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  1. 1. Recruiting Leader Development Training
  2. 2. Develop a SWOT AnalysisYou are a recruiting leader with the requirement toconduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, andThreats (SWOT) analysis specific to your recruitingenvironment. You have access to USAREC Manual(UM) 3-02 and the internal intelligence informationsite, G2/CAR.
  3. 3. Develop a SWOT AnalysisDevelop a SWOT analysis by determining yourorganization’s internal strengths and weaknesses andexternal opportunities and threats.
  4. 4. A SWOT analysis provides you the opportunity tomatch perception with reality. It should exhibit acareful and thorough understanding of the internal(Strengths and Weaknesses) and external(Opportunities and Threats) forces that may affectyour team’s ability to recruit.
  5. 5. Define “Strengths” as an internal factor. Capacity orpotential for effective action; operational effectiveness
  6. 6. Define “Weaknesses” as an internal factor. Lacking theability, knowledge, skills, results, and perseverance tofunction normally; failure or inability to act.
  7. 7. Define “Opportunities” as an external factor. Favorableor advantageous circumstances available now or in thefuture; a favorable occasion or time; a chance forprogress (an opportunity by itself has no real valueunless the individual or unit has the capacity(knowledge, resources, desire, etc.) to take advantageof that opportunity).
  8. 8. Define “Threats” as an external factor. Potential dangeror menace facing the unit now or in the future;operational hindrance.
  9. 9. QUESTIONS?