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Graciano lopez jaena


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Graciano lopez jaena

  1. 1. GracianoLopez-JaenaGreat Orator and Propagandist
  2. 2. Brief History• Birthday: December 18, 1856• Birthplace: Jaro, Iloilo• Parents: Placido López (a general repairman) and Maria Jacoba Jaena (a seamstress)• Death: January 20, 1896• Known as “The Great Orator of the Propaganda”; “Prince of Filipino Orators”
  3. 3. • At the age of 18 he wrote the satirical story "Fray Botod" which depicted a fat and lecherous priest• This infuriated the Spanish clergy. Graciano was forced to leave for Spain to avoid threats to his life• In Spain, he continued his studies but failed to finish it• He decided to join journalism
  4. 4. Notable Contributions• He founded: –Logia Revolucion - a lodge for Filipinos –El Latigo Nacional (National Whip) - newspaper
  5. 5. Notable Contributions• He contributed write-ups advocating liberal measures for the Philippines to several newspapers like the following: – El Liberal (The Liberal) – El Progreso (The Progress) – Bandera Social de Madrid (Social Flag of Madrid) – Circulo Hispano (Spanish Circle)
  6. 6. Notable Contributions• Fray Botod (Big Bellied Friar) (1874)• La Hija Del Fraile (The Child of the Friar)• Everything is Hambug (Everything is Mere Show)• Talumpating Pagunita Kay Kolumbus (An Oration to Commemorate Columbus)• La Solidaridad (The Solidarity) (1888)• Sa Mga Pilipino… (1891)
  7. 7. Writers in La Solidaridad– Antonio Luna– Anastacio – Isabelo de Carpio los Reyes– Mariano – Eduardo de Ponce Lete– Antonio M. – Jose Regidor Alejandrino– Jose Ma. – Pedro Panganiban Paterno
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