bundling with wireline SIP Trunk access and other unique Unified Communications features that can include integration with employees’ desktop phones or local voice services. In addition, employees across your organization can share wireless minutes. With Mitel Mobile you can integrate your Mitel Communications Director (MCD) and Mitel Multi- Instance Communications Director (MICD) communications platform with your Mitel Mobile wireless device to enable voice and Unified Communications features to be merged and managed Long Distance – Switched like data applications on a corporate server. You can also For small offices, stores, branch offices and other pair your Mitel NetSolutions SIP DID Number with your locations with low to moderate long distance volume, Mitel Mobile device in order to provide wireline-to- Mitel NetSolutions offers switched long distance service. wireless business continuity, as an included benefit of No special equipment is needed—just regular telephone your Mitel Mobile service plan. Talk, text or surf the web lines and telephones, faxes or modems. You can use the with your Mitel Mobile Smartphone or wireless device same lines you have in place from your local telephone and have complete peace of mind with our “One Minute company to make or receive long distance calls. This Service Guarantee.” Mitel Mobile also offers the latest in solution requires no additional network infrastructure, 3G data services for your laptop or for wireless backup of equipment or fixed costs associated with other your wireline data network. Mitel Mobile is the built-for- communications solutions. business wireless service designed to meet your real- world business needs. Managed Services The requirements to proactively manage and maintain MPLS-VPN Services today’s complex data networks are significant. Mitel Virtual Private Networks provide a secure, scalable WAN NetSolutions provides a wide range of tools to assist in designed to increase network performance and flexibility the monitoring, maintenance and management of our while controlling costs and network management customer’s networks. From basic monitoring and resources. MPLS VPN allows end users to prioritize VoIP, notification, to comprehensive network management video and other mission-critical enterprise applications tools, Mitel NetSolutions provides hosted services scaled over their data network by designating different Classes to meet the needs of small to large enterprise customers. of Service (CoS) for real-time and interactive data The Mitel NetSolutions network management Web portal communications. At the same time, a lower priority may allows you to view real-time and historical network be assigned to applications which do not have the same statistics. It also provides an easy-to-read graphical user performance requirements, all over the same network interface to show the state of a network from any infrastructure. MPLS Service Level Agreements (SLAs) location over the Internet. In addition, Mitel NetSolutions provide the highest level of customer guarantees to meet offers bundles that include routers and other customer the performance requirements of today’s leading WAN premise equipment through our DataNet division, to help applications. Mitel NetSolutions MPLS VPN, combined simplify the operating environment. By combining with the INOC network monitoring and management performance-enhancing tools with customer premise service, gives customers the highest level of managed equipment and network services, Mitel NetSolutions network services performance and convenience available provides a single point of accountability for managing in today’s competitive marketplace. the complex needs of today’s enterprise customers. MITEL NETSOLUTIONS PRODUCT PORTFOLIO 9
  10. 10. Enhanced Services for Measurable Long Term Value Network Design Private Line Services and Business Mitel NetSolutions offers private Continuity Planning line services that protect your Mitel NetSolutions provides a critical business traffic and team of industry-leading Data provide exceptional reliability Network Architects to assist and accessibility. Private Line customers with technology, Service gives you the peace of resource and capacity planning mind that your internal business and network design. Our Data traffic is transmitted quickly and Network Architects assist with securely via an end-to-end network survivability and private connection. This disaster recovery planning, and dedicated point-to-point are tasked to help enterprise connection ensures that your customers navigate the diverse communications network is technologies and complex closed to any outside traffic or offerings available in today’s security risks, and that the marketplace. Mitel NetSolutions maximum bandwidth is Data Network Architects provide available between the a high level of expertise in connected endpoints. developing custom designs that Remote Support Solutions compliment a customer’s Managing the IT and support applications and operating services for employees at infrastructure. As a value-add to remote locations can be a the customer’s service challenge for many companies. experience, Network Design and A limited IT staff is often tasked with supporting Business Continuity Planning provides peace of mind employees who are located hundreds, if not thousands, that your operating environment is optimized for peak of miles away. In order to assist with these needs, Mitel performance while enabling centralization, visualization NetSolutions offers hosted Remote Support Solutions and convergence efforts. that enable your IT and customer support teams to Network Management and Monitoring diagnose and correct remote PC issues, provide The Mitel NetSolutions Intelligent Network Operations assistance and remote hands to remote users and Center (INOC) is a powerful, flexible, scalable Web portal provide necessary support services across geographies and network management tool that provides and time zones. Mitel NetSolutions Remote Support comprehensive network monitoring and management Solutions help maximize the technical and manpower features tracking key WAN and LAN performance metrics effectiveness of centralized IT teams and customer across a variety of transport options including DSL, IP, support personnel. Whether the applications support MPLS and other legacy network topologies. Available as internal users or external customers, Mitel NetSolutions a three-tiered or customizable offering, there is an INOC Remote Support Solutions provide easy-to-use, flexible solution to meet all customer needs and budgets. In tools to provide remote support efficiently and addition, Mitel NetSolutions utilizes the INOC to provide effectively. real-time responses to any potential network trouble or outages. Finally, the INOC offers real-time and historical reports that provide key performance statistics over a variety of service periods. 10 MITEL PRODUCT BROCHURE
  11. 11. Toll Free Services – Switch & Dedicated Virtual Private Networks Toll free service offers a powerful set of enhanced VPN service is a suite of cost-effective,WAN and security features, including time of day routing, day of week solutions for businesses of all sizes offered by Mitel routing, area code routing, percent allocation routing NetSolutions. It lets you configure high-performance, over alternate carrier backbones and other call site-to-site, remote access and intranet/extranet solutions origination, termination and routing features. Plus, Mitel in a secure, standards-based environment, while NetSolutions offers international toll free services that combining the cost efficiencies of broadband Internet, allow toll free calls to originate from a multitude of the security of private line networks and the multipoint global locations utilizing a unique international toll free capabilities of frame relay networks. Security options number for each area, and offering switched and include both premise-based and network-based firewalls dedicated termination to any location in the continental to help protect mission critical corporate resources. United States. Combining VPN with the INOC gives you the most manageable, comprehensive and user-friendly WAN Travel Cards solution available for today’s multi-location enterprises. Provide Mitel NetSolutions travel cards for employees who need full-featured and economical “out-of-office” Web Conferencing & Collaboration calling power. Travel cards offer world-class productivity Web conferencing lets you broadcast your conference features for travelers, mobile employees or staff working live to an unlimited number of geographically-dispersed from home or remote offices. You’ll enjoy attractive rates participants using the Internet, while delivering a rich for calls within the U.S., as well as calls from the U.S. to visual presentation. You can maximize the flow of other countries or international calls. Mitel NetSolutions information via the Internet in conjunction with travel cards are a great mobile connectivity option and traditional audio conferencing services or with VoIP powerful tools for managing time and money when audio included over the same connection with certain traveling for work or pleasure. services. Mitel NetSolutions offers three different options along with customized solutions for maximum Virtual Private Line Services feature flexibility. As an end-to-end, Layer 2-switched Ethernet service delivered via Mitel NetSolutions MPLS backbone, Virtual Web Services Private Line Service is designed to help provide a Through the Web portal congestion-free, secure and reliable solution, similar to Mitel NetSolutions provides a powerful tool to register that of a SONET/SDH private line, but without the and track domain names, host Web sites, set up hardware and dedicated bandwidth costs. Virtual Private e-commerce, establish e-mail accounts and provide Line Service enables the convergence of video, voice and other Web-based services. data onto one network and offers cost effective, flexible, operational tools to service providers. Whether you want to implement new applications or simply combine existing services to run more cost-effectively, Virtual Private Line Service provides the scalable and secure network solution you need. Call today for a FREE voice and data network analysis. 800-894-7026 • MITEL NETSOLUTIONS PRODUCT PORTFOLIO 11
  12. 12. US Headquarters US Operations Center 7300 West Boston Street Tel: 800-894-7026 885 Trademark Drive Tel: 866-886-0323 Chandler, AZ 85226 Tel: 602-253-6004 Reno, NV 89521 Tel: 775-954-1288 Fax: 602-254-9634 Fax: 800-244-6464 For more information on our worldwide office locations, visit our website at THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED TO YOU FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The information furnished in this document, believed by Mitel to be accurate as of the date of its publication, is subject to change without notice. Mitel assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this document and shall have no obligation to you as a result of having made this document available to you or based upon the information it contains. M MITEL (design) is a registered trademark of Mitel Networks Corporation. All other products and services are the registered trademarks of their respective holders. © Copyright 2010, Mitel Networks Corporation. All Rights Reserved.