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Building and Deploying OpenSplice DDS Based Cloud Messaging


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The Cloud computing trend is increasingly commoditizing and delocalizing several different elements of the computing stack. It all started with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) but companies are starting to quickly understanding and leveraging the value of Platform/Middleware as a Service (PasS/MaaS).

Cloud Messaging is an example of PaaS/MaaS services at the foundation of virtually all cloud-applications. This webcast will introduce the use case for cloud messaging, and will demonstrate how a very efficient Cloud Messaging solution can be built end deployed on a public or private cloud using OpenSplice DDS and its technology ecosystem. This presentation explores the technical and business benefits deriving from the use of OpenSplice at the foundation of a Cloud Messaging solution.

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Building and Deploying OpenSplice DDS Based Cloud Messaging

  1. 1. Building and Deploying OpenSplice DDS Based Cloud MessagingOpenSplice DDS Angelo CORSARO, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer OMG DDS Sig Co-Chair PrismTech
  2. 2. Cloud ComputingOpenSplice DDS
  3. 3. Cloud Computing ☐ Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. a product ☐ Cloud computing provides virtualized hardware, middleware, software, data access, storage, etc.OpenSplice DDS ☐ Cloud Services do not require end- user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers the services – like in power-grids
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Stack Cloud Based Delivery Stack Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. ☐ Established with IaaS and SaaS, Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud computing is now quickly expanding into PaaS Platform as a Service (PaaS)OpenSplice DDS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Computing is the “Next Big Thing” in IT!
  5. 5. Traditional vs. Cloud Stack Traditional Delivery Stack Cloud Based Delivery Stack Application Software as a Service (SaaS) Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. Middleware Platform as a Service (PaaS)OpenSplice DDS Infrastructure and Hardware Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) ☐ Functionally, the Cloud Computing stack mirrors the traditional stack ☐ Yet, not all the layers of Cloud Computing (e.g. PaaS) are mature or available as COTS offering
  6. 6. PaaS Cloud Based Delivery Stack ☐ Gartner identifies into PaaS the Cloud-based Middleware Services, Software as a Service Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. such as: ☐ Enterprise Application Integration Platform as a Service (PaaS) ☐ MessagingOpenSplice DDS ☐ Data Bases ☐ Application Servers Infrastructure as a Service ☐ …
  7. 7. Public vs. Private Clouds Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. ☐ Although most of the hype is Cloud Based Delivery Stack on public clouds, most of the deployments are today on Software as a Service (SaaS) private cloudsOpenSplice DDS ☐ OpenSource infrastructures Platform as a Service (PaaS) are more and more available for easily set-up and run Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) private clouds
  8. 8. Cloud MessagingOpenSplice DDS
  9. 9. Cloud Messaging Cloud Messaging provides a ubiquitous and universally accessible “Internet Service” for distributing messages from producers to Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. consumers ☐ Cloud Messaging replaces local infrastructure and integration technologies with an UbiquitousOpenSplice DDS Internet Service ☐ Cloud Messaging allows companies to elastically and transparently deal with changes of workload and scale
  10. 10. Cloud Messaging Applicability Cloud Messaging has Universal Applicability Key building block for SaaS, next Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. ☐ generation Internet Services and Applications (e.g. Twitter, Yammer, Foursquare, etc.)OpenSplice DDS ☐ Applicability across vertical domains ☐ Medical, Smart Energy/Grid, Smart Cities, Utilities, Finance, Defense/Aerospace, SCADA, Internet Apps, Gaming, Transportation, and Telecommunications
  11. 11. Cloud Messaging vs Messaging in the Cloud Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. Messaging in the Cloud ☐ Commonly used to integrate applications deployed in the cloud with a messaging/data-distribution technologyOpenSplice DDS Cloud Messaging ☐ Messaging as a Service available to applications running within and outside the cloud infrastructure
  12. 12. What should a Cloud MessagingOpenSplice DDS Deliver?
  13. 13. [Cloud Messaging] Desirable Properties Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. Scalability ☐ Effectively support localized as well asOpenSplice DDS global applications potentially spanning over the whole globe
  14. 14. [Cloud Messaging] Desirable Properties Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. Throughput ☐ Cope effectivelyOpenSplice DDS with single-stream as well as aggregated high throughputs
  15. 15. [Cloud Messaging] Desirable Properties Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. QoS Control ☐ Provide control over key QoS impactingOpenSplice DDS resource usage (e.g. network bandwidth) as well as end-to- end message deliver
  16. 16. [Cloud Messaging] Desirable Properties Push/Pull/Push-Pull Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. Communication ☐ To allow the optimization of the performance/OpenSplice DDS resource-usage trade-off, the cloud messaging should support different notification paradigms
  17. 17. [Cloud Messaging] Desirable Properties Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. Connectivity ☐ Provide access to REST/HTTP the messaging DDSI/RTPSOpenSplice DDS service via multiple XMPP protocols, and technologies, such WebSocket DDSI/RTPS as, REST, SOAP, HTTP, REST/HTTP DDS/RTPS. XMPP, etc.
  18. 18. OpenSplice DDSOpenSplice DDS
  19. 19. OpenSplice DDS [1/2] ☐ Designed ground-up for addressing the Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. challenges of modern complex distributed s e/ Real- tor Ga T te l on Netw ime ec w da ted orkin systems across several different application an a nn ay g St der Co DBM Fe domains, such as, Aerospace & Defense, Se S cu C/C r Air Traffic Control, SCADA, Smart-* (e.g. + ity + RMOpenSplice DDS S Tuner Smart Cities, Smart Energy, ), Automotive, DD I Java OpenSplice Simulation, Medical, Big-Data, etc. Tester C# Tools le r ode ☐ Promotes an architectural style that leads M h ark DDSI-RTPS to loosely coupled, evolvable, polyglot, ire S x W nu s ow scalable, dependable and high Li S nd RTO Wi performance distributed systems
  20. 20. Standard-Based Application Application Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. 2013 API 2013 RPC over DDS RPC over DDS 2012 2010 2010 2012 ANSI C ISO C++ Java-5 Scala 2004 2010 2010 2013 Security Security X-Types X-TypesOpenSplice DDS DDS 2004 DDSI-RTPS DDSI-RTPS 2006 2006 Wire Protocol UDP, TCP, (WebSocket)
  21. 21. Performances Latency Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. ☐ 15-20 usec Inter-Core Latency ☐ 75 usec over GBps EthernetOpenSplice DDS Throughput Performance measured on Linux boxes running on Intel i7 ☐ Up to 10+M msg/sec inter-core processors ☐ Up to 5M msg/sec inter node
  22. 22. Key Features ☐ Connectivity with over 80 communication and storage technologies, such as, Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. WebSockets, HBase, JMS, etc. ☐ Content-Filtering and Queries s e/ Real- tor Ga T te l on Netw ime ec w da ted orkin an a nn ay g ☐ Streams extensions for efficiently dealing St der Co DBM Fe SeOpenSplice DDS S with high-volumes sensor data cu C/C rit ++ y RM Built-in Fault-Tolerance S ☐ Tuner DD I Java OpenSplice C# ☐ Rich Tools ecosystem Tester Tools ☐ Packet Inspectors le r M ode ☐ Recoding and Replay h ark DDSI-RTPS S ire Modeling Tools x ☐ W nu s ow Li S nd RTO Open Source! Wi ☐
  23. 23. OpenSplice DDS Use Cases
  24. 24. Defense and Aerospace Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved.OpenSplice DDS Integrated Modular Vetronics Training & Simulation Systems Naval Combat Systems Air Traffic Control & Management Unmanned Air Vehicles Aerospace Applications
  25. 25. Commercial Applications Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved.OpenSplice DDS Agricultural Vehicle Systems Large Scale SCADA Systems Smart Cities Train Control Systems Complex Medical Devices High Frequency Auto-Trading
  26. 26. Why OpenSplice forOpenSplice DDS Cloud Messaging?
  27. 27. QoS ☐ OpenSplice provides a rich set of QoS that allow Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. control of: ☐ resource usage, ☐ end-to-end data delivery, and ☐ data availabilityOpenSplice DDS
  28. 28. OpenSplice DDS QoS Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved.
  29. 29. QoS [ex-1] Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. Cloud Messaging Internet Bank ExchangeOpenSplice DDS ☐ Batching ☐ Data Durability ☐ Priority ☐ Redundancy ☐ Deadline ☐ Data History
  30. 30. QoS ☐ OpenSplice provides a rich set of QoS that allow Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. control of: ☐ resource usage, ☐ end-to-end data delivery, and ☐ data availabilityOpenSplice DDS
  31. 31. QoS [ex-2] Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. ☐ Temporal Filtering Cloud ☐ Batching MessagingOpenSplice DDS Internet ☐ Data History
  32. 32. Communication Model eliver y ta d l by al da nera optim s in ge The nd wor k depe on and net nts odel licati m e app co nstrai th Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. ☐ DDSI/RTPS supports multiple delivery models: ☐ Push: Data is pushed to subscribers ☐ Push-Pull: Notification of new data are pushedOpenSplice DDS to subscriber which in turn pull data when needed Cloud ☐ The Pull delivery model is available Messaging supported through REST Internet
  33. 33. Connectivity JMS High performance, QoS-Enabled, Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. ☐ XM Extensible and configurable ST PP RE OpenSplice protocol gateway framework Gateway P Cu AMQ sto Automatically bridging acrossOpenSplice DDS ☐ m communication technologies DDSI-RTPS ☐ Allows to expose relevant data to Supported Connectors Include: over 80 communication protocols, - JMS - HTTP without imposing changes into - REST - AMQP - CometD - XMPP existing systems! - CFX - Hibernate - TCP & UDP Sockets - Custom
  34. 34. An Example Application Enterprise Application Done Web Application Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. JMS XM ST PP RE OpenSplice Gateway P Cu AMQ The OpenSplice Gateway sto ☐ mOpenSplice DDS mediates from DDS to over 80 DDSI-RTPS technologies “dds:Foo:1/FooType” DDS DDS to “jms:topic:Foo”
  35. 35. Building Cloud Messaging with OpenSplice DDSOpenSplice DDS
  36. 36. Cloud Infrastructures Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. Public Clouds ☐ Select a IaaS provider that supports native applications ☐ RedHat OpenShift via DIY (Do it Yourself) applicationsOpenSplice DDS ☐ Amazon EC2 Private Cloud ☐ Consider a Cloud Infrastructure that allows native applications
  37. 37. OpenSplice on the Cloud TTP /H E ST We R bS Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. ock et t JMS ke XM ST oc PP RE OpenSplice Gateway S eb P Cu AMQ st om JMS W XM DDSI-RTPS ST PP RE OpenSplice Gateway P Cu AMQ st om JMS DDSI-RTPS XM ST PP RE OpenSplice Gateway P Cu AMQ st om DDSI-RTPSOpenSplice DDS JMS XM ST JMS PP RE OpenSplice XM ST Gateway PP RE P Cu OpenSplice AMQ Gateway sto m P Cu AMQ sto DDSI-RTPS m DDSI-RTPS HTTPS DDSI/RTPS
  38. 38. Cloud Messaging with OpenSplice WebSocket Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. JMS XM ST PP RE OpenSplice Gateway DDSI P Cu AMQ sto m DDSI DDSI-RTPS JMS XM ST PP DDSI RE OpenSplice GatewayOpenSplice DDS P Cu AMQ sto m DDSI-RTPS WebSocket DDSI
  39. 39. OpenSplice DDS Demo
  40. 40. Concluding Remarks ☐ OpenSplice DDS can be easily deployed on existing public cloud Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. infrastructures to provide “Messaging in the Cloud” ☐ The OpenSplice DDS technology ecosystem provides all the building-blocs for creating a very powerful Cloud MessagingOpenSplice DDS ☐ OpenSplice DDS based Cloud Messaging, provides several advantages over existing solutions, such as: ☐ Scalability ☐ Efficiency (per message) ☐ Performance ☐ QoS
  41. 41. OpenSplice DDS
  42. 42. References Copyright*2011,*PrismTech*–**All*Rights*Reserved. OpenSplice | DDS Escalier ! #1 OMG DDS Implementation ! Fastest growing JVM Language ! Scala API for OpenSplice DDS ! Open Source ! Open Source ! Open Source ! ! ! DDS ! Simple C++ API for DDS ! DDS-PSM-Java for OpenSplice DDS ! DDS-based Advanced Distributed ! Open Source ! Open Source Algorithms Toolkit ! ! ! Open Source !
  43. 43. :: Connect with Us :: ! ! !@acorsaro ! ! !@prismtechOpenSplice DDS ! ! ! !