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11 12 grade marketing class

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  • Who already has a resume? Who has one but it could use updating? Is it targeted to a specific job?
  • We have a lot to cover today, the overall goal is to get you started on a new modern looking resume not something outdated and boring
  • If your resume is wall-to-wall text featuring five different fonts, it will most likely give the employer a headache.
  • Q: How can a job seeker best tailor his or her résumé to fit a particular career area or job? When employers do not know what you are like, the presentation of your resume will reflect on you and the potential work they can expect from you.
  • Be consistent as to the entire look of the page. If your headings are inBold Type, then all headings should be in bold. Follow a uniform format.To save in plain text:In Microsoft Word, go to Save As and save the file in text only format.
  • Organizing information incorrectly could cost you a shot at an interview, and is a very common mistake made by job seekers. Objectives are outdated. Generally, if you have a cover letter you do not need an objective. However, you should write a summary. A Summary Statement to introduce your resume can quickly and effectively brand yourself to a prospective employer. This is often the first item read, so get to the point - Why should they hire you, essentially?Don’tuse a silly email address. Try to use your name, it looks more professional, and it’s easier to remember.
  • If you’re looking for work now, try and find some groups, clubs, extra curricular activities or volunteer opportunities…it’s never too late to add to your experience!
  • Action phrases will help you avoid being too brief and from understanding your qualifications. See the handout for a chart of action words.Avoid repeating the same action verb
  • At this point, students should be able to start transferring information from their worksheet into a resume. Stress that content is more important than format. Formatting can come later.
  • Now you are ready to use all the data you have gathered and prepare the information about your experience, school activities and achievements into a one-page skills résumé.
  • Sell yourself! Create a good first impression by highlighting skills and abilities appropriate to the position. If you don’t sell yourself, your resume will stay in the pile with all of the others. Separate Yourself from the pack! Employers will pick up on the untruths when they interview you.
  • Resumesthatrock pp

    1. 1. Writing a Resume Fall 2012
    2. 2. Objectives & Related SOL’s Upon completion, students will be able write a draft copy of a resume showing their skills, experiences and education that they can use when applying for a job, a scholarship, or college with 100% accuracy. Related SOL’sEnglish: 11.6 /11.7 /12.6 /12.7History and Social Science: GOVT. 17/GOVT. 18
    3. 3. General Guidelines Length: 1 page In building your resume, choose a font that is easy to read like Times Roman , Palatino, or Georgia, no larger than 14 point or smaller than 10 point Paper: 8 ½ x 11 paper
    4. 4. Customize Your ResumeFind Out: If you really  General job information want the  Desired qualifications and skills position  Key values and key words you’llFind Info at: customize  Company website all  Job advertisement documents for each  Any publications about the company job. (magazines, articles online, etc.)
    5. 5. Top 10 Resume Tips1. Determine a layout that works best for you2. Create your resume to the type of position which you are applying3. Do not use “I” or “my”4. Start each description with an action verb5. Use past tense verbs for previous activities
    6. 6. Top 10 Resume Tips6. Use industry numbers where appropriate to measure your involvement7. Include a brief description of an organization if the name is not recognizable8. Review grammar9. Use consistency and follow a uniform format10. Have a copy of your resume in plain text to email to employer.
    7. 7. 10 Things to Avoid
    8. 8. Major Headings:Heading: Professional Experience:Name, address, phone #, and  Current & previous employersemail listed chronologically  Employers addressSummary:  Dates of employment  Job title Brand yourself  Selected Results: job duties Should focus on their starting with action verb needs as well as your own  Use industry numbers to measure your involvement.Education: School name & address Expected graduation date GPA
    9. 9. Selected Results BORIN IMPROVED:Attended group Used laptop computer to record weekly G: meeting minutes and compiled them inmeetings andrecorded minutes. a Microsoft Word-based file for future organizational reference.Worked with Developed three daily activities forchildren in a day- preschool-age children and preparedcare setting. them for a 10-minute holiday program performance.Updated Reorganized 10 years worth ofdepartmental files. unwieldy files, making them easily accessible to department members.
    10. 10. Minor Headings:Extra-Curricular/Volunteer Relevant ProfessionalHistory: Associations: Prom committee, drama  The American Marketing club, baseball team Association (AMA) Include the years in which you participatedTechnical Skills & Abilities: Awards/Honors: Type 60 wpm  AP/Honors courses Fluent in French  Honor Society Proficient at creating and manipulating spreadsheets and databasesRelated Coursework: Certifications and Training: Business Finance  CTE Skill Certificate Marketing Culinary Arts.
    11. 11. Action Wordsachieved created guided persuadedactivated curtailed governed plannedadapted decided illustrated producedadministered delegated improved promotedadvertised demonstrated increased publicizedadvised designated instructed publishedadvocated designed interpreted recommendedanalyzed determined introduced replacedappraised developed invested reportedassembled devised investigated researched directed lectured restoredaugmented discovered maintained servicedbalanced distributed managed solved
    12. 12. Resume WorksheetAssistance for identifying skills• Go to Occupation Search Box• Type in Occupation ex: Cashier• Click on the occupation• Browse Tasks/Skills related to that job• Include these on your worksheet
    13. 13. Resume 1st DraftStudents will create a draft copy of a resume aimed at a career of interest.
    14. 14. Resume Templates
    15. 15. Where Can You Go For Advice About Your Resume?This presentation can be found atslideshare.netIf you need help later: Save this link
    16. 16. Wrap UpWhat did we learntoday?