How to Create a Business Plan


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How to Create a Business Plan

  1. 1. “Business Plan” November  28th  2012,     Faculty  of  Economics  &  Business   Universitas  Padjadjaran  
  2. 2. About Me Name   EducaCon   Contact                      :  Angga  Kusumanegara      :  Master  of  Business  AdministraDon  (Present),  UGM          Bachelor  of  Economics  in  Finance  Management  (Graduated  with  honors),  UNPAD    :  @info_angga   Current  Career:   Corporate  Strategy  Analyst,  Division  Strategy  Management  Office     Group  Corporate  Strategy  &  Intelligence  PT  Indosat   Achievement  In  Business  Plan  :   -­‐  Follow  more  than  30  Business  Plan  compeDDon  in  Regional,   NaDonal  and  InternaDonal  scope   -­‐  Handle  Corporate  Business  Plan  Corporate  (Indosat)   -­‐  Handle  Business  Plan  for  Banking  InsDtuDons   -­‐  Handle  Business  Plan  for  Investor   @info_angga      
  3. 3. Objectives this session q  IdenDfy  &  Exploring  Factors  in  Making  Business  Plan  Proposal   q  Understanding  Concept  Business  Plan   q  Business  Model  GeneraDon   q  PracDce  Business  Plan   @info_angga  
  4. 4. Areas that will be addressed – the scope 2 1 IniDal   PreparaDon   •  Finding  the  Idea   Concept   •  •  •  •  @info_angga   3 DefiniDon  &   Types  of   Business  Plan   Basic  4   FuncDonal   Management   Tips  &  Trick   CreaDng  The   Business  Plan   Business  Plan   Template   4 PresentaDon   •  •  Tips  &  Trick   Q  &  A   PracDce   •  PracDce   Business  Model   GeneraDon  
  5. 5. Preparing Business Plan Proposal
  6. 6. Looking For Idea..???   Not  necessarily  a  new  product  but     can  creaDng  from    System/  Concept,   Packaging,  or  Value  you  delivered   in  term  of  products  and  services   @info_angga  
  7. 7. Problem + Solution = Business @info_angga  
  8. 8. What is Blue Ocean? @info_angga  
  9. 9. Blue  Ocean  Strategy  is…    Seeing  what  everyone  sees  but   thinking  what  no   one  has  thought…     @info_angga  
  10. 10. Part  One:  Blue  Ocean  Strategy   1.  Creating  Blue  Oceans     2.  Analytical  Tools  and  Frameworks     Part  Two:  Formulating  Blue  Ocean   Strategy   3.  Reconstruct  Market  Boundaries     4.  Focus  on  the  Big  Picture,  Not  the   Numbers     5.  Reach  Beyond  Existing  Demand     6.  Get  the  Strategic  Sequence  Right     Part  Three:  Executing  Blue  Ocean   Strategy   7.  Overcome  Key  Organizational   Hurdles   8.  Build  Execution  into  Strategy     9.  Conclusion:  The  Sustainability  and   Renewal  of  Blue  Ocean  Strategy     @info_angga  
  11. 11. Red Ocean Versus Blue Ocean Strategy Red  Ocean  Strategy   Blue  Ocean  Strategy   Compete  in  exisDng  market  space   Create  uncontested  market  space   Beat  the  compeDDon   Make  the  compeDDon  irrelevant   Exploit  exisDng  demand   Create  and  capture  new  demand   Make  the  value-­‐cost  trade-­‐off   Break  the  value-­‐cost  trade-­‐off   @info_angga  
  12. 12. Strategy   Red  Ocean     Buyer   UDlity   Value   ProposiDon   Price   Profit   ProposiDon   Cost   People   ProposiDon   AdopDon  
  13. 13. In  a  study  of  business  launches  in  108  companies   Business Launch 86%   Revenue Impact Profit Impact 62%   39%   Launches with red oceans @info_angga   14%   38%   61%       Value  up,  cost  down   Launches with blue oceans
  14. 14. Bos Generating Disproportionate Profits @info_angga  
  15. 15. The Three Tiers of noncustomers Third  Tier   Unexplored  noncustomers  who  are  in   markets  distant  from  yours   Second  Tier   Refusing  noncustomers  who   consciously  choose  against  your   market   First  Tier   “Soon-­‐to-­‐be”   noncustomers  who  are  on   the  edge  of  your  market   wai<ng  to  jump  ship   @info_angga  
  16. 16. Mineral Water Industry @info_angga  
  17. 17. Who is mineral water industry’s customers? Who is mineral water industry’s noncustomers? @info_angga  
  18. 18. Mineral Water Industry @info_angga  
  19. 19. Mobile Industry @info_angga  
  20. 20. Who is Mobile industry’s customers? Who is mineral water industry’s noncustomers? @info_angga  
  21. 21. @info_angga   21
  22. 22. Features  :-­‐   •  Founded  in  2003   •  Headquarters  in  Miami  Beach,  Florida   •  SpeciYically  targeting  kids  and  tweens   •  Provides  simple  and  cost  efYicient  airtime  services   •  Built  in  parental  controls   •  Limit  or  restrict  texting  at  no  additional  cost   @info_angga  
  23. 23. Strategy Canvas Tradi<onal     Chinese  cemetery   HIGH   NV  Mul<  Corpora<on   Luxurious     graveyard   LOW   Price   Natural   Environment   @info_angga   Length  of   Purchase   Process   Proximity  to   city  centre   Non-­‐Taboo   subject   Manicure   Environment   Professional     service  team   Scenic  and     organized     memorial     park   One  stop     Pleasant   service   Venue  for     memorial     rites   Pre-­‐plan  and     pre-­‐arrange   Pet     memorial     garden  
  24. 24. Value Innovation: The Cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy Eliminate   Reduce   Alignment of ü  Utility ü  Price ü  Cost Activities Raise   Create   The Simultaneous Pursuit of Differentiation and Low Cost @info_angga  
  25. 25. BOS Case - Tata Nano @info_angga  
  26. 26. Indian Family with Motorcycle q  Great  opportunity  in  India  because  many  low/medium  income  Indian   families  are  using  two-­‐wheeled  vehicle.     India Citizen with Train @info_angga  
  27. 27. ERRC Grid Eliminate   •   Power  steering   •   Air  condiDoning,  radio/CD        player  and  airbags        (base  model)     Reduce   Raise   •   Fuel  efficiency   •   Safety   •   Convenience   •   Comfortable   •   FuturisDc  design   Create   •   Car  size  and  weight   •   Affordable  car   •   Side  mirror,  screen  wiper     •   Family  value        and  lug  nuts  on  wheel     •   Engine  performance     @info_angga  
  28. 28. Why Tata Nano is Cheap @info_angga  
  29. 29. Tata Nano Selling Price q Selling  price  from  RM  9800++   What  can  you  buy  with  RM  9800?                                                                                0.4x  Perodua  Viva  Elite      6.5x  iPad  2     @info_angga          2.5x  Honda  EX5                        (cheapest  car  in  Malaysia)  
  30. 30. Are You Ready..? @info_angga  
  31. 31. Concept of Business Plan
  32. 32. A Business Plan is  a  formal  statement  of  a  set  of   business  goals,  the  reasons  why   they  are  believed  aiainable,   and  the  plan  for  reaching  those   goals.  It  may  also  contain   background  informaDon  about   the  organizaDon  or  team   aiempDng  to  reach  those  goals.   @info_angga  
  33. 33. There are 2 Types of Business Plan : Business Guide (Destination Statement) Project @info_angga  
  34. 34. Human Resources Perspective @info_angga  
  35. 35. Marketing Perspective @info_angga  
  36. 36. Operation Perspective @info_angga  
  37. 37. Finance Perspective @info_angga  
  38. 38. Tips & Trick Proposal   •  Follow  all  instrucCons  given  by  the  user   •  Make  it  Different   •  Make  it  real,     @info_angga  
  39. 39. General Template Competition for Business Plan Proposal. . 1.  Judul  rencana  bisnis  :  Berisi  tentang  judul  yang  dapat  mencakup  tema  dan  tujuan  dari    bisnis  yang  diajukan,  dapat  memberikan  kesan  menarik,  unik,  dan  khas.     2.  ExecuCve  summary  :  merupakan  penjelasan  singkat  mengenai  isi  proposal  yang    diberikan,  maximum  satu  halaman  yang  dapat  mencakup  semua  isi  proposal  bisnis.     3.  Rencana  Bisnis      a.  Penjelasan  singkat  tentang  bisnis  :  merupakan  penjelasan  singkat  terhadap  bisnis  yang    diajukan,  visi,  misi,  tujuan,  dan  maanfaat  dari  bisnis  tersebut  untuk  pelaku  bisnis    dan  masyarakat.      b.  Latar  belakang  singkat  bisnis  :  alasan  tentang  mengapa  membuat  bisnis  tersebut.      c.  Jelaskan  visi  dan  misi  perusahaan  :  menjelaskan  tentang  visi  dan  misi  perusahaan  yang    bersangkutan.      d.  Analisis  SWOT  bisnis  :  merupakan  penjelasan  mengenai  SWOT  akan  bisnis  yang    dilaksanakan.  SWOT  dapat  dijelaskan  dari  berbagai  sisi,  missal  markeCng,  finance,    atau  operaCon.      e.  Struktur  organisasi  :  merupakan  da^ar  pengurus  perusahaan  inC,  dapat  dijelaskan    dengan  menggunakan  organizaCon  tree.       @info_angga  
  40. 40. General Template Competition for Business Plan Proposal. . 4.  Analisis  pasar  (market  analysis)  :  merupakan  penjelasan  singkat  dari  analisa  market,   penggambaran  singkat  tentang  4Ps  (product,  price,  place,  and  promoCon),  STP   (segmenCng,  targeCng,  posiConing),  SWOT,  dan  analisa  kompeCtor.     5.  Analisis  produksi  :  merupakan  penjelasan  singkat  dari  analisa  flow  produksi  dari   bahan  mentah  sampai  bahan  jadi.  Atau  dapat  berupak  proses  bisnis,  dapat  pula   digambarkan  dengan  menggunakan  flow  process  chart.     6.  Analisa  resiko  bisnis  :  merupakan  penjelasan  singkat  dari  analisa  tentang  resiko  yang   diCmbulkan  dari  bisnis  tersebut  disertakan  pula  dengan  penjelasan,  dampak   posiCf,  dan  negaCf  dari  resiko  tersebut.     7.  Strategi  bisnis  :  merupakan  penjelasan  singkat  dari  strategi  yang  dapat  dipakai   dalam  penjualan  atau  pemasaran  produk  bisnis  tersebut.     8.  Proyeksi  keuangan  dan  sumber  pendanaan  :  merupakan  penjelasan  singkat  dari   proyeksi  modal  yang  dibutuhkan  untuk  menjalankan  bisnis  tersebut,  dan  sumber   pendanaan  yang  bisa  diajukan.  Juga  ditambahakan  berapa  return  yang  didapat   dalam  membiayai  bisnis  tersebut.       @info_angga  
  41. 41. General Template for Business Plan Proposal. . 9.  Rencana  akCvitas  dan  penjadwalan  :  merupakan  rencana  akCfitas  dari  awal   rencana  bisnis  itu  dijalankan  sampai  beroprasi  (workflow),  dan  juga  disertakan   Cmelinenya.     @info_angga  
  42. 42. Presentation •  Bring  Prototype  or  some  tools  can  help  you   •  InteracDve   •  Wear  Similar  Uniform  or  Unique   •  Do  not  Argue  with  the  User   •  and  show  your  sincerity  in  following  this  compeDDon   @info_angga  
  43. 43. @info_angga  
  44. 44. Business Model Generation Revamping Business Plan to Business Model
  45. 45. @info_angga  
  46. 46. @info_angga  
  47. 47. @info_angga  
  48. 48. @info_angga  
  49. 49. @info_angga  
  50. 50. 1% Strategy 18% 300% Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Cras in tortor. Sed posuere erat. Maecenas pulvinar nulla eu magna. Vivamus semper, risus ut egestas pulvinar, lectus ante feugiat quam, sit amet congue odio lacus ac ipsum. Aliquam suscipit, est ut volutpat vulputate, nulla felis pulvinar libero, non ornare libero ipsum tristique tortor. Fusce sed lorem vitae justo feugiat malesuada. Donec aliquet. Vivamus semper eros nec diam. Vivamus sem arcu, imperdiet nec, congue ac, scelerisque vel, nulla. Donec et mauris. Integer a nulla vulputate pede consequat euismod. Praesent molestie urna nec leo. Proin eros. Maecenas ac sem nec dui sodales tempus. Maecenas suscipit egestas velit. Suspendisse vel tortor. Proin imperdiet, sem nec aliquet ultrices, nunc est egestas eros, non hendrerit magna eros eget augue. Maecenas sed leo vitae leo faucibus vulputate. Proin dignissim eros at augue. Text Text Nam luctus nulla non nibh. Nam at lorem ac mauris laoreet viverra. In placerat consequat nunc. Donec rhoncus nunc ac urna. Integer vestibulum condimentum orci. Fusce velit turpis, malesuada quis, scelerisque ut, eleifend vitae, ipsum. Vestibulum eu erat. Vestibulum justo nisl, tincidunt et, semper vel, tristique quis, eros. Vestibulum tempus, massa vel consectetuer congue, erat magna consequat purus, a facilisis orci nibh vitae purus. Nam tincidunt venenatis ligula. Nunc orci nulla, ornare quis, lobortis viverra, dapibus at, turpis. Suspendisse sit amet nisl at enim tincidunt blandit. Curabitur augue est, suscipit sed, egestas sit amet, vehicula vitae, tellus. Maecenas nec metus vel nisi interdum pellentesque. Text Development plan •  Quisque augue felis, commodo a, elementum id, faucibus id, sem. Aenean rutrum enim. Praesent pulvinar dignissim nisl. Cras a nunc. Donec tincidunt odio sit amet lacus. Pellentesque metus tortor, ullamcorper vitae, lobortis vel, euismod in, mi. Ut laoreet, tellus laoreet blandit mollis, massa purus posuere purus, quis molestie ligula massa eu metus. Duis placerat, nulla sit amet ornare interdum, neque nunc mollis leo, vitae porttitor mi orci sit amet neque. Donec at enim. In facilisis tellus gravida ligula. Phasellus ut lorem. Pellentesque ac tortor eget augue suscipit ullamcorper. Aenean eleifend porta orci. •  Etiam at arcu. Vestibulum lacinia nunc in eros. Suspendisse potenti. Aliquam erat volutpat. Donec gravida. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Maecenas vel enim et metus semper fringilla. Donec ornare arcu. Maecenas faucibus ligula convallis nibh. Mauris dui quam, congue eu, commodo nec, tristique in, enim. Nulla auctor semper urna. Quisque a elit eu purus iaculis vestibulum. Aliquam dictum risus at odio. Fusce at lorem et elit faucibus placerat. Aenean velit. Proin elit odio, blandit et, scelerisque quis, pulvinar a, dui. Nunc magna dolor, bibendum ut, accumsan congue, tincidunt sit amet, neque. Proin consequat tincidunt lacus. In urna dui, congue nec, tincidunt sit amet, facilisis imperdiet, lorem. •  Morbi sed nibh. Vivamus vitae dolor. Ut bibendum volutpat mi. Pellentesque quis magna non lectus elementum pretium. Aliquam quis est vitae arcu consequat fringilla. Cras magna risus, placerat eget, egestas consectetuer, ornare vel, felis. Nam ornare justo id orci mattis ultricies. Morbi luctus. Ut pretium odio ac libero. Nunc sollicitudin pharetra lorem. Aenean scelerisque, lacus eget ullamcorper scelerisque, ipsum urna viverra mi, eget viverra quam eros eget velit. Ut lacinia feugiat purus. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Etiam nunc nisl, aliquam blandit, luctus id, commodo laoreet, sem. Phasellus sit amet orci ut sapien vulputate pellentesque. Pellentesque dapibus purus et quam. Nam sit amet magna in neque dignissim sodales. Aenean non justo nec magna lobortis volutpat. 12% @info_angga   Words through inappropriate means
  51. 51. -­‐Alexander  Osterwalder-­‐   @info_angga  
  52. 52. Business  Model  DefiniDon…    A  business  model  describes   the  raDonale  of  how  an   organizaDon  creates,  delivers,   and  captures  value   @info_angga  
  53. 53. @info_angga  
  54. 54. Business Model Canvas @info_angga  
  55. 55. To describe, challenge, design, and invent business models more systematically @info_angga  
  56. 56. @info_angga  
  57. 57. Customer Segments The  Customer  Segments  Building  Block  defines  the  different  groups  of  people  or   organizaCons  an  enterprise  aims  to  reach  and  serve     Example  of  Customer  Segments   Mass  Market   Niche  Market   Segmented   Diversified   MulD-­‐Sided  Plakorm   @info_angga  
  58. 58. Value Proposition The  Value  ProposiCons  Building  Block  describes  the  bundle  of  products  and   services  that  create  value  for  a  specific  Customer  Segment     Elements  that  contribute  to  Customer  Value  CreaDon   Newness        Gelng  the  job  done      Price   Performance      Convenience  /  Usability      Risk  ReducDon   CustomizaDon      Brand  /  Status          Accessibility   Design        Cost  ReducDon     @info_angga  
  59. 59. Channels The  Channels  Building  Block  describes  how  a  company  communicates  with  and   reaches  its  Customer  Segments  to  deliver  a  Value  proposiCon  Channels  serve   several  funcCons,  including:     •  Raising  awareness  among  customers  about  a  company’s  products  and  services   •  Helping  customers  evaluate  a  company’s  Value  ProposiDon     •  Allowing  customers  to  purchase  specific  products  and  services   •  Delivering  a  Value  ProposiDon  to  customers     •  Providing  post-­‐purchase  customer  support     @info_angga  
  60. 60. Customer Relationships The  Customer  RelaConships  Building  Block  describes  the  types  of   relaConships  a  company  establishes  with  specific  Customer  Segments     Categories  of  customer  relaDonship:   Personal  Assistance          Automated  Service   Dedicated  Personal  Assistance    CommuniDes   Self-­‐service            Co-­‐CreaDon   @info_angga  
  61. 61. Revenue Streams The  Revenue  Streams  Building  Block  represents  the  cash  a  company  generates   from  each  Customer  Segment  (costs  must  be  subtracted  from  revenues  to   create  earnings)     Several  ways  to  generate  Revenue  Stream   Asset  Sale      Lending/RenDng/Leasing   Usage  Fee      SubscripDon  Fee   Licensing        Brokerage  Fee   AdverDsing   @info_angga  
  62. 62. Key Resources The  Key  Resources  Building  Block  describes  the  most  important  assets   required  to  make  a  business  model  work     Key  Resources  Categories:   Physical   Intellectual   Human   Financial   @info_angga  
  63. 63. Key Activities The  Key  AcCviCes  Building  Block  describes  the  most  important  things  a   company  must  do  to  make  its  business  model  work     Key  Ac<vi<es  can  be  categorized  as  follows:   Produc<on  -­‐  Toyota   Problem  Solving  -­‐  McKinsey   PlaLorm  /  Network  -­‐  ebay   @info_angga  
  64. 64. Key Partnerships The  Key  Partnerships  Building  Block  describes  the  network  of  suppliers  and  partners  that  make  the   business  model  work     MoCvaCon  for  creaCng  Partnership   OpCmizaCon  and  economic  of  scale   ReducCon  of  risk  and  uncertainty   AcquisiCon  of  parCcular  resource  and  acCviCes     Four  different  types  of  partnerships:   1.  Strategic  alliances  between  non-­‐compe<tors   2.  Coope<<on:  strategic  partnerships  between  compe<tors   3.  Joint  ventures  to  develop  new  businesses   4.  Buyer-­‐supplier  rela<onships  to  assure  reliable  supplies   @info_angga  
  65. 65. Cost Structure The  Cost  Structure  describes  all  costs  incurred  to  operate  a  business  model     Cost  Structures  can  have  the  following  characteris<cs:   Fixed  Cost   Variable  Cost   Economies  of  Scale   Economies  of  Scope   @info_angga  
  66. 66. @info_angga  
  67. 67. Canvas Overlay @info_angga  
  68. 68. @info_angga  
  69. 69. @info_angga  
  70. 70. @info_angga  
  71. 71. Test Layer @info_angga  
  72. 72. @info_angga  
  73. 73. @info_angga  
  74. 74. @info_angga  
  75. 75. Let’s Practice
  76. 76. @info_angga  
  77. 77. @info_angga  
  78. 78. @info_angga  
  79. 79. @info_angga  
  80. 80. @info_angga  
  81. 81. XmartPipe  Business  Model   •  TargeDng  mass  premium  segment   •  Further  segmentaDon  by  device   •  Faster  data  speed,  simpler  product,   delivers  value  for  users   •  Seamless  customer  experience,  with   Plug  and  Play   •  Next  level  of  customer  analyDcs   •  Ensure  data  presence  in  retail   •  Market  educaDon  through  retail   outlets   Key  Levers  in  Xmart  Pipe   Key  Levers  in  Minute  Factory   @info_angga   •  SystemaDcally  drove  minutes  (and   scale)  through  tariff  evoluDon     •  Heavy  investments  in  network   capacity  for  3G  (bit  factory)   •  More  IT-­‐oriented  investments   •  Simplexity   •  Improve  governance  to  ensure   delivery  of  customer  experience   •  Strategic  partnering  for  speed,   technology  and  risk  sharing   •  Managed  service  models  to  reduce   costs  and  beier  adapt  to  changing   dynamic  of  industry  
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