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  1. 1. República Bolivariana de VenezuelaUniversidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador Instituto Pedagógico de Caracas Departamento de Idiomas Assessment Fontiveros, Luis Rodríguez Angélica
  2. 2. Assessment Assessment is the process of measuring and documentinginformation about knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  3. 3. Kinds of assessment Formative Assessment: This is the kind of evaluation that occurs before and during aunit of study. Several strategies of formative assessment give students andteachers the kinds of information they need to improve learning.
  4. 4. 1. Strategies for gauging students needs, such as examining students work, analyzing graphic organizer and brainstorming.3. Strategies to encourage self direction, such as self-assessment, peer feedback and cooperative grouping.5. Strategies for monitoring progress, such as informal observation, anecdotal notes, and learning logs.7. Strategies to check for understanding, such as journals, interviews and informal questioning.
  5. 5. Summative assessment: Most teachers are required give a report on students learning atthe end of a particular unit or on a particular project. This kind ofassessment, done after the fact, is called summative assessment.
  6. 6. Formal Assessment A formal assessment is based on the results of standardizedtests. In the process of formal assessment, data is collected onstudent performance on the test or tests to determine the level ofacademic achievement or various other characteristics underanalysis.
  7. 7. Formal assessment: Multiple choice exams Essays Oral examsShort answer testsTrue/false tests
  8. 8. Types of testsNorm Referenced test Are used as comparison between one student andanother.Referenced TestsCriterion referenced tests measure a student’sperformance and compares with a standard.