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Gb International

  1. 1. GBnternational Seek, Serve and Follow Christ Angelina Chang 3E2
  2. 2. The Brigade InternationalCouncil (GBIC)• The Girls Brigade International Structure• The Girls Brigade International Council (GBIC) is the co- ordinating and communication arm of The Girls Brigade in the World. The GBIC, comprising representatives from over 60 countries in which The Girls’ Brigade functions, meets once every four years in locations around the world. The role of the Girls’ Brigade International Council is to:• adopt policies and principles for the operation of the Girls Brigade in the world• recognise Girls Brigade work in new countries• preserve the integrity of the Girls Brigade world-wide• seek out appropriate partners for extension work• seek financial support• communicate opportunities for extension work• facilitate communication among Girls Brigade countries• accept new countries in the Girls Brigade International Council :
  3. 3. African Europe FelloFellowship1. Botswana (149) 1. England and Wales (600)2. Democratic Republic of Congo 2. Republic of Ireland (1,868)3. Ghana (6,000) 3. Northern Ireland (22,540)4. Kenya (4,050) 4. Romania (92)5. Malawi (184) 5. Scotland (13,753)6. Namibia 6. Kosovo (15)7. Nigeria (14,961)8. Sierra Leone (338)9. South Africa (1,664)10. Swaziland (125)11. Tanzania (600)12. Uganda (1,217)13. Zambia (3,090)14. Zimbabwe (671) The organization operates in over 60 countries worldwide. Since 1998, International Conferences has been held every four years.
  4. 4. Pacific Asian Fellows Fellowship1. American Samoa (98) 1. Bangladesh (215)2. Australia (5,703) 2. Brunei (65)3. Cook Islands (400) 3. Cambodia4. Kiribati 4. Hong Kong (1,700) 5. India (125)5. New Zealand (3,934) 6. Malaysia (3,145)6. Niue (154) 7. Mongolia (55)7. Papua New Guinea (1,000) 8. Philippines (1,100)8. Samoa 9. Siberia (20)9. Solomon Islands (1,877) 10. Singapore (3,695) 11. Thailand (1,205)10. Tonga (93) 12. Western New Guinea (43)11. Tokelau12. Tuvalu13. Vanuatu
  5. 5. Caribbean and Americas Fellowship• Anguilla (132) • Haiti (40)• Antigua (210) • Jamaica (1,032)• Bahamas (653) • Montserrat (24) • Nevis (92)• Belize (67) • Sint Eustatius (28)• Bermuda (20) • Saint Kitts (296)• Brazil (216) • Saint Martin (215)• British Virgin Islands (181) • Saint Vincent (64)• Canada (20) • Trinidad & Tobago (86) • United States (105)• Cayman Islands (299)• Curaçao• Dominica (82)
  6. 6. The International Vice- Presidents• African Fellowship:Bridget Leher (Zimbabwe) is the Fellowship Chairman• Europe Fellowship:Vivienne Aitchison (England and Wales) is the Fellowship Chairman• Pacific Fellowship:Jennifer Box (New Zealand) is the Fellowship Chairman• Asian Fellowship:Sally Chew (Singapore) is the Fellowship Chairman• Caribbean and Americas Fellowship:Andrea Stevens (Cayman Islands) is the Fellowship Chairman
  7. 7. the Girls’ BriGade, ScotlandThe upcoming event would be ‘Developing the Vision’. Funding has beensecured for this strategic initiative that will be led by the new Executive asfrom September 2011. This is designed to build on the work undertaken inrecent years and will involve Executive, Commissioners, Group Leaders,Chaplains, Captains and young leaders in a series of one day events.The following event that is taking place from the 10 Mar 2012 - 11 Mar2012 is the ‘Camp Coordinators Training’.This training will be provided bythe Camp Group and is required to be followed up by a separate practicalelement which will allow participants to put the knowledge learned intooperation. This training course is aimed at Officers who wish to equipthemselves with the skills necessary to lead a camp. Participants musthold an up to date Campers Certificate before being allowed to participatein this course.
  8. 8. the Girls’ BriGade,• P1 - P3: Explorers Scotland• The Explorers is the youngest section of the Girls Brigade, focusing on helping girls who are just beginning their educational journey to take part in the GB Journey.• P4 - P7: Juniors• Juniors is the section for girls who have reached primary 4 and are willing to take the next great step of the GB Journey or even start their own GB Journey if they choose to join at this stage.• Secondary: Brigaders• Brigaders is the third and final stage of the GB Journey and is for Young women of Secondary School age.
  9. 9. the Girls’ BriGade,• Scotland Executive Group• The Executive Group of The Girls Brigade in Scotland is the management body for the organisation, responsible for making policy decisions and ensuring their implementation throughout the organisation.• National Groups• National Groups were created to focus on specific aspects of the work of The Girls Brigade in Scotland. They comprise approximately six volunteers per group, one of whom takes on the role of Group Leader, plus a member of the GB HQ staff team who supports and services the work of the group. Each member serves for a period of three years. The key qualification for a Group Member is their enthusiasm for the purpose of the group they are part of and a desire to promote its message to the wider network of GB members through programmes and events.
  10. 10. the Girls’ BriGade, Scotland
  11. 11. the Girls’ BriGade, AustraliaThe upcoming even that is held from the 16th – 20th April 2012 is the‘2012 Pacific Fellowship Conference & AGM’.Australia has the opportunity to send four leaders plus the NationalCommissioner. At least one of the leaders must be in the 18 – 30 yearsage bracket.The Conference includes training, business, future planning and lots ofopportunities to meet leaders from our Pacific Fellowship countries.The following event that is held from the 22 August 2012 – 24 August2012 is the ‘Kidshaper 2012’.
  12. 12. the Girls’ BriGade, Australia• Cadets and Juniors Fall In (Opening Parade) Games Company Worship/Singing Unit Time - Devotions, Activities, Craft• Seniors/PioneersActivities and CraftFall In (Opening Parade)Topical Discussions/Bible Study/DevotionsFun and Laughter