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Westminster City Park Wellness ppt


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Westminster City Park Wellness ppt

  1. 1. Westminster City Park Wellness LandscapeWellness Landscape LAND 670 STUDIO GROUP PROJECT ANGELA JAFFUEL
  3. 3. WWELLNESS It is a proactive, preventive approach designed to achieve optimum levels of health, social and emotional functioning.
  4. 4. Team Sports Soccer PHYSICAL BENEFITS Basketball Tennis Baseball PHYSICAL BENEFITS  Increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health  Builds strength, flexibility, and endurance  Increases bone density  Baseball  Improve balance and coordination  Develop concentration and self-discipline MENTAL ASPECTS  M t l d i ith f i d Meet people and exercise with friends  Can increase confidence and self-esteem  Reduces anxiety and stress  Make new friends and see them regularly  Teach abo t being a good team pla er Teach about being a good team player  Suitable for all ages and abilities  Hand-eye coordination  Improves quick thinking and reaction skills
  5. 5. TennisBaseball Soccer
  6. 6. Adult outdoor exercise Checkers/Chess PHYSICAL BENEFITSCheckers/Chess Shuffle ball Bocce PHYSICAL BENEFITS  Upper body strengthening  Strengthen hand grip  Possibility for total body workout  M difi d d ibl f h i ll h ll dExercise equipment  Modified and accessible for physically challenged MENTAL ASPECTS  Sense of accomplishment  Sense of pride Sense of pride  Can do exercise alone or team up with a partner  Primary socialization with peers  Work at own pace  Many routine combinations possible to encourage Many routine combinations possible to encourage  Focus and concentration  Socialization – reduced isolation  Multi-generational players  Increased self esteem – self confidence Increased self esteem self confidence
  7. 7. Bocce Shuffle ball
  8. 8. Exercise equipment
  9. 9. Teen area Skate Park Basketball Mural competitions bmx PHYSICAL BENEFITS  Build endurance  Improve balance and coordination  Build upper body strengthbmx  Improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility MENTAL ASPECTS  Learn strong sense of community  Improves self-esteem  Learn to set goals  Gain a sense of accomplishment  provides example how hard work, dedication and determination can pay off  Provides a creative outlet  Grow and cultivate talent  Learn respect, self and others  Discipline, self confidence, challenges and creative outlet  Develop concentration and self-discipline
  10. 10. Skate Park Mural competitions
  11. 11. Basketball bmx
  12. 12. MASTERPLAN Class vote: 1st place – Jason Owen 2nd place –Angela Jaffuel Final Master Plan
  13. 13. 1st Place Jason Owen: Design Concept Based on Cottonwood Tree & Apple Orchards
  14. 14. 2nd Place Angela Jaffuel: Design Concept Based on Wind Patterns and Flow
  15. 15. Final Master Plan
  16. 16. Master Plan Aerial Perspective