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Angela Fordham Resume 2015 Current

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Angela Fordham Resume 2015 Current

  1. 1. Angela Fordham 8/20/2015 37 Chard Road Kirstenhof 7700 Cel: 0713968830 Home: 021 7019353 Work: 021 7881410 Skype: Angela.Fordham6 O B J E C T I V E S It is my objective to secure a position within a progressive company, or a loving home, which will allow me to utilize the extensive skills and experiences I have gained to date. I intend to bring to the position well developed inter personal skills, excellent attention to detail and an extremely high level of service orientation. I believe these attributes equip me to be a valid candidate for the position as well as being an asset to the organization or family. The position in turn should offer me the opportunity for further advancement in recognition of my contributions and allow me to learn new skills. E D U C A T I O N A l e xander S inton S e condar y H i gh Matriculated - 1976 Typing, Accounts, English, Afrikaans, Commerce, Geography
  2. 2. Angela Fordham Page 2 V a r sity C o llege Executive Secretarial Diploma Short Hand, Office Etiquette, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Out Look, Time Management S K I L L S  Microsoft Word Pastel Accounting  Excel Quick Books Accounting  Power Point SAP Accounting  Out Look – e mails Accpac  Internet MDA Property Management E X P E R I E N C E Executive Housekeeper / Au Pair / Driver Mr. & Mrs. Conroy N0. 7A Schpanchemaat River Road Constantia Cape Town December 15 – Current This is a live in position my responsibilities are as follows. Attend to the two children’s Breakfast – preparing them for school pack lunches etc. Transport them to school. The boy who is the eldest is 7 years old and the little Girl is 4. Collect from school in the afternoon attend to after school activities like swimming horse riding Kumon Lessons and the Library. Assist with homework prepare a light snack and get them bathed and ready for bed in the evening. Other duties consist of overseeing that the household and guest house is cleaned and has all the necessary
  3. 3. Angela Fordham Page 3 requirements to operate efficiently. I do the administration necessary for budgeting and the booking etc for the guest house. The position offers me free accommodation one meal a day as well as a car at my disposal. E X P E R I E N C E Housekeeper / Corer / Cook Mr. & Mrs. Reid No 2 Cleek Street Lake Side Cape Town September 2015 - 10 December 2015 Taking care of Mrs Reid who has Alzheimer’s and is no longer able to walk or speak. I bath, feed and dress Mrs Reid. Mr Reid who is 84 years old is still healthy but I do the shopping cooking cleaning and running errands. I basically run the house hold for them along with doing some administrative tasks for them such as Tax, paying medical bills etc. I have a double room in the house and have full board and lodging. However the salary Mr Reid can afford is much lower than my previous one and cannot afford to increase my salary right now. The family knew that this was a temporary position until I found something more suitable. Once I secure another position I would find someone reliable and trust worthy to replace me. I have already placed a few advertisements and interviewed prospective candidates. E X P E R I E N C E Executive Housekeeper Mr & Mrs Mc Carthy - No 5A Ficus Street Vygerboom Durbanville. January 2015 - August 2015 Overseeing the running of the Estate and managing Cleaning Staff, Gardeners and Maintenance . Shopping, Running Errands Cooking and Assisting with family functions. It is a sleep in position I have a flat on the Estate. And act as a Personal Assistant to Mrs. Mc Ccrthy. I was brought in to assist Mrs Mc Carthy because of her health which
  4. 4. Angela Fordham Page 4 has since improved a great deal. However the family has decided to make the position redundant. I was made permanent after a short probation period. I will be retrenched shortly because the dynamics in the household have changed. I have experience with children older people and animals as well. I do have a Housekeeping Certificate which I completed at Kings Way college. And a drivers license. I have written and verbal references. E X P E R I E N C E Virtual Administrative Assistant / Executive House Keeper | T h e I n come S olution S o uth A f r ica C C – T I SSA – K l e r ksdor p J H B M e mbers hip N o: HC1704 / E x e cutive H o use - k e eper M r . & M r s. R a y dy B o uha - N o 1 L a s s W a y S tr awber r y l ane C o nstantia T hen m o ved t o R a nleigh P ar k K e nilworth July 2013 - 15 January 2015 Doing on line Administrative work for various companies like Xerox in the United Kingdom and other in the United States etc. This position was strictly working from home on the internet, and mostly done at night. Managing the household of Mr & Mrs Bouha and taking care of their 6 children. I joined the family as I could no longer continue in the field I was working because of the nature of the operation I had to my TM Joint in my jaw. The recovery was slow and very disfiguring. It is now completely healed. Duties consisted of all aspects of running a large estate home. Cooking, cleaning, shopping driving the children to and from school. Supervising homework and after school extra murals. Supervising the remaining staff. Gardener, driver and three other cleaning staff. I was sorely responsible for Mrs Bouha’s personal area in the home her study and bedroom I took care of, including her washing and ironing. I assisted with her e mails and other administrative errands while they were away on business or holiday.
  5. 5. Angela Fordham Page 5 Due to Mrs Bouha’s current situation I now have to find another source of income as she no longer requires my services. Mrs Bouha has since divorced and has no means of engaging a housekeeper. Keiren the youngest child was in my care sorely from a young age. She is now 9years. E X P E R I E N C E Virtual Administrative Assistant / Executive House Keeper | T h e I n come S olution S o uth A f r ica C C – T I SSA – K l e r ksdor p J H B M e mbers hip N o: HC1704 / E x e cutive H o use - k e eper M r . & M r s. R a y dy B o uha - N o 1 L a s s W a y S tr awber r y l ane C o nstantia T he n m o ved t o R a nleigh P ar k K e nilworth Please Note during this period as additional work because of Mrs Bouha situation I continued to help her but had to find another source of income. During the Period of July 2013 - Nov 2014 Heidi Raizenberg - Ranleigh Park Kenilworth (which was Mrs Bouha’s address) The same complex as Mrs Bouha. Housekeeping and child minding for Zach (8) and Daniel (3)while nanny away on holiday or some weekends child minding after school helping Zach with homework and helping Daniel with puzzles and drawings. Taking and fetching the children from school. Evening bathing dinner and bedtime stories while Heidi worked late at meetings. Weekends away on holiday with Ms Raizenberg and the children. I continued working for Mrs Bouha but had other duties to compensate my income. As she could no longer pay me a salary. E X P E R I E N C E Sales / Office Administrator | B a llistic U n ifor ms & A p p ar el – M a itland
  6. 6. Angela Fordham Page 6 Aug 2010 - June 2013 Debtors (125) , Creditors (75), Orders, Invoices, Statements, Stock Control, General Administration and Accounts for Ballistic Uniforms & Apparel and Ballistic Communications as well as Gauteng Uniforms. E X P E R I E N C E Promotional Work for the Visa Fifa World Cup | E g g E n tertainment & P r oduction J H B May 2010 – June 2010 Preparing all registered Stores such as Pick n Pay and Boutiques in various Malls throughout the Western Cape for the second phase of the Visa Competition. Window Dressing and ensuring that each store had all the necessary memorabilia for the campaign. Liaising with Store Owners and Customers. E X P E R I E N C E Property Administrator | T r e vor B le w ett P r operties – M a i tland March 2008 – April 2010 Sourcing Contractors for Repairs and Maintenance of 175 Residentialand Business Park Buildings. Debtors, Creditors, Orders, Invoices, Statements, and Wages on Accounting package MDA. Management Reports. Electronic Banking. Collections of Levies and Rentals. GeneralAdministrative Duties. Typing of AGM and Trustee Meetings and distributing to Trustees. Finding new Tenants for vacant premises. Drawing up of Lease Agreements for new Tenants.
  7. 7. Angela Fordham Page 7 E X P E R I E N C E Assistant To The Portfolio Manager | B r ooks & M i chaels B o dy C or por ate - K e nilworth May 2006 – February 2008 Typing of Minutes, Agenda, Notices and circulars. Liaising with Owners, Banks and Attorneys. Issuing of Clearance Certificates and Consent to Transfer for Attorneys. Sourcing Contractors for Repairs and Maintenance of 265 ResidentialBuildings. Typing of AGM and Trustee Meetings and distributing to Trustees. Ordering and ensuring Payment of cleaning material for various Buildings. Authorizing cash payments for Trustees. Checking and following up on arrears levies per scheme. Issuing of Letters of Demand for outstanding Accounts. Handing over of de btors to Attorneys for Summons. E X P E R I E N C E Senior Administrative Assistant | C i t y o f C a pe T ow n C o mmunity S e rvices – H o u t B a y January 1999 – April 2006 Managing the Directors Electronic Diary. Typing and distribution of minutes at Council Meetings. Supervision of Administrative Staff for the South Peninsular Administration 13 Depots a staff compliment of 45 admin. Completing Presentations for Open Space Management and Nature Conservation. Creating and closing of Capital and Operational Projects - SAP. Requisitioning, Reservations, and GRN’s for Payment – SAP. Updating Capital Expenditure Reports. Preparing Capital and Operation Budget for new Financial Year. Financial Administrative Depot Checks for the South Peninsula. Representation of
  8. 8. Angela Fordham Page 8 Maynardville Park Steering Committee. Preparing Tariffs for City Parks and Nature Conservation New Financial year. Co ordination logistics for the Amalgamation of 7 Municipalities. Radio Room Duties over weekends and public holidays for Mountain Fire Fighting. Managing requests from public. All staff related issues. E X P E R I E N C E Secretary Classified Advertisement Consultant | I n dependent N e w spapers – C a pe T ow n January 1995 – December 1998 Managing the Classified Manager Electronic Diary. Typing of Minutes and Reports. Booking of Classified Adverts. Responsible for Block Adverts for the Motor Industry. Complete responsibility of a column called Love Lines. Booking the adverts distributing the responses and Banking. R E F E R E N C E S City of Cape Town - Carl Theunissen Tel: 021 791 8300 Brooks and Michaels - Debbie Berkley Tel: 021 797 0436 debbie@brooks- Trevor Blewett - Trevor Blewett Tel: 083 4449649
  9. 9. Angela Fordham Page 9 Gauteng Uniforms - Ingrid Debach Tel: 082 4513382 Ballistic Uniforms - Stavro Michel Tel: 021 811 405 H/Keeper/Child Minder Ms Heidi Raisenberg Tel: 083 457 0888 House Keeper /P/Assistant - Mrs Mc carthy Tel: 021 975 8482 House Keeper /Care Giver - Mr Reid Tel: 021 788 1410 - Please note prior to returning to South Africa in 1995. I lived in Great Britain and the family ran a Bed and Breakfast in Cornwell Dorset, Managed by myself and my Husband. We lived there for + - 10 years before my return to SA to care for my parents and close my Fathers Electrical Business. Before leaving for the UK I assisted my husband in his Motor Mechanic Business in Green Point (Stadium Motors) and then Derek Fordham Motors in Rose Street Cape Town. I ran a Cosmetic distribution company ( De Lance Cosmetics) from my home in Tamboerskloof as well. I have two grown sons one living in London UK and the eldest in Sydney Australia.