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Girls' Leadership Program (Chester County Sites)


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An overview of the format, rationale and outcomes of Girls' Leadership Program in Chester County, PA, presented by Women's Resource Center. March 2016

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Girls' Leadership Program (Chester County Sites)

  1. 1. Women’s Resource Center Serving Women and Girls of the Greater Philadelphia Area Since 1975
  2. 2. Board President – Virginia Bowden Executive Director– Teresa Wolfgang Program Director– Angela Marchesani, M.A. The Women’s Resource Center Mission • Support Women • Strengthen Families • Build Community Through Information & Referrals, Counseling, Legal Consultation & Divorce Support, and Educational Services.
  3. 3. The Chester County Girls’ Leadership Program
  4. 4. CHESTER COUNTY GLP Objective “To provide girls with the tools and skills known, based on research, to protect against common dangers of adolescence including: Substance abuse, school drop out, teen pregnancy, eating disorders, depression and bullying.” Overview • 12 group sessions • 45 minutes, within school day • Participants are selected by guidance counselors based on our criteria
  5. 5. Content Delivery Training •Communication •Conflict Resolution •Decision Making •Problem Solving Observation •Role Models •Parent Engagement •Field Trip Application •Leadership Project
  6. 6. CHESTER COUNTY GLP Goals • 85% of participants will report increased self-esteem, as measured by the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Inventory • 80% of participants will report increased communication with parents or adults at home • 80% of participants will report increased confidence • 80% of participants will report stronger school ties • 80% of participants will seek leadership or service opportunities
  7. 7. CHESTER COUNTY GLP Outcomes Measurement Tools *Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale *Leadership Project *Self-Report Evaluations *Parent, Facilitator and Counselor Observations Reported Results * Statistically significant increase in self-esteem *90% report: -Increased confidence -Improved communication with parents -Increases involvement in school activities -Intent to seek leadership roles or service opportunities Observed Changes * Increased communication at home *Ease with peer conflicts *Increase in speaking up or sharing in class and group
  8. 8. CHESTER COUNTY GLP Leadership Project Example #1 Peirce Middle School: “Remediating Domestic Violence” • Project goal is, “…to provide intervention, education, outreach, advocacy and programs to prevent, reduce and remedy domestic violence in Chester County, and to empower survivors.” • Project proposal includes: • 1. Posters created by the GLP group to place at appropriate approved locations within the school. • 2. Participation in one Morning Announcement segment where participants can introduce their goals for this project. Through this message, they will encourage student engagement via donations from the student body. • 3. The placement of a large box at the front entrance area of the school for donation drop off. • 4. Placement of a notice in the school newspaper/e-letter to reach parents.
  9. 9. CHESTER COUNTY GLP Leadership Project Example #2 Scott Middle School: “Promoting Tolerance”  Project Goal is to, “…establish a school culture where students can express themselves freely without being judged, bullied, or stereotyped.”  Project proposal includes:  1. Creating a movie montage with the premise of, “I Have a Dream.”  2. Screen the movie at assembly or in homerooms
  10. 10. CHESTER COUNTY GLP Field Trip Example #1 • Stetson and Peirce Middle School: Citizens’ Bank Park • Panel Discussion with women in leadership positions: • Leila Graham-Willis, Special Events Manager • Vanessa Mapson, Director of Group Sales • Melissa Maani, Graphic Design Manager • Mary Ann Moyer, Director of Community Initiatives • Kathy Killian, VP of Human Resources and Customer Service
  11. 11. CHESTER COUNTY GLP Field Trip Example #2 • Phoenixville Area Middle School: Valley Forge National Historic park • Hosted by the Friends of Valley Forge Park and the park’s Superintendent, Kate Hammond. • Overview of the role of some prominent women in the organization: • Kate Hammond (Superintendent) • Amy Ruhe (Natural Resource Manager) • Cristina Ramirez (Intern, Student Conservation Association) • Missy Farkouh (Executive Director of Friends of Valley Forge Park) • Dr. Nancy Loane (Author, “Following the Drum- Women at the Valley Forge Encampment.”) • Explore opportunities to volunteer with the park • Develop a marketing plan to increase 7th graders’ attendance at the park • Tour the VFNHP grounds
  12. 12. CHESTER COUNTY GLP The Future of Girls’ Leadership • Increase presence in middle schools • Launch High School program
  13. 13. Thank You!