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Angelo John Lewis' Consulting Services


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This describes Angelo John Lewis' coaching, team-building and organization development services.

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Angelo John Lewis' Consulting Services

  1. 1. Lewis Associates Executive Coaching Team DevelopmentOrganizational Transformation Lewis Associates27 Buttonwood Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530 609-397-9777
  2. 2. Uses of Coaching• Enhance Leadership • Plan for career Competence growth• Practice living • Explore work life according to values balance issues – not external • Brainstorm ideas expectations with professional ally• Learn conflict management skills
  3. 3. Lewis Associates Define Business Define Strategic Context Issues Criteria Success Clarify JobProfile Leadership Outline Contracting
  4. 4. Lewis Associates Personality … “How Am I Profile… Seen By Others?”Inventory Personality Hogan “360” Wilson Clark Assessment
  5. 5. Goals The IntakeStarting Out “Gremlins” Values Vision
  6. 6. Lewis Associates Shadow Team Coaching Consulting Special ApplicationsCollaborative Presentation Skill Coaching Practice
  7. 7. Lewis Associates Team Development Services• Team Assessment • Group Problem• Group + Individual Solving Facilitation Coaching • Inter- and Intra-• Process Consulting Team Conflict• Chartering Resolution – Goal Setting • Team Transition – Roles and Meetings Responsibilities • Team Retreats
  8. 8. Team Development Model Organization Team Members Mission Charter and Roles,Purpose Partnering goals Respon- sibilities Values and Norms and Interpersonal beliefs Communication skills channels Management Methods and ProblemProcess system and procedures solving & reviews planning skills
  9. 9. Individual vs. Team Assessment Individual Team• Consultant, rather • Collaborative; than team, driven shared data base• Investigative/secret • Shared data• Labor intensive • Fast, energizing• Not cost effective • Cost effective• Less team • Team members own ownership data
  10. 10. Lewis Associates Closed Groups Groups Unwilling to Share Data Open WarfareResistance Group Manager Assessment Method: Contraindications “Expert” Resistance toconsultant model action planning
  11. 11. Team Assessment: Decision Points• Suitability of Group • Size of Group• Duration • Involvement of• Themes, e.g. “outsiders” – Leadership • Meeting Setting – Decision-making – Roles • Consultant role in – Performance, etc implementation• Responsibility for action planning
  12. 12. Lewis Associates Organization Transformation Method1. Create or utilize 4. Group Assessment internal task force for gap analysis2. Charter task force 5. Group identifies3. Task force invites issues needing influential members further work to assessment 6. Issue committees meeting developed
  13. 13. Lewis Associates Organization Transformation Method (continued)7. Committees led through problem- solving process8. Committees and task force generates report with recommendations9. Task forces negotiates with management over report themes10. Implementation committee formed
  14. 14. Lewis Associates Training Design Meeting FacilitationSurvey and Focus Group Facilitat Task Force Development Additional Services
  15. 15. Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!!!Designing and Facilitating Meetings That Meet Your Goals
  16. 16. Custom Designed Meetings Sample Agendas • Merger Integration • Strategic Planning • Interdepartmental Conflict Resolution • Group Problem Solving
  17. 17. Meeting Toolkit Additional Meeting Options• Open Space Technology• Future Search• Participatory Strategic Planning
  18. 18. Custom Training Design and Facilitation Some Possible Topics• Presentation Skills• Meeting Management• Supervisory Training• Diversity Awareness Training
  19. 19. Meeting Assumptions Or Why Most Meetings Just Don’t Work• “Anyone can run a good meeting”• “All I need is a good agenda, right?”• Participation=“OK, any questions?”• The one with an agenda is the best person to run the meeting
  20. 20. Meetings Best Practice• Plan Meetings with the end in mind• First focus on objectives, then on participatory techniques to meet objectives• YOU create the agenda, allow a professional to run the meeting (leaving you free to do what you do best)• Make meetings fun!
  21. 21. How I Can Help• Custom design to meet your unique needs• Free you from the need to RUN the meeting – freeing you to PARTICIPATE fully• Create retreats, create plans and strategies, solve problems
  22. 22. How can I help you???