Proposal P2P regulation for belgium


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A proposal to create a P2P regulation in Belgium, to maximize impacts and avoid excesses.

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Proposal P2P regulation for belgium

  1. 1. P2P REGULATION FOR BELGIUM A proposal Angelo Meuleman – Miner of idling capacity at Taxistop
  2. 2. IS BERLIN A BAD CITY? • Berlin only wants to ensure that its housing market remains attractive for its residents. Not bad at all! ANGELO MEULEMAN - TAXISTOP
  3. 3. PEER-TO-PEER MARKETPLACES 2 SIDES OF THE MEDAL • Social cohesion • Cultural exchange • Cost-efficient economy • Resilient economy • Democratization of access and experience • Peer driven innovations • ... ANGELO MEULEMAN - TAXISTOP • Unfair competition for regulated market • Almost untaxable • Environmental rebound effect (e.g. combi low cost flight and cheap accommodation)
  4. 4. CAN WE REGULATE PEER-TO-PEER? • Find a balance between two sides of the medal: Maximize impact and avoid excesses. Find a balance between needs of the local society, the users involved, and the entrepeneur. Society Peers ANGELO MEULEMAN - TAXISTOP Entrepeneur
  5. 5. INSPIRING LEGISLATION: BELGIAN LAW ON VOLUNTARY WORK • Untaxed income: € 1257,51 per year, € 31,44 per day • Clear distiction between remuneration and expenses • Clear rates for mileage • Combined with unemployment benefits or basic income ANGELO MEULEMAN - TAXISTOP
  6. 6. CURRENT LEGISLATION ON PEER-TO-PEER TRANSACTION • If peer-to-peer transactions dont’ look like real professional incomes: No VAT, but taxable (33%) • No clear distinction between real professional incomes and sporadic remunerations • Under the radar of tax-receiver • Loss of unemployment benefits or basic income •  Current Belgian legislation comes from 20th century. It’s just a matter of time before political iniatives will be taken  New proposal! ANGELO MEULEMAN - TAXISTOP
  7. 7. PEER-TO-PEER TRANSACTION INTEGRATED IN LAW ON VOLUNTARY WORK • Untaxed income: certain amount per year (in € and work hours), eventually per day • Clear distiction between remuneration and expenses • Clear maximum rates for mileage, eventually nights • combined with incomes for voluntary work, unemployment benefits or basic income •  In return for an untaxable amount of incomes: Transparancy about incomes per user. ANGELO MEULEMAN - TAXISTOP
  8. 8. QUESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS • It would be much better to have regulation on EU-level. • Is transparancy feasible? • What about incomes for city governments (e.g. tourist tax)? This powerpoint is made to open a discussion. Don’t hesitate to post your questions and recommendations. Angelo Meuleman Miner idling capacity for Taxistop. “As an expert in sharing and sustainable mobility I’m involved in national and European projects with focus on ride-sharing and car-sharing, and a member of the Flemish advisory board for transport. Besides my professional activities, I’m a connector for OuiShare Flanders.” • @angelo_meuleman • +32 476 477 661 •