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Personal Design Philosophy


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Presentation for Erik Stolterman's Design Theory course. By Angelica Rosenzweig. MS HCI/d. School of Informatics and Computing. Indiana University Bloomington. Fall 2013.

I believe design is emotional, temporal, flexible, indomitable, and it should be experienced. In order to be a good designer, one not only has to be able to execute on a design, but one must be passionate, flexible, a communicator, and reflective.
My design process is not linear, but it happens through and is constrained by time. It begins with intention and desiderata, and through discovery, doing, critique and reflection, a designer iterates on a design that moves towards the desired direction.
Nelson and Stolterman say that “No one begins his or her design career being a designer—emerging as a full-fledged designer at birth... but engage in the processes of becoming [...] a designer”. At this point in my career, I have moved from becoming to being a designer. While I have the basic competence of a designer, I am aware I need to continuously engage in doing, designing, and work to embody the characteristics I mentioned throughout this essay. I am aware I will never stop learning and working to continue being a designer.

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