Zebra Prints - Irresistible Desginer Wear


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Zebra Prints - Irresistible Desginer Wear

  1. 1. Zebra Prints- Irresistible Designer WearAnimal prints are of the latest rage in the fashion world for women. A lot of animal printslike those of the leopard and the zebra are currently a huge hit with most of the designerwear. With intricate prints on fur coats to leather bags, they seem to have found a wayeven with accessories such as clutches and shoes.The zebra print is a visually captivating pattern that can be used in the design of womensbelts and skirts. Form ordinary stripes to illusive designs, a wide variety of fashionaccessories and outfits can be designed to match for any occasion. The zebra prints havean elegant style and refined look of fashion that stalls time and space. Ensure tocomplement the zebra prints with matching earrings, handbags and high heels. Keep thelook minimal with fewer accessories to accentuate the zebra prints. On the whole, youcan create a number of styles with a single animal print wardrobe and yet make it looklike a chic clothing to suit the mood of the occasion and also zebra prints are a constanthit with the retro look.Womens belts act as a wonderful accessory to glam up any attire and especially with azebra print. You can sport them on jeans, skirts and play with multiple variations to pepup evening attire. Others include fashion accessories such as shawls and flowy scarves.They are wonderful to be adorned on a winter season and add a dash of color to theotherwise sober fur coats and long boots. You can sport zebra prints on tees and skirts tocreate a ravishing look. It gives a slender frame to a heavy busted woman. Be daring toexperiment with new looks for the season and sport prints that echo out the real spirit inyou. To break free from a monotonous look, you can add a zebra print but restrict theusage to a certain limit. Chunky fashion accessories over a zebra print may look toogaudy but for women wanting to vent it out, it is definitely a better choice. Play it to yourstrengths and focus on highlighting the essential features through zebra prints. Stick tothe rules of adapting to clean lines and avoid too many patterns over them. This mightmake it look more confusing and diffuse away the needed attention.With many faux animal prints, it does no harm in using zebra prints for a designer wearand other alternative accessories that work as a charm for an instant makeover. Alwayshave a stock of silky zebra prints on a scarf or shawl and have an essential belt that couldbe worn to make an interesting outfit out of a rather boring attire.It takes an experienced fashion expert to dress up in various combinations out of a singlepiece of clothing. That applies the same for a wear sported with zebra prints. Be carefulto combine other clothes to create matching ensembles and make a dashing appearanceon any given day.Checkout The Latest in Fashion Accessorieshttp://www.accessoriesloft.com