Silent auction for IS staff


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Cats in Crisis silent auction for work colleagues

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Silent auction for IS staff

  1. 1. Welcometo the Cats in Crisis Thanetsilent auctionfor IS staff
  2. 2. What’s it in aid of?
  3. 3. These guys......and a whole bunch more!
  4. 4. It’s simple!1. Check out the fantastic auction lots on the following slides.2. Submit your secret bids for the items you like by the end of Thursday, 30 August.3. The highest bidder for any item gets to buy it at the price they have offered.4. All proceeds go straight to Cats in Crisis Thanet!
  5. 5. Lot 1: cat doorstop The item that sparked this auction! Handmade by the mum of a member of IS staff, this kitty has wonderful detail. Just check out those whiskers and that heart with a tiny bell. And it’s a nice and hefty doorstop too!
  6. 6. Lot 2: the dog walker setIt’s not justkitty stuff here!This set includesa tennis ball launcher,a clip-on pouch ofhandy bags, andsome Trixie rawhidechewing bones forwhen you and Roverget back home!
  7. 7. Lot 3: ‘London’ charm bracelet A brand new and boxed Buckley charm bracelet of London icons. In the year of the Jubilee and the Olympics, this would also make a great gift!
  8. 8. Lot 4: designer crystal cat ring If the Cheshire cat was made of bling, it would look like this. A new and boxed Butler & Wilson silver tone ring of a smiling cat face, with Svarovsky crystal detailing. The size is adjustable, so ‘It may not fit’ is no excuse!
  9. 9. Lot 5: the beer set For traditionalists! A Shepherd Neame jug and a bottle of the Faversham brewery’s CAMRA approved ‘1698’ bottle conditioned strong ale. For when you just don’t feel like that microbrewery stuff!
  10. 10. Lot 6: three knitted catnip mice Specially made for Cats in Crisis, these mice are famed as far as Germany and France! They are cute and filled with potent catnip – few cats can resist them!
  11. 11. Lot 7: ‘Treat your cat’All you need, to makeyour cat feel special!A fun feeding bowl,a pair of knittedcatnip mice, and apacket of Dreamies*.All presented on abeautifully lined,knitted cat blanket,perfect for cat baskets.*Dreamies were donated by an old tomcalled Garf, from his personal stock of treats.
  12. 12. Lot 8: Ruby the flapper A Cats in Crisis supporter knits these cats for us. This 1920s beauty, straight out of The Great Catsby*, is particularly stunning. The lady may well be Siamese! * Sorry about the awful pun!
  13. 13. Lot 9: the Man in Black Another cat from our knitted cat specialist. This fellow is a moggy through and through, but black and white toms have great personalities. And isn’t that a truly snazzy suit?
  14. 14. Lot 10: Moon and stars wall plaque A gorgeous piece of mixed media wall art, decorated with celestial and steam punk motifs. It’s one of a kind, created and donated by local artist Adrian Murphy.
  15. 15. Lot 11: Cats in Crisis placemats set Keep crumbs off your table and gribbly bits off your kitchen floor! This cheerful placemat set features photos of genuine Cats in Crisis cats. It consists of four dining mats, and an extra large one for your cat’s feeding area. And yes, that is the same cat!
  16. 16. Lot 12: ceramic catA reminder that weshould all stop and smellthe flowers from time totime.This understated cat willmake a nice addition toanyone’s collection offeline bric-a-brac.
  17. 17. Lot 13: ceramic dogMing dynasty he ain’t, but wehope someone will treasurehim.A suspected spaniel, he willcertainly look nice on a shelfor window sill.
  18. 18. Lot 14: tiny fruit bowl cat The apples in the background show just how tiny this fellow is. It’s unclear what he’s planning to do with the banana. A sticker on the bottom says he was handmade in Scotland in 1990.
  19. 19. Lot 15: Fridge magnet set Beautiful and useful! Five mini fridge magnets featuring our logo and four genuine Cats in Crisis cats called Iris, Christopher, Gretel, and Mowgli. The magnets are pretty strong and will hold things in place on your fridge, notice board, or even the magnetic whiteboard in your office!
  20. 20. That’s it!Any flowers, fruit, rocks, or live cats in the photosare not included in the auction.
  21. 21. Submitting your bidsBid on as few or as many items as you wish:• email, quoting the lot numbers and titles and stating how much you are bidding• or pick up a bidding sheet from the Library staff room or Cornwallis staff kitchens and send it to: Angela Groth-Seary Room S01D Cornwallis South
  22. 22. Successful bidders will benotified on Friday, 31 August.
  23. 23. Happy biddingand good luck! And thanks from all the hungry cats!