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Wild animals


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Published in: Education
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Wild animals

  1. 1. Wild animals: exotic mammals, birds and reptiles MAGNO DI CESARE
  2. 2. Charateristics of mammals: -Mammals can be large, small, terrestrial or aquatic For example:hedgehog, otter, -They are viviparous, they feed on milk in first stage of life
  3. 3. The only mammal that flies is the bat . Animals for example:Red panda, monkey without nose, wildcat,
  4. 4. -Everyone breathes through the lungs. Animals for example:ligre and the White lion
  5. 5. Wolf, panther black, java rhinoceros, -They have hairs. For exsanple:
  6. 6. Pink dolphin, grampus, giant squid, Blue whale and sea lion.
  7. 7. Characteristics of the birds: -They are invertebrate animals. -They have the body covered with feathers. -They have peak. -Ability to fly. -Forelimbs are strong wings. This is the Victorian Dove Crowned and the Mandarin duck.
  8. 8. -They have lungs. -They are oviparous. -Some birds like the Kiwi, Ostrich or the Penguin can�t fly.
  9. 9. Characteristics of reptiles: -Vertebrate quadrupeds. -Of cold blood. -Scaly skin. -They are oviparous. -They live in warm ecosystems, they depend on it to maintain their temperature. Anaconda King cobra Lizard with frills
  10. 10. Horned lizard Caiman turtle Vibora the Russell
  11. 11. Thanks for seeing it