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Information on the important areas of the ASRM Career Center

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ASRM Career Center

  1. 1. ASRM Career CenterThe ASRM Career Center can be accessed from the ASRM Homepage:
  2. 2. All Job Seeker links are All Employer on the links are on left. the right.You mustcreate anaccountbefore doinganything in theCareer Center.Once youvecreated an This link goes to the email addressaccount, you can for help: butaccess it here. you can also call 1-860-437-5700.
  3. 3. Password LoginIf someone has forgotten how to login to their account, there is an automated passwordreminder.This page will then appear--Users must have access to the email they associate with their account in order toreceive the email with their account information on it. It can sometimes take severalminutes for the email to arrive.
  4. 4. Employers: Listed here is a brief overview of the sections of your online recruitment account. You may be prompted to validate your account. Validation process is simple. It takes only 5 minutes during regular business hours, and protects our users from spam. Please follow validation instructions provided, and if you have any specific questions or concerns please contact the support team at 888-575-9675 or 860-437-5700 (Monday through Friday 7:30am – 7pm EST) or via email at My Account: Your My Account area lets you manage your jobs, candidates, and more. It gives you full control over your recruitment all from one area. Navigation TabsQuickLinks Navigation Links -
  5. 5. My Jobs:The My Jobs Section allows you to post new job opportunities as well as manage allyour other job postings. In the My Jobs area you are able to view all products andpackages our site has to offer.Resume Bank: Search for Candidates by Location and Candidate ID.My Candidates:Use this area to find new candidates and to search through your existing candidates.Search our Resume Bank for great prospects. Our Pay-per-Prospect service allows youto view the anonymous resumes and only pay for the candidates we connect you with.My Company:Within this section you can manage your Company Profile, which job seekers view tolearn more about your company. Your Profile gives you the perfect venue to broadcastyour company and its benefits to a large user base of potential employees. You canalso add/manage your billing and resume contacts. Additionally, this section allows youto connect your account with those of your colleagues so that data, jobs, andcandidates can be shared.My Templates:The My Templates section makes your recruiting much faster because here you areable to save job posting templates, letter templates, and filter templates. You will nowbe able to re-use your templates when making job postings and when creating emails.
  6. 6. Products and Pricing: ASRM Member employers get a discount in the Career Center.
  7. 7. Career Fair for EmployersIf you are attending the ASRM Annual Meeting and would like to meeting with potentialcandidates, on the Career Center homepage, make sure you click this link to register forthe Career Fair:After registering you’ll find the following sections on your Account page during CareerFairs: Once registered for the career fair, Employers can look on their account page and schedule time in the ASRM Interview Room.Career Fairs:Lists Career Fairs you have registered for – links in this section can lead you directly tothe resumes of candidates who have indicated they will be at the meeting and managereservations of time in the ASRM Career Center Interview Room located in the ExhibitHall.Career Fair Schedule:Information about appointments you have made with candidates will be displayed here.
  8. 8. Interview Room Select the day youd like to schedule your interview in the ASRM Interview Room located in the Exhibit Hall near the ASRM Booth. Click Show Tables to see if the time is already reserved.Check to reserve your timein the room. If it is alreadyselected, someone hasalready reserved time in the Then click the Completeroom there already. Reservation button and follow the instructions to reserve your spot.
  9. 9. Frequently Asked Questions by Employers:Registration and validationIn order to utilize the career site you must first register and create an employer account.You may be prompted to validate your account. Validation process is simple. It takesonly 5 minutes during regular business hours, and protects our users from spam.Please follow validation instructions provided, and if you have any specific questions orconcerns please contact the support team at 888-575-9675 (Monday through Friday7:30am – 7pm EST) or via email at logging inYou must be a registered user to access the career site and post positions. If you thinkyou are already registered you can click on the link “Forgot your password or havingtrouble logging in?” on the login page.Before you submit your email address and last name to retrieve your password, be sureto test your browser cookies. They must be enabled. If you still cannot log in, enter youremail address and last name in the provided fields and click “Retrieve Password”. Yourlog in information will be emailed to you.Please note that this site is powered by JobTarget. You may be a registered user onanother career site powered by JobTarget. Please try logging in with those credentials.If you are still having trouble, please call us at 888-575-9675.What are cookies and why do they need to be enabled?Our system requires cookies in order to function properly. A cookie is simply a smallpiece of text stored on your computer by your browser. They are used for authenticationand storing your website preferences. You can check your browser settings to adjustand customize your preferences.How do I post a job?To post a job you must be a registered user and be logged in to your account.You can click on the “Post a Job” link, which brings you to the “Post/Create a Job” page.Choose the type of posting you wish to purchase and scroll down to enter your postingdetails.Please be sure to fill in all required fields marked with a red *. All other fields are notrequired; however we do recommend you provide as much information as possible to
  10. 10. the job seekers. When you have entered all the information you can preview and postyour job.How do I renew a posting?You can begin renewing your posting up to 4 days before it is about to expire and up to4 days after it expires. To renew a job posting, login to your employer account and clickon the “My Jobs” tab. Here you will see the name of your position and to the right anicon with the heading of Actions. Mouse over this icon and click on the Renew link.What payment options do I have?We offer a variety of payment options. You will be prompted with available options afteryou create the posting and click on “Post a Job” button which will direct you to the finalpayment page.How do I edit my currently posted job?To edit a currently posted job log in to your employer account and click on the “My Jobs”tab. Here you will see the name of your position listed and to the right an icon with theheading of Actions. Mouse over this icon and click on the Edit link.How long does it take for my job posting to be searchable by job seekers?The job postings may take up to an hour to become viewable on the career site by jobseekers. Please note that you may not be able to search for your position by all possiblesearch terms immediately after the posting goes live, as it can take up to 24 hours for allof the possible keyword combinations to be entered into our search system.We strive to keep the content of this page current and useful. We welcome yourcomments and suggestions, and if you have more questions send us a message byfilling out the form below or call us 888-575-9675 (Monday through Friday 7:30am –7pm EST).
  11. 11. Job Seekers: There are a number of benefits to our service and we hope you find them useful. Navigation LinksQuick When anlinks employer reviews your anonymous resume and decides they want to consider you for an opportunity, they will construct an overview that will be emailed to you and placed in the "My Contact Requests" section of your account.
  12. 12. Job Search: Search through available jobs by Location, Keyword, or Job Type. Fromhere you can also save the jobs to look at later or apply for the position.Resume/Letters: The first thing you need to do is create a Resume. You can eitherupload a resume document or manually type data into your Career Profile. This CareerProfile replaces the traditional Resume. It is a highly organized presentation of yourskills and your experiences that can be easily searched and viewed by employers andrecruiters (all while maintaining your anonymity). Once an employer identifies you as aCandidate for an opportunity they have available, they then submit an overview of theposition/project to you. If you decide you are interested in being considered for theposition, we then release your contact information to them. You maintain completecontrol over whom your contact information is released to. Jobs will now find you andyou may now receive job offers even if not actively seeking employment.Job Alerts:
  13. 13. Job Seekers at Career Fair:If you are attending the ASRM Annual Meeting and would like to meeting with potentialemployers, on the Career Center homepage, make sure you click this link to register forthe Career Fair:After registering you’ll find the following sections on your Account page during CareerFairs:This will allow you to instantly view jobs by employers who will be attending the ASRMAnnual Meeting and print any invitations to interview from those employers.
  14. 14. Frequently Asked Questions by JobseekersIs the information I enter protected?Absolutely. Our Privacy Statement clearly states that we will not sell your contactinformation to third parties for the purpose of marketing directly to you.Can I upload my resume to my account?Yes! Click on the Resumes/Letters tab and you should see a button towards the bottomof the page that says Upload a Document. Click on this button to upload your resume toyour account.What types of files does the website accept if I want to upload my resume?Currently the job board accepts either Word documents (.doc) or PDF documents (.pdf).What if I don’t have a document to upload? Can I build a resume online?Yes! Click on the Resumes/Letters tab and you will see a button towards the bottom ofthe page that says Build Online. Click on this button to build your resume online.What is my resume used for on the job board?Your anonymous resume gets listed in the resume bank for employers to view. They willsee everything you put in except for your name and contact information. When anemployer reviews your anonymous resume and decides they want to consider you foran opportunity, they will construct an overview that will be emailed to you and placed inthe "My Contact Requests" section of your account. You will be able to review theseopportunities and decide whether you want to be considered for the position. You canalso use your resume to apply for job postings currently posted on the job board thathave the Allow Online Applications button enabled.Is my information listed anonymously?Yes. Employers will be able to review all the information you decide to include in yourcareer profile except for your name and contact information. If you are concerned yourcurrent employer may come across your career profile, there are ways that you canfurther disguise yourself. Examples of limiting your information in your career profilemay be using a short phrase that describes your job instead of the name of yourcompany ("small pharmaceutical company"). Another way to limit information may beinstead of listing the town your company is located in, use the county. Tactics like thismay help you further protect your anonymity.
  15. 15. Does my resume have to be listed in the resume bank?No. It is not required that you have your anonymous resume listed in the resume bank,you can simply use it to apply online for job postings if you wish. Though listing youranonymous resume in the resume bank will give you increased exposure to find yourperfect position.How can I search for job postings?You can search through the currently posted jobs by clicking on the Job Search tab atthe top of the page. Here you will be able to search by Keyword, location, industry or jobfunction; or a combination of the four job search options.Why do I see a red arrow next to some job postings?The red arrow indicates that that position is the most recently viewed position by you.This is an easy way to keep track of where you last left off when looking through the jobpostings.Can I sort the job postings by date?Yes! At the top of the column of dates you will see the word “Posted” clicking on theword “Posted” will change how the job postings are sorted. The job postings are initiallysorted by the most recent positions listed at the top and they get older as you go downthe list.Can I save a job posting to my account?Yes! When you pull up a job posting to view its full description you will see a button atthe top of the job posting that will say Save Job. Clicking on this button will save the jobto your account. To retrieve the job posting once it has been saved click on the MyAccount tab, here you will see a section labeled My Saved Jobs, all of the job postingsyou have saved will be listed in this section.Can I save my job search?Yes! Once you do a search either by keyword, location, industry or job function you willbe able to save this search criteria by clicking on the Save this Search link at the top ofthe page. This will allow you to save your search for future use and will also allow you toname it so that you can easily reference the search in case you have multiple savedsearches. Once you are ready to pull up a saved search you will want to login to yourjob seeker account and click on the Job Search tab. Here you will see a new tab at thetop of the page that says Saved Searches. Click on this tab to bring up a list of thesearches you currently have saved.
  16. 16. Can I search the job postings by city?There is no way to search the job postings just by city, you can however search the jobpostings by state and then do a keyword search for the city.What is a Job Alert?A Job Alert is an automated search that will search the most recently posted jobpostings on the job board, when it finds job postings that match the criteria you set it willsend you an email alerting you of these job postings. This is a great tool to use as itdoes not require you to visit the job board every day to check on the new jobs that havebeen posted, instead the postings will be sent straight to you!How do I create a Job Alert?Once logged into your account on the job board, click on the Job Alerts tab. Here youwill be able to select the criteria you wish to your Job Agent search for. The broaderyour criteria the more job postings you are going to receive each day or weekdepending on you delivery preference. When creating a job alert you will have the abilityto select the Job Function, Location and Industry you wish for your Job Agent to searchCan I start and stop a Job Alert?Yes! When you click on the Job Alert tab you will notice the name of your Job Alert willbe listed and towards the right three links, stop, update and delete. Stopping the JobAlert will put it on hold so that you do not receive any more Job Alert emails. Updatingthe Job Alert will allow you to update the criteria you previously selected. Deleting theJob Alert will delete the job alert completely from your account.Can I edit my account settings such as my email address or name?Yes! Once you login to your Job Seeker account and click on the My Account tab youwill see a section labeled Quick Links. Under this section will be a link that says EditAccount Settings. Clicking on this link will allow you to change information such as youremail address, name or password.