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  1. 1. GRATITUDE PROJECT Angelo Sano's
  2. 2. Jan 14 It's 5:00 AM on a Tuesday morning, and I could not be more grateful for my coffee machine.
  3. 3. I'm grateful to International Delight for creating the greatest coffee creamer on the market, Southern Butter Pecan.
  4. 4. Continuing with the coffee theme for the week, I'm grateful for this glorious machine, my frother.
  5. 5. Apparenlty adding a dash of cinnamon into coffee, which I do ritually, prevents numerous health problems like alzheimer's disease. I'm grateful for any health benefit that I can get.
  6. 6. I'm grateful for my television that I bought two years ago. However, the quaility of this TV can match with modern ones.
  7. 7. I'm grateful for moments of celebration with family members. This week we celebrated my cousin's graduation from the University of Texas at El Paso.
  8. 8. I'm grateful for the Dallas Cowboys mobile application. Though the team disappoints me at times, I enjoy reading how they're trying to change that.
  9. 9. Following a work shift and prior to beginning class, I'm grateful for the slight moment of relxation and the view from the Main Building.
  10. 10. With this frigid weather, I could not be more grateful for my jacket.
  11. 11. Though this picture is an older one, it is of my brother, my cousins, and myself. I consider my cousins to be like my sisters and my brother, well, is my brother. Every individual is very important in my life.
  12. 12. Feb. 3 • I'm grateful for my husky Nanook. More so, I'm grateful that we found him because he went missing temporarily.
  13. 13. Terrible picture quality, but I'm grateful for my Playstation 3. I'm able to watch Netflix and play my favorite video games.
  14. 14. I'm grateful for the Who Am I assignment. Thinking of each category within the assignment gave me the opportunity to reminisce where I've been and look forward to who I am becomig.
  15. 15. One month ago, I turned 24. I'm grateful for all of my accomplishments and the support that I have had thus far. It is also important to learn and not dwell on my mistakes.
  16. 16. I'm grateful fot the Phoenix Suns mobile application. Being in Texas, it's rare to hear anything about the Suns. However, this app allows me to remain up to date. GO SUNS!
  17. 17. I'm grateful for graduate courses that take place in the evening. Mainly, for the late-night strolls across campus
  18. 18. I'm grateful for the universal condiment of hot sauce. It's harder to think of things that I don't put it on.
  19. 19. Feb. 9 • I'm grateful for beautiful days like today (2/9). Given the crazy winter weather we've been experiencing, today was a perfect day for my intramural softball team to practice while the UTSA baseball team practiced nearby
  20. 20. I'm grateful for the Pandora music application. It makes the discovery of new music far easier than the traditional radio.
  21. 21. I'm grateful for mouthwash, though I may drink too much coffee, my breath remains minty fresh.
  22. 22. I'm gratetful to be the starting first baseman for the "Inglorious Batters" intermural softball team.
  23. 23. It's impossible not to be grateful for electricity. Obviously, this ubiquitous resource is pivotal towards society.
  24. 24. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that's grateful for Netflix. Not only does it enable procrastination, it also keeps me entertained.
  25. 25. Being a college student, it's a rarity to witness a full fridge. It reminds me to be grateful and not take food for granted.
  26. 26. I'm grateful for my favorite snack, chips and salsa. The only issue is finding a way to make the bag last a whole day.
  27. 27. I'm grateful for being born in America.The oppotunities that we have as citizens are only considerd dreams in other nations.
  28. 28. Today was a perfect day to walk across campus. It's definitely gratifying to wear shorts for a change, this semester.
  29. 29. I'm grateful for delicious barbeque. This brisket, sausage, and mashed potatoes was consumed in Houston, Texas.
  30. 30. I'm grateful for life on the open road. My friends and I came across this bridge leaving Houston and on the way to Louisiana
  31. 31. I'm grateful for the mobile application. Everyday, I study the "word of the day" to extend my vocabulary.
  32. 32. I'm grateful for the experiences of new sights. On the way to Louisiana, I saw swamplands for the first time in my life.
  33. 33. Today, I'm grafteful for adding the state of Louisiana to my traveling resume.
  34. 34. Feb 23 • I'm grateful for the experience of visiting a city for the first time. This weekend, I had the opportunity to experience New Orleans and Mardi Gras with valued friends.
  35. 35. Today, I was able to see the Mighty Mississippi River. I'm grateful to see it with my own eyes.
  36. 36. I truly admired the day life of New Orleans.The music and art was something to be tremendously grateful for.
  37. 37. I'm grateful to cross Mardi Gras off of my bucket list, an experience like no other.
  38. 38. Being a coffee addict, it was a pleasure to be at the world famous Cafe' Du Monde'. I'm especially grateful for the place after a night on Bourbon Street.
  39. 39. I'm grateful for the the online book rental site Chegg.With it, I have rented the majority of my text books and saved a lot of money.
  40. 40. I'm grateful for my backpack. I've had this one since my sophmore year of high school.
  41. 41. I'm grateful forTEDTalks. Many of the speeches are intriguing and inspirational.
  42. 42. Mar.3 • Today, one of my coworkers displayed this innovation and it works!Who needs Bose speakers when you have two red Solo cups and a toilet paper roll? I'm thankful for my future savings
  43. 43. Today, was free pancake day at IHOP and they accepted donations for children's hospitals. As my buddy Kris said, "I'm grateful to sacrifice my diet for the kids."
  44. 44. I'm grateful for my fitness shaker. I'm able to take the protien needed following a work out to continue a healthy lifestyle.
  45. 45. The Flipboard application has allowed me to stay current on information that I find to be important.I'm grateful for ther personalization aspect of the app.
  46. 46. I'm grateful for Starbucks; more so, I'm grateful for having my older brother work at Starbucks because he gets a free bag of coffee every week.
  47. 47. I'm greatful for the feeling of knowing when your hard work pays off. Today, I was able to put a down payment for a new used 2008 Tacoma.
  48. 48. I'm grateful for being a student at UTSA. This keychain serves as a reminder for the year that I recieved my undergrad degree.
  49. 49. I'm grateful for allergy medication. Without it, there is no way I would be able to function.
  50. 50. Today, I'm grateful for the easy accessibility to water. Many places have to struggle for finding a resource that many take for granted.
  51. 51. I'm grateful for Evernote. I'm able to converge all of my notes online between my tablet, phone, and laptop.
  52. 52. I'm grateful for my gym bag. I'm able to carry all of my fitness clothes which motivate me to go directly to the gym.
  53. 53. I'm grateful for my gas stove. I feel that my food tastes greater cooking from gas.
  54. 54. I'm grateful for having a beard. Without it, I would most likely look 15 years younger.
  55. 55. I'm grateful for the movie the Departed. The variety of plot twists make it one of my favorite movies to date.
  56. 56. I'm grateful for HBOGO. Similar to Netflix, I have the accessibility to many of my favorite shows.
  57. 57. Tonight, my friends and I lit a fire in my backyard and made s'mores. I'm grateful for the relaxation that a warm fire brings.
  58. 58. Mar. 16 • Due to weather conditions, my Spring Break 2014 plans were altered to being a homebody at the start. However, the tail end on the break ended with a trip to Austin to experience SXSW for the second time in my life.There is not a greater way to experience multiple generations of musical culture, in a beautiful city, with my closest friends.
  59. 59. I'm grateful for the experience of SXSW in Austin. I was able listen to great music on a beautiful day.
  60. 60. In Austin, I was able to eat at Home Slice Pizza. Famously known for its great taste, it did not disappoint.
  61. 61. Seeing this unique display in Austin gave me the opportunity to think about my future and what I have to look forward to.
  62. 62. I'm grateful for the beautiul city of Austin, Texas. I feel that one day, I will be living here.
  63. 63. I'm grateful for the music application Spotify. I am sure to have my favorite music with me wherever I go.
  64. 64. I'm greatful for who I am today and the when I was born.The characteristics of being a Capricorn actually correlate with me.
  65. 65. I'm grateful for my Facebook account. I am able to keep in touch with friends and family from back home.
  66. 66. It's a bittersweet feeling finishing a show.Today, I finished the show Fringe and I am greatful for the journey it gave me.
  67. 67. Mar. 24 Today, I'm grateful for my windshield wipers allowing me to see in this sporadic San Antonio weather.
  68. 68. I'm grateful for the gorgeous days that allow me to lay in the back of my truck and look at the sky.
  69. 69. I'm greatful for the humor at Freebirds. Not all food venues should act formal.
  70. 70. I'm grateful for my Nexus 7 tablet. It has enabled to me to become more organized, informed, and consistent with my studies.
  71. 71. Today, I saw the Houston Astros face off the Texas Rangers at the Alamo Dome. I'm grateful to see professional baseball in San Antonio.
  72. 72. I'm grateful for the duolingo application.This app gives me the opportunity to freshen my Spanish skills, daily.
  73. 73. Today, my father brought me IN-N-Out burger from Dallas. I'm grateful to taste heaven, even if it's three hours old.
  74. 74. Mar. 31 This weekend, my cousins from back home were in town and I had the pleasure to spend quality time with them. My brother and I took them the The Cove to enjoy the beautiful weather.This time gave me the opportunity to reflect and be grateful to be a part of my family
  75. 75. Not much to type today, just something to do when stress levels are a little high.
  76. 76. Today, my older brother brought me this Starbucks to-go cup. I'm grateful for it, but more so, for having the best older brother.
  77. 77. At the campus recreation, intermural basketball has started which I'm personally grateful for. I look forward to watching great games during my shifts.
  78. 78. I rarely drink, but tonight I was able to spend time with co- workers over some darts and some pool. I'm grateful for the times spent with friends outside of the work environment.
  79. 79. Tonight, the Fiesta festivities in the city started. My good friend, Kris decided to duplicate a cultural statue in honor of the times. I'm grateful for being there to witness it.
  80. 80. I'm grateful for working within a fitness gym. There's little excuse for me to not keep up with a healthy lifestyle.
  81. 81. Apr. 7 These worn down pieces of rubber and fabric are my Brooks running shoes. I'm thankful for the numerous adventures that I have been on while wearing these shoes. Not only have they pushed me towards a healthier lifestyle, but they have also enabled me to accomplish milestones such as my first half- marathon, last November.
  82. 82. Tonight, my father and I attended the Spurs game against my Phoenix Suns. The Suns lost, but I'm grateful for being able to watch a professional game.
  83. 83. I finally purchased new running shoes. I'm grateful for the numerous miles that I have yet to run.
  84. 84. I'm grateful for the weather application on my tablet.
  85. 85. I'm grateful for my planner that I recieved for my graduation. I'm more organized during my graduate tenure than my undergraduate tenure.
  86. 86. Apr. 14 Today, I'm grateful for my ability to write efficiently. Throughout my tenure as an undergraduate student and as a graduate student, my formal writing style has progressed to the point where I feel more confidence going into my career. I find it imperative to not take these acquired writing skills for granted and continue to grow academically.
  87. 87. Today, my visiting cousin and I are grateful for boredom. Without it, we wouldn't be so creative with our time.
  88. 88. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Rojas withi the COM department; researching the Latino culture and its media use.
  89. 89. I'm grateful for the two-dollar theatres. With a little patience, I'm able to see blockbuster films at less than half of the price with the samepicture quality.
  90. 90. I'm grateful for my chords. They remind me of the values I carry in my education.
  91. 91. I'm grateful for I have saved tremendous time on citing my sources for my papers.
  92. 92. While I'm not grateful for the exercise I have to do tomorrow, I am grateful for the flavor of BurgerFi's burgers.
  93. 93. I'm grateful for the scenery San Antoio has to offer. I prefer strolling during the night when the lights illuminate the city.
  94. 94. Apr. 21 Today, I was able to notice this new bird's nest that has been built under my car port. It's amazing to notice all the materials that the nest had been out of in such a fast time frame. I'm grateful for seeing the foundation of a new family.
  95. 95. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with my best friends. I've known these two gentlemen for twos years now, and we've been coined the name, "The Triplets."
  96. 96. I'm grateful for the feeling of working together with a group and finishing research on a topic that I find interesting.
  97. 97. I'm grateful for my headphones. They allow me to tune out the external world while I focus on projects and research.
  98. 98. I'm grateful to call this beautiful place home. All of the days stresses go away once I arrive back home.
  99. 99. I'm grateful for the feeling of accomplishing a research project. All of the hours spent and energy expended amount to something that I am proud to call my own work.
  100. 100. Today, I presented my individual research report. My speech went well and I am grateful having a successful semester.
  101. 101. These picture frames represent what I am most grateful for, my family. I couldn't be who I am and where I am without every individual that is portrayed here.