Future plans


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First conditional

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Future plans

  2. 2. If I graduate today from university I will do a party that lasts the whole night.
  3. 3. If I pass the exam…. I will paste it on my bedroom
  4. 4. IfI finish the semester well… I will go to San Andres
  5. 5. What will you do if….
  6. 6. What will you do if you work in a hospital?
  7. 7. What will you do if you travel to Argentina?
  8. 8. What will you do if you meet the new pope?
  9. 9. What will you do if you go to Brazil’s world cup?
  10. 10. What will you do if go to Madonna’s concert?
  11. 11. What will you do if go to shopping this weekend?
  12. 12. Let’s Listen
  13. 13. Colombia’s Radio station. Dear Listeners. We have a special gift to you. If you want to pass a complete day with the famous band “Cold play”. You have to send a letter explaining What will you do if you meet the band “cold play”? The best letter will win our gift.
  14. 14. Make and do exercises  I make friends the washing-up  I make up my mind a course  Make a fortune. Me a favor  A noise My best
  15. 15. Take and Get  A photo a cold  A long time angry  Care better  Two tables a day on well with someone ready.
  16. 16. Reasons of why people use thecnology  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j07P_ubXth c