Rock music


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Rock music

  1. 1. Angie Guzmán - Jocelyn Romero IC
  2. 2. The musical movement that hasmarked much of the music to thisday appeared in the late 50s, inthe United States: The Rock &Roll. Not a musical style thatemerged by itself but has itsroots in other styles thatdeveloped earlier as theBlues, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues andGospel. Rock music emerges as aprotest movement of youth totheir parents, as an act ofrebellion.
  3. 3. Rock music has its roots in theera of rock and roll and rockabillyof the 1950s. In the mid-1960s,rock music combined with folkmusic to create folk rock, withblues to create blues-rock andwith jazz, to create jazz-rockfusion, and without a time stampfor create psychedelic rock. Alsoin the 1970s, rock developed anumber of subgenres, such assoft rock, hard rock, progressiverock, heavy metal and punk.
  4. 4. The rock for its history, has alwaysbeen associated with sex anddrugs, but since its inception, rockbands wanted to give their opinion onimportant issues such as politics, theeconomy and other issues. Being foror against an ideology, not left orright, does not matter, is the factclarify a political position.From the Rolling Stones created anew era of expression, the politicalcontent of the lyrics, as time went onbecame more and more evident.
  5. 5. ELVIS PRESLEYElvis Aaron Presley(January8, 1935 – August 16, 1977)was an American singer andactor. A cultural icon, he iscommonly known by the singlename Elvis. One of the mostpopular musicians of the 20thcentury, he is often referredto as the "King of Rock andRoll" or "the King".
  6. 6. The Beatles were a band of rock and popfrom Liverpool, England, formed in 1960. Itwas composed primarily by John Lennon(rhythm guitar, vocals), Paul McCartney(bass, vocals), George Harrison (leadguitar, vocals) and Ringo Starr(drums, vocals).The Beatles were the bands mostsuccessful and critically acclaimed in thehistory of popular music. Only between1962 and 1970 managed to sell almost 400million albums worldwide. They were alsoartists who have sold more albums in thehistory of the United States, according tothe Recording Industry Association ofAmerica.THE BEATLES
  7. 7. The Rolling Stones is a British rock bandoriginally from London. From its tour of theUnited States in 1969 called themselves"the rock and roll band worlds largest."Note 1 1 band was founded in April 19622 byBrian Jones, Mick Jagger, KeithRichards, Ian Stewart and Dick Taylor .They are considered one of the greatestand most influential groups in rock history, 4being the group that laid the foundation ofrock contemporáneo.5 July 6 Counting fromthe beginning with the help ofcriticism, some of the materials areconsidered among the best of all time; 8 910 11 among them are Beggars Banquet(1968), Let It Bleed (1969), Sticky Fingers(1971) and perhaps his best work, Exile onMain St. (1972).From left to right :Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, IanStewart and DickTaylor .
  8. 8. 1- Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan 19652- (I Cant Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones 19653- Imagine John Lennon 19714- Whats Going On Marvin Gaye 19715-Respect Aretha Franklin 19676- Good Vibrations The Beach Boys 19667- Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry 19588- Hey Jude The Beatles 19689- Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 199110- Whatd I Say Ray Charles 195911- My Generation The Who 196512- A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke 196413 -Yesterday The Beatles 196514- Blowin in the Wind Bob Dylan 196315 -London Calling The Clash 1980
  9. 9. The impact, immediately, had the rock in youth may beanalyzed by theoretical theoryHarold communication Lasswell (1985) of thecommunicative act, in this theory raises the followingscheme: Who says what in which channel to whom andwith what effect?.This theory has been used on multiple occasions tointerpret and analyze various forms of communication asmessages, speeches, news and more. Applied to therelationship between music and society, we can make ananalysis: rock artists expressed their concerns andfeelings through his music to youth and achieved a senseof unity and empathy.